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31.05.2013 08:42
entered the ranks of comprehension antworten
> Results Dan can be said that a passer comprehension among the first natural moat, but the baby is not too difficult to bear, as long as adequate advance preparation, are generally able to break saver, forming Yuan Ying. ! COm the knot infants fail nine out of ten people who because of inadequate preparation in advance, so that the quasi-immortality is not enough, it can not successfully end baby. However, in general, a large martial disciples,Nike Jordan New School UK, basically broke saver, end baby will not have much of a problem, the junction of the National People's Congress infant failures are scattered repair. The sheets do not need to face such a problem at the moment, because the outside is completely sufficient for real dollars breakthrough Yuan Ying purposes, after all, that's a distraction of the master body's energy, even if only 10% is absorbed by Zhang Cheng , goes into the break completely Yuan Ying is not a problem. There is no danger of oppression energy, the next process is relatively boring, is to keep the input to the saver into real dollars, waiting saver changes. I do not know how long, Zhang suddenly felt a glimmer of two changes occurred saver, just like the two golden eggs come alive as one among life-saver from the two emerge. "How is it?" Zhang Cheng know this is two-saver are beginning to condense Yuan Ying, but according to his knowledge, a person can only have one body Yuan Ying, but at the moment, these two Yuan Ying Zhang actually are beginning to end baby, that is not to say that he might bear two Yuan Ying what? You know, before Zhang Dan kept enter into sham real dollars, just to make room for real Dan, let yourself alleviate some of the pressure. But at the moment, their ranks have begun While fake knot Dan infants, the change is completely contrary to Zhang Cheng had expected. "Does that mean that it is also able to condense out the yin and yang, yin and yang saver Yuan Ying not?" But the idea has just produced, Zhang shook his head as he rejected the idea, after all, he never heard the magic number of yin and yang that was to bear two Yuan Ying. However, if not his guess, Yuan Ying why two such changes have emerged, which allows Zhang baffled up. Like a long Zhang will no longer think about that, anyway, he could not think, however, Zhang Cheng heart is still some expect, if his body can bear two Yuan Ying, then I am afraid that he is the first self-cultivation sector people. And, anyway, two better than one Yuan Ying Yuan Ying to well. However, Zhang did not know is that this is also the case in the yin and yang, there have been no magic number, because they end baby is going to be the false and true Dan Dan re-integration. As a result, two of the power saver together and the only, thus reducing the knot for real dollars when the infant's consumption. Moreover, no one tried to knot the same time saver while allowing the yin and yang infants. Besides, it would end a preparation of immortality when the Immortal Infant has an astronomical figure, even a big martial disciples to form a saver, the sleeves will become empty, not to mention the same knot two yuan baby it. And Zhang did not know that, coupled with the energy of Huben knife came too large, so he had to do, so he blind cat run into dead rat,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, the achievements of the two Yuan Ying. Time is the passage of time, Zhang found himself before actually guess is true, because he saw his two-saver are changing, slowly turned into a baby's appearance, limbs, head all slowly appears. Although the appearance is also somewhat vague, but you can see that it is a person. Gradually, as the energy slowly input, which looks like two babies more clear, and Zhang eventually even become exactly the same, there is no difference. Then, along with his pubic region has changed, slowly becomes large, dense purple balls of gas filled in their pubic region. Zhang Cheng know, Yuan Ying form of the moment, his pubic region is also transformed into Purple Palace, or the more advanced pubic region. Then again,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, two with open mouth suddenly Yuan Ying, an attraction of terror coming from the mouths of two Yuan Ying, the original is still all want to break out break scalp Zhang Zi Fu interdiction to enter the energy, at the moment finally got his wish, have invested in two in vivo Yuan Ying, Zhang Yuan Ying Rong as part of And this time, Zhang also feel their pressure drop, and that the two Yuan Ying is like how eating enough, as long as there is energy once heard, they will be sucked mouth into a plume of more pure, more advanced energy and spiritual force. Solid spiritual power but an upgraded version of real dollars, up is only in fairy people only have zenith. It can be said to form the Yuan Ying, the body has a spiritual power, be considered in the comprehension of a certain strength. If the form is a real saver entered the ranks of comprehension, then even if you happen to form Yuan Ying, has been able to count on is a master. But, this master's strength has yet to be improved. Most importantly, Zhang's body actually has yielded two Yuan Ying, and he feels the relationship between the two Yuan Ying and before that he was almost two-saver yin and yang are complementary. Moreover, the energy between the two can be interchangeable. Then, Zhang felt a suction effect achievements in their own souls above the suction generated which shares exactly had just bear that two U.S. dollars infants in the true Yuan Ying. Zhang Cheng Xiang days listening said, Yuan Ying form of the moment, the soul will be detached from the soul space, being integrated into the Yuan Ying, from the soul level will rise with the ordinary souls raised to Yuan God. Meanwhile, the power of the soul is also transformed into a more powerful soul. The soul of penetration is much higher than the soul of perception, but also cover a wider range. Think of here, he does not resist and let his soul into the Yuan Ying, and when his soul completely into being after the Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying actually really rocket directly opened his eyes. Zhang found that he was able to see through this and then around the Yuan Ying, moreover, had been able to stand up. Then, he felt a sense of flesh and blood from his side extends over, turned around and looked, he found another Yuan Ying was sitting there. The hearts of a move, he ceded a wave of soul to that one among the Yuan Ying, suddenly, what a Yuan Ying also opened his eyes. At this moment, Zhang found himself with two perspectives, however, these two perspectives is linked together, so it was a strange scene, that is, he saw his two immediate Yuan Ying. "Really is fun!" Zhang Wanliaoyihui think time is running out, then back out, awareness owned body, this time coming from Huben knife above forces disappear. Zhang opened his eyes and saw him at the moment has no Goodwin's figure, on the ground then has a mummy. Do not think, Zhang also know that this person is Goodwin it. <
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