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31.05.2013 08:40
he This time also spent antworten
> "Oh, if it is your master, then I can only run copies, but if you deal with you,Madison Coach Cheap, it is not that necessary. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm" Zhang turned, looked at Wu did not care Lie, said. At the moment, he gave Wulie play is psychological warfare, because he could see that this wulie no direct attack against him, so to say, of his own or some dread. And this time, the performance of their more mysterious, to say the higher the tone, the more so that he can not see through his thoughts, think, then he will be more worried, more worried it would not rashly shot, this fear, even there is fear slowly turn to fear. Although himself a fight with him, he found his true strength, he's this fear will vanish, but the fear of short but can also give an excellent opportunity to bring their own. If he was able to grasp the opportunity, they can not take much effort, easy to exterminate nor is it impossible. "How a mean, you still do not think you can beat me?" Wulie brow wrinkled, some unknown Bai Zhangcheng mean, underground passage in mind: "Do not say what basis?" In fact, Qinhong Lie found him , when he heard Qinhong Lie Zhang has said the key to the soul after the attack,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, his brain would appear short-circuited, then Qinhong Lie words of what he can say from the right ear forward, out from the left ear, there not impressed. So, he understood the sheets into the soul only attack, the other knew nothing about it. Now a Zhang says, but his heart was not a cold, while in his heart he cursed himself one, why did not listen Qinhong Lie finish, now, Zhang said that he can not really fake distinction. Plus, Qinhong Lie thing, making him the direct words of Zhang Cheng believed 80% As for the remaining two percent, is almost negligible. "Oh, beat you?" Zhang says to him so one, then shook his head and said: "No, no, no, I do not beat you, I beat you mean nothing!" But, but suddenly Zhang Here meal, his face is suddenly cooled, and then he would secretly take Huben knife out on his behind, not Wulie see, and then he would help Huben knife above pass over the intention to kill, cold have said: "I want to do is kill you." "Kill ...... kill me!" Wulie Yi Zheng, Zhang felt that should the real general intention to kill, and his heart gave a jump. If other saver of monks and he said this, his first reaction will be very surprised, but it will surprise is funny after. Because of the monks saver for him, though not ants, but can only be regarded as a month old child, in other words, there is no power of chicken tied themselves a finger can let him live nor to die not. However, Zhang words one, he is surprised after bouts of chill, cold from the soul, but also chill being mixed with a little fear and fear, he felt, Zhang Cheng entirely seriously , and he said this should also be the subject relied. "Wulie, to be calm, things may not be as bad as you think." Wulie in the heart give yourself a breath, then looked up and directed Zhang Cheng said: "That, that I'd like to see how you are kill me. "Anyway, he was able to achieve at the moment for the repair, but also to embark on a step by step, through the things I do not know how much, mind is extremely strong, naturally not alone give each word scared. However, he did not dare shot, because he feared this thing fraud. "You know, Qinhong Lie and I face things, but also said such a thing, a direct result of his flesh cut into two by me, if not I do not have estimated that he still Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying in vitro can be, I'm afraid You will see him one last time a. "Zhang He looked Wulie appearance, feels that he has made another step towards victory, so he win, continue on his psychological blow. "This ......" this look, even Wulie heart does not know how to distinguish Zhang words in the end is true or false, because Qinhong Lie indeed lost flesh, especially Zhang estimates that one he did not have to Qinhong Lie Yuan Ying can be isolated, the subtext is, Qinhong Lie miscalculated because he only escaped Yuan Ying, what does this show. "This is the time." Zhang Cheng saw wulie there was a brief absence, knows this is his shot struck the person's best time, the hearts of a move "Kowloon thorn" instant start, and, to a shot to win, he This time also spent nine Kowloon thorns, from different angles, in different directions inserted into the soul wulie space. Just listen wulie "ah" sound, then the people are stiff in the place. Zhang then they fled Wulie directly beside the knife hidden in behind Huben remove knife pixia. This time wulie react, Zhang Cheng and said to myself so many words just want to scare yourself, but seeing the other side of the long knives is about to fall to his anxious mind, subconsciously want to escape. However, he has to control his body not as flexible as before, but still just barely side opened a small part of this knife is still falling on his arm. "Fortunately, prepared in advance, otherwise, this time really comes to an end!" Wulie hearts so a sigh. In fact, he learned that Zhang will attack the soul, when he found a magic weapon equipped to resist attacks on the soul, although this is not very high grade magic, nor resists live Zhang soul attack, but or let him on with his body, but has some control, otherwise, this look, Zhang is not the knife cut to his arm, but his head up. So, his heart was very fortunate, but also very grateful Qinhong Lie, because if there is no advance notice him, then he will be very dangerous situation, and in this tenth of a second time, he is still some for Qinhong Lie guilt, but this was a flash of guilt engulfed by his greed, disappeared without a trace. "How will?" Zhang also surprised to see this happen, you know Qinhong Lie and his cultivation, he under attack in his own soul can not escape the fate of being yourself dry,Oakley Monster Dog Online, but this was able Wulie critical moment to escape, although only a portion of cracked body, but it is always saved their lives. And this is that they are also displaying the nine "Kowloon thorn" result, which makes him one time so that some do not understand why this happened. <
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