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> {Worse one more, party, eleven updates. Www, QUAnben, CoM} "very good." Said Dan dust son took out a map and gave Li ruthless in his a moment later, a pedestrian then bound for a place on the map marked, identified here It is the mountain where Linghai, Li Bao Jian Tianxuan ruthless removed. And that Lizzie had just taken out of what felt like the same, directly from the hands of ruthless Li flew, and then floating in mid-air. Then a beam from the center of Kam Po Tianxuan injection, like projectors in general, followed by a door actually in this beam irradiation, slowly emerge from emptiness, to see these wonders Zhang Cheng stunned. "Well, the door has been opened, go inside." Li ruthless this time is actually very gentleman, did not directly go in, but directed at Dan dust son said so a. "Then I may polite." Said Dan dust son also welcome, with a direct line to a large crowd went to the door, touched it, he found that the door is actually the real thing, and my heart is also very surprise. And immediately, the door was opened on the nature. Subsequently, the door on both sides of the wall becomes kindled torches, the whole being lit up monuments. "Go!" Then, Dan dust son he led the crowd went inside. "We have to go now." Then, Li ruthless people who have led him to go into it, all the people enter, Li ruthless a waving Tianxuan Kam Po recovered light, and then back to the merciless hands of Li . Then, the door will automatically shut down, the scene outside more and more distant, in the moment before the door closed completely disappeared in the darkness. At Dan dust son would have focused their attention on the door, when the side of his face suddenly a cold ruthless Li, rather abruptly shot towards Dan dust son played in the past. However, Dan dust son had been expecting this old guy shot at this time to deal with him, so he is ready to take his shot of the moment, Dan dust son will go towards the side of the hide. However, Li ruthless this time is to set Dan dust son to death, shot mercilessly, see a miss, but also a blow to keep up with, directly to Dan dust son playing hide go toward the side of the wall. I do not know why, Dan dust son heart suddenly produced a foreboding, but this idea has just produced thin before he thought he heard a cry Li ruthless, then came directly towards the beat door in his face photographed. Dan dust son felt he hit into the power inherent in very large, with his strength could not Ying Peng, only to withdraw escape. And now, he has been pushed to the wall Li ruthless, really has no retreat. However, his body touching the walls of the moment, the power of imagination of the barrier did not produce, their own half of the body is actually being directly into the wall. The case of his jump, but he also understands the old boy Li ruthless Why should shoot him to this place, which is premeditated. He speculated that the space inside the walls there may be a trap, if they go in, then the end will certainly not be good. So he wants to open himself to escape Li ruthless dismantling the blow, and then come out from the wall. However, Li ruthless finally cornered him this sake, how can so easily let Dan dust son escaped, then, his mind a ruthless, spiritual power output suddenly increased several times, the blow inherent Vaillant more and more powerful, but she produced a son Dan dust no retreat feeling. Under no that, he can only bite the bullet and ruthless Li Ying Peng, although this may be affected by his injuries, but compared to behind the unknown place, perhaps some better. Also, see Li so relentlessly pushing yourself, I'm sure there are other what tricky. Therefore, he could not go, even if knowing and ruthless Li Ying Peng, he could eat good fruit, but can not be so unclear he framed. San Xian Dan Road side were also want to see this scene shot, but the magic number of yin and yang side of the San Xian is not a vegetarian, suddenly several Sanxian level master also fighting again. Not just them, distracted period, OBE, Yuan Ying, saver of experts have done a battle group, for a time, the situation will be a bit confused. Zhang thought that just came in, both men to pull the shelf, that he thought they should cooperate for some time, now it seems that this is his wishful thinking. Since uncooperative, and that he was naturally there is no need to suppress anything, so he will be looking toward the magic number of yin and yang, the crowd looked. But he has found the guy at the moment ASRock actually gone up, looking around for a long time he did not find this guy's shadow, which made him depressed. "Zhang Cheng careful." Just at this time, the Rams AROMARK see a hand of the master Yuan Ying long knife to formidable trend toward Zhang rushed over, he seems to be split in half, like a knife. This situation also scared Zhang hop, just only pay attention to his whereabouts ASRock guy, and did not pay attention to the other, at the moment this guy seems to already eyeing his own, and actually take advantage of the opportunity to find their own path towards God, he launched the attack. However, Zhang will be afraid of it? The answer is no. Heart of a dynamic, Zhang put together launched guided surgery, followed by an pomp of terror erupted from his body. Suddenly, the whole heritage of all masters, in addition to outside experts Sanxian, all affected, especially the saver of the master, they seemed to see something terrible in general, the people were scared stunned even directly in the still, his face showing a look of horror. Dan Tao of dealing with them were disciples naturally not relent, almost instant, yin and yang magic number saver of killing one of the disciples were all empty. Yuan Ying master of the situation is not much better, in stock and the forces of terror, they went up in the sea like a boat,oakley sunglasses cheap, simply can not control their own body, only to follow the crowd. Other master Yuan Ying Zhang is not known, but the DPRK over the Immortal Infant homicide certainly no expert not lucky, because Zhang could not give him a chance to see the sun the next day. Huben knife out, and then directly to the master Yuan Ying stabbed right to wear, followed by a Unit of pure power injected into the body of Zhang Cheng. However, Zhang did not make use this power to enhance their strength, again, this force is also just drop in the bucket for him, there is not much improved. So, he came directly to ram AROMARK their side, give all these forces to instill Jaap Ms Ouyang Qian Yun and in vivo. Suddenly, both of them for the repair from the mid-saver elevated to late-saver, speed, shocking. Then, he pointed at the other master, blink of an eye, it was he harvested a few of the master Yuan Ying's life, while the power from them directly instilled into the Rams AROMARK three of them in vivo. At the moment, they are the body of real dollars has reached a peak, completely broke. However, Zhang did not let them break through, after all, this place is fundamentally insecure, so with Arcane repair their temporary suppression, and other out or other temporary safe again breakthrough. The moment has also been a relentless Li Zhang Chengwei potential impact, after all, his potential even Neptune Marine Mammals of whom the action can make a meal, Li ruthless overemphasized. However, this force is certainly an impact on the Li ruthless, but his influence is not too large. After all, the repair Li ruthless out there, but, this time also the first use of force Zhang to the enemy, and his use of the potential and can not think of the last time that all play out, only let his actions Dayton look. However, this is for Zhang,Oakley Radar Sale, his movements Dayton meal may not affect the final result, but for Dan dust son, this meal but it allows him to do a lot of things. On this occasion meal, Dan dust son will own half of the body that among extricate yourself from the wall, and then came to Li ruthless behind pumping kick his ass kicked go, you want eye for an eye person in his body, he will kick in. But Li also really merciless reaction is not slow, my heart was somewhat taken aback at Zhang Cheng has such a strange ability, body flash Dan dust son would escape this kick, then jump to the side, carefully looked Zhang a, then led the crowd toward the front channeling. He knows that there is a special kind of Zhang's ability, their staff is certainly less and less by that time, their situation may really dangerous. So, he can only deal with Dan dust temporarily abandoned child their ideas, the first step into the ruins of the Great Tianxuan, and then deal with them. You know, Dan dust son before him to those looking for information about the sites is processed, some of the ban something, he suddenly erased directly, so he killed Dan dust son for these people do not find it very difficult to . "It seems that we are carrying old boy to overcast." Dan dust son at his side forced directly into that position, he will know, certainly before Zhelaoxiaozai Treasures Tianxuan hands to do what and did not let him see something important. Originally, he intended, and this old guy Li relentless cooperation, where the heart is secretly told myself to be careful be careful be careful, however, strive for a long time, he eventually was overcast, which makes him depressed at the same time some regret . If I had known, would not cooperate with them, and had made it public, so that they are not given the magic number of yin and yang benefits. "Well Master, you do not need such a villain and set the gas, I think, they may well be fooled." Zhang said of his mind guess. "What say?" Dan dust sub unknown Bai Zhangcheng mean, then asked. "Just coming in, you may not have noticed, but I find that ASRock guy had disappeared, so I'm guessing that this Tianxuan Lizzie could get this kid first, and then he took Li relentless used Our approach to deal with some of the important data to the erased, ie, Li ruthless they are here only a little better than our situation, as long as some of us to be careful, they take us no way. "Zhang replied. "There are these things?" Dan dust son did not make any of this, because he had just come in relentless Li launched an attack on him, all his energies are used to parry an attack on Li relentless, and did not notice this little ASRock character. "You're a good kid said, there are a kid came in after not disappeared, but how he disappeared, I have not found." This time the side of a master stand out Sanxian said. "Shishu, you can also see noticed." Dan dust son listened to this person, then realized Zhang guess may be right, but look at it this way, they are the two major sects of people have been given this kid playing, which makes it difficult for him to accept. "Well, not to think about these, Tianxuan Great tradition is not so easy to get, we still see step by step now." That name Sanxian continued. "Can only be the case." Dan dust son sighed and said. As these Sanxian, are called Dan Ling, he called Dan jump, he called his loyalty, he called Dan up, he called Dan-kun, Dan Ling, Dan jump, loyalty, Dan liter four were seven robbery San Xian, The Dan-kun Shishu is eight robbery San Xian, strength of the strong. Zhang Cheng Xiang days before the hearing said Sanxian is the comprehension of the strongest master, but in general, the tragedy experienced three or four experts had been robbed tragedy of the master powerful than the Mahayana more, seven eight robbery robbery, it is absolutely horrible existence. Especially the eight robbery, it can be said that the most powerful comprehension repair. Moreover, eight robbery San Xian strength even stronger than the average angel, soaring, the direct ranked Kim Sin of the column. Generally speaking,Oakley Glasses Online, comprehension soaring Once upon a time, most will be able to achieve in cents only, it would be heaven Sanxian a compensation for it. When he heard several seven and one eight robbery robbery San Xian Sanxian shot, scared him jump, which we can see Dan Road, were the remains of the Great Tianxuan for this degree of attention, not said high aspirations, but definitely do not want to fall into the wrong hands. However, this one to actually see the yin and yang Zhang magic number remains for this determination, after all, be able to confront and eight robbery San Xian robbery of the people, it was only eight Sanxian it. "It seems that this time want to get Tianxuan after a not so easy." Zhang sigh in my heart so one, but he also understands that "Tianxuan Classic" class power law of God, think it through some suffering is worth it. "Yes, apprentice, you just how the matter? Why can emit such a powerful deterrent?" Dan dust son asked, puzzled, after all, this thing is not to teach him, so he was a bit strange. "Master, this thing is a long story, I'll still have the opportunity to tell you." Zhang Cheng to not want to tell him, the main thing is that the future can also say that this place is not a long-term places, we must leave as soon as possible. "Well, now is not the time to speak, we have in the past, do not let them grab the first." Dan-kun waved, said. "Ah, know." Then, everyone will be towards the front door. However, they are not to go soon, after all, this place is very strange for them, if touched anything prohibited, then they may make the situation dangerous. <
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