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how long before we reach antworten
> In the sea, there is an unwritten rule that can not shot not shot, because the ocean but Leviathan's paradise, once shot, will inevitably lead to bloodshed. ! COM whether human blood, or bloody Marine Mammals, Marine Mammals whenever somewhat achievements for Xuexing Qi are very sensitive, so that if there is blood, then place a short battle will gather hundreds of head of Marine Mammals. In this way, people will be caught in the heavy siege Marine Mammals. In the ocean, ships once they are pinned, then you want to move, may not be so easy thing. "The Endless Sea since five years ago, it has changed, and as time goes by, more and more serious this change in five years ago, Neptune Marine Mammals level of living in the waters of the first or second five-year , they slowly from the second, third waters, and five years later, they have been rushed to the fourth waters, I believe, before long, even if we can not walk up in the sea. "WU Dao replied. "Is it that serious?" Zhang Cheng touches surprised, he did not think things will evolve into such a step. However, the original Liu Jing said when leaving this matter is likely related with the ancient continent, but let Zhang does not want to understand is that the ancient continent in the end what happened, would make such a big endless sea change occurred. "It's something we know very little, but, even if you know there is not much action, so you do not ask, and stay honest do not come up with much of the cabin ring, understand?" WU Dao do not bother to explain what and Zhang, said such a sentence, and then put the attention on this head toothed whale's body. At the moment, the three of them always wary of this first toothed whales, once he had regained consciousness before he signs, then they will immediately shot, then kill. After all, in the ocean is one of the Marine Mammals misses on Neptune, it is not a good thing. Slowly, the ship around this head toothed whales, which makes a few of them are relieved, Antan this robbery also finally passed. However, in Zhang had just brought them down to the heart of it, they have felt the ship moving up, so calm sea, the ship how moving? Then, Zhang achievements feel their boats slowly flew up, and getting high. Zhang Cheng subconsciously put his soul release out, a probe under the startled him, because he found the ship where they were sitting by a giant octopus even with tentacles to prop up the moment is suspended in mid-air. "Oh!" WU Dao shouted, his right hand flick, three feet two-edged sword in his hands, and then readily cut directly to the piece of octopus tentacles Zhanxia, ​​then right again fall back hull to above the sea. Valley of death behind a dream to play a shot, then the ship as offline Yu Jian, on the sea draw a white spray toward the distant shot go. "Roar!" Octopus eating pain under uttered Ju Hou, WU Dao seems to be that sword to annoy the general, eight tentacles on the sea beat against, like water drift towards the boats generally chase over. Is the so-called double blessing not to, misfortunes never come singly, in octopus killing came toward them, piece toothed whales at this moment is also awakened by the sound of octopus roar, and then also uttered an angry roar, ducking into them towards Zhang rushed over. "Really tmd unlucky!" Valley of death such a cursed, then, and Pik phase, as one, then two people drifting away from the top of the ship. A fall on the head of the octopus, palm photographed, a huge burst of power to the surrounding air compression, an octopus head bigger than doubled on a transparent palms pressed down toward the octopus. This is just the first octopus sea animals sea level monarch, which have seen such a terrible attack, a touch below the knew not rivals, seabed immediately release an "black fart", an instant disappear. The other toothed whales came directly to a huge figure in the sky, his sword, and directly above the sea out of a pit, and then one bright red blood emerge from the seabed, however, did not emerge toothed whales water, but slowly faded and disappeared in the sea. Watching toothed whales disappeared, WU Dao face only a few of them did not recover, but has become more tense. Meanwhile, the valley of death, and then gently nodded his Pik sea, and then returned to the ship fast. Then three together violently towards the ship hit the back beat, suddenly boats out of the water directly, as missiles generally shot out, mentioning the ship speed is too fast, so they did not have time to stand Zhang Cheng, directly driving fast boats Zhuangfei up and hit the back of the cabin bulkhead above. If it is not strong enough cabin behind the template, I am afraid a few of them crashed through the bulkhead directly fall into the sea to feed sharks go. "Wow -" vessel falling from the sky, sparking an enormous splash, and Zhang as they are more sad reminder, just stick the whole person behind the cabin bulkhead, fell back to the ground at the moment and rewrite and fall is the seven dirty eight elements, ages are not recovered. This time, Zhang speedboat ride regarded know what kind of taste, and no, I'm afraid, this time experience, than the boat ride even more exciting. "All right?" Zhang from the ground up, looked around and found that they had a safe landing to above the sea, surrounded also restored the previous calm. But his words had just finished, a strong sense of crisis on the heart attack. Then, he felt dizzy, then fly up the boat once again, after a while, the piece toothed whales directly from the place where they just drilled, with a wave of shock waves from, almost the entire fleet to the overturned boat. "You are here watching, I went off this beast!" WU Dao angry, then shoved the foot pedal, the whole person as an arrow toward the other end of the toothed whales generally flee to. When he was close to the toothed whales, the hands of the sword suddenly a draw, a huge Jian Qi amputation down the middle toward the toothed whales. "Roar -" toothed whales seem to have felt the danger, screaming, and then suddenly roll beneath the tail, along with a direct hit with Jian Qi, Jian Qi huge whale tail in contact with the teeth of the moment, to be beaten scattered. The toothed whale's tail was intact, something to do, but it is also WU Dao's expected. However, at the moment toothed whales huge body has left the surface of the water, without water, a significant decline in the strength of the toothed whales, this is a golden opportunity beheaded him. Such a good opportunity WU Dao naturally will not miss the foot suddenly Yi Deng, the person directly change the direction of the head and flew toward the toothed whales,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, and later was a Jian Qi Pichu, straight toothed whales eyes. Toothed whales see here, suddenly opened his bloody mouth, and then suddenly a smoke, huge Jian Qi even directly by it to swallow the belly, did not cause him the slightest injury. At this time, toothed whales are falling from the sky to the sea and will soon have his presence once again disappearing under the water. "Hurry, do not dwell in this place, and it continues." WU Dao actually see his strike was resolved that he gave such a simple, heart some toothed whales. So, back to the vessel above the valley of death and then directed at such a Pik shouted, and then three men together again, so that the vessel's speed has reached an extremely terrifying proportions. Zhang Cheng sitting among the cabin can be heard even squeezed between the sound of the wood, it seems that soon rupture general. "Woo -" At this time, under the sea came a cry cry, heard in the ears of Zhang Cheng like dolphins in general, toward the distant pass go, Zhang will subconsciously feel this is what head toothed whales summoned his companions. Week is well known that whales are social animals, in general, a group of about 70 whales eighty whale that is a normal thing. That is to say, if this is really the first toothed whales summon companions, then he is likely to be attracted seven eighty such a terrible sea animals. This is how a number, if it was he attracted seven eighty toothed whales, I am afraid even WU Dao enhance their strength tenfold, probably can never expect to kill all of these toothed whales. At this moment, WU Dao their face became very ugly. They and the sheets into different, they often walk on. Above the sea, so for a better understanding of some of the habits of sea animals, they determined this is the toothed whales emit calls to its companion. People are called to class together, things in groups, but this first toothed whales played Neptune Marine Mammals, his companions are also afraid of the Neptune Marine Mammals. If it summoned a group of Marine Mammals of Neptune, then things may harder to resolve. "Woo -" Before long, the submarine before it came and the same sound, and this sound is also more than loudly. "How to do?" Valley of death to hear such ugly look abnormal, how can I think of this trip he will encounter such a thorny issue, previously escorted several people back, but that time it was not so difficult. "To me, we go to that house two people give off, without it, toothed whales even came, could not find us, you see how?" Pik asked. "I think it is the only way of being!" Swimming dragon nodded and said. "This way, Wu, you stay on board to continue moving forward, and I and the old dragon down, and so we went out to go and you meet it." Pik said. "Well, I'll do, but the two of you to be careful, if you find something wrong hurry back!" WU Dao nodded and said. "Rest assured, the two of us together, piece of toothed whales do nothing to us." Said, Green and phase, as a valley of death, and then have jumped into the sea, blink of an eye it was gone forever. "Go!" WU Dao see them jump into the sea after a wave, an energetically played, and then ship directly ahead at breakneck speed channeling go blink of an eye lax dozens of nautical miles. Chang taught be relieved at this moment, and then out of the cabin, and then looked behind North Korea, however, is also behind the ocean, can not see that the two predecessors of the figure, which he could not help but worry about them. "Do not worry, the two of them together, it would only Marine Mammals do nothing with them. Wait, they should be back." WU Dao touches not worried, after all, three of them partner for so long, are each other's strength very clear. To the strength of the two of them, to join forces, even if they are not dominant in the ocean, it would only toothed whales can not be their opponents. "The older generation,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, before the return of your escort lonely soul continent, is not there such a situation?" Zhang asked curiously. "Almost there have been no previous encounter with the highest level of Marine Mammals, it was only the sea level monarch, for us, is nothing but the Neptune Marine Mammals period, it touches the first time I saw, and, still gregarious Marine Mammals. "WU Dao Here, when the tone among reveal a little depressed. "So this is." This is what Zhang also depressed, and he thought he was a very good luck, it seems, does not seem so, at least this time do not gnaw. "Yes Miss predecessors, how long before we reach the lonely soul continent?" Zhang asked again. "Now just begun, according to this rate, it had to have at least a month to reach the lonely soul continent, and in this month, one-third of the time we are in the fourth waters, so, after We may also encounter Neptune Marine Mammals period, but as long as the fish out of the fourth, I believe there would be much of a danger. "WU Dao replied. "Ah, there is a month to get to the ah." Zhang Ling now know that silence between the mainland and the mysterious red continent far, while his mind was a little worried, after which we will encounter some of the Neptune Marine Mammals period. "Zhang Cheng, you quickly see that two seniors back." Just at this time, leaves behind two figure Ling shouted, pointing up. Mother looked and saw two shadows growing, fraction of the effort it has come on board, is not that two people are still who sea. "How the?" WU Dao asked. "First ask, brisk walking." Valley of death and Pik duo face some ugly to say so one, and then directly up sitting in the boat restoration, obviously, before they cost a lot of spiritual power. "Well." WU Dao should be a cry, and then directed them Zhang said: "You soon enter the cabin!" "Oh!" Zhang Cheng at the moment is also aware of the seriousness of the matter, where they dare to stay, immediately got into the cabin, and then locked the door up, and then he felt around the scene fast reverse,Jordan 12 Sale, the speed than before simply raised more than tenfold. "What happened in the end ah?" Zhang curious, so will the soul freed probe to go towards the back, but he saw the situation left him cold sweat run out. I saw a large group of toothed whales followed behind them, the less they have to have five sixty toothed whales adopted son, looked far, a dense mass, like a crow on the cover of the same mind. "How the sheets into?" Lee dragon saw Zhang Cheng look great changes, could not help but ask. <
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