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you can be understood as antworten
> "Endless sea changes should be happening above the ancient continent of a relationship, but in the end is what caused the change, I do not know.! CoM" Liu Jing replied. "Do not know? How will?" Zhang paused, then asked: "You are not to go back before the trip what? How no investigation into? '" Before I went back to ancient China, but I did not enter the ancient continent, because at that time I went, the entire continent has been blocked, no matter how I say, they do not let me in, so I only know that the ancient continent was hurt, but specific, what happened, I would not be with knowledge of. "Liu Jing Here look a bit ugly, after all, it is time to go he was mainly to meet his sweetheart, but did not do so, which makes him very sorry. "How could this be?" Zhang'd never thought of it, and then they asked: "Then I'll go, then, is not the entrance?" "You're not the same, you are the lifeblood of a family of Regulus, you go , and they will not stop you, did not dare to stop you. "Liu Jing replied. "Oh, is that so ah!" Zhang did not expect to have such a privilege, but to see Liu Jing so look, so comfort: "Liu brother, you do not have that, so after you go with me, I'll take You go in, they should not stop us now? "" nice of you. "Zhang said hearing, Liu Jing feeling a little bit better. "Yes Liu brother, you kill the snake before in the end what happened, how do I feel that I am doing something, but what specifically do I do not know." Zhang before that period of time the brain is short-circuited did not know what he was doing. So, he wanted to take this opportunity to ask. "Oh, just now awakening to your potential, and if not, I'm afraid I can not save you." Liu Jing replied truthfully, though before he arrived, but has been moving into the abyss python attacked Zhang Cheng was shot already late. Zhang just potential awakening at this time, this creates an opportunity for him, otherwise, he is ten times the strength of the strong, can not directly kill the python abyss. "Potential?" Zhang Cheng pick pick brow, and the momentum suddenly linked to together, then asked: "What is that thing? Is not momentum?" "That's not anything, nor is momentum, but hidden in the blood of people The origin of the power of the most, if not special method to practice, it is generally not awakened. "Liu Jing smiled and replied. "Is generally not awakening? Then why did I wake up?" Zhang Chengqi strange asked. "This should have a relationship with your blood, as far as I know, the ancient continent above several major family of blood are easily awakened, and, upon awakening, that is a very high level of potential, far from generally comparable." Liu Jing some longingly replied. "Is it because I have both a family and Regulus Chiang family's blood, so my situation more easily awakened several?" Zhang Cheng asked. "This, for now, is not the case, a long time ago, there are major family marriage when things happen, but they found that major family left after the marriage of a child, even through special training approach to training can not be potential awakening, we can only extraordinary life, which is undoubtedly a major blow to the family huge. "" It is because of this reason, the major family has emerged between an unwritten rule, that is, between the major family not marriage,Jordan New School Sale, this is your parents' feelings of two people is not the root cause of two families agree lies. "Liu Jing explained. "But this kind of thing how easy emotional words to define it, it's not too unreasonable, right." Zhang Cheng some do not understand. "You do not know, in fact, five families also have their own difficulties of." Liu Jing paused and said: "major family from ancient times along the way, since the beginning of the lack of attention, a lot of people and ordinary marriage and ultimately their blood has been weakened a lot, the long run down, their blood will become like ordinary people, their advantage will cease to exist. "" I think you should understand that when a person has a difference with advantage of ordinary people, they'll go as far as the edge of his play to the limit, and do not want to lose it, therefore, refused to marry outside of the major family, it is the only way to maintain this advantage. "" This ...... "Hearing this, Zhang Cheng a time did not know what to say, if it is him, in the face of such a choice, I'm afraid he will do so. After all, who would not want their children and grandchildren to superior. However, he could not understand some, since his father and mother have been together, and even they have a child together, that is, Zhang Cheng, or yourself. Why should these two families and forced them apart, and even they had to choose was forced to run away, only to ultimately lead to such a tragedy. In his opinion, one or two people do not seem to affect the entire family situation right. "Well, these things after you get to the ancient continent and then will gradually understand, now I'll tell you about potential things." Liu Jing Zhang see such a look, quickly change the subject. "Well, you say." Zhang Cheng nodded his head, temporarily forget about other things. "And what is the potential, that is the power and influence, you can be understood as a deterrent force, like a real dragon longwei same, that is from the blood into force, and this trend is also graded , the ancient continent will be divided into a total of five potential from low to high followed by soldiers, will, handsome, king, emperor. "Liu Jing replied. "Is not that man's potential once awakened,Air Jordan 4 UK, then that soldier level, then the repair can be improved a little bit the same?" Zhang asked curiously. "Not so, potential and repair different potentials depending on blood, blood in the power of the stronger, the stronger the potential of awakening, generally five families of the people, once awakened, mostly the level of potential,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, very small part of is a handsome level, as is the king when awakening Dili grade level, for now does not exist. "" And, once awakened potential, then this person's life can only be improved on two levels of opportunity, for example, , a person's potential is a soldier awakening level, then it can only be raised to a maximum of handsome grade level will be raised to the king class potential, and so on, so the more pure blood, awakening potential higher future the higher achievement. "Liu Jing explained. "That Liu brother, your potential awakening what level it is, and now is what level?" Zhang asked curiously. "I'm a relatively low level of arousal, awakening only when the soldier level, through which hundreds of years of practice, has now reached the stage." Liu Jing replied. "That Liu brother, you think my potential to achieve what level do?" Zhang asked curiously. "This potential formless nature, is difficult to determine, you want accurate judgment, we must use special things can, which is something I was not, however, before you can use the momentum from overawed the other end into the abyss python point of view, I'm afraid your potential level is not low, at least they have is to grade level seems more likely handsome. "Liu Jing replied. <
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