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stop to release the soul antworten
> See here, Wulie heart gave a pumping, subconsciously we must change the direction of escape This is the first shark attack killed. wWW. quANBen. coM ideal is good, but the reality is always cruel. His idea had just produced, he felt a powerful suction effect to his body, then his plan was this sudden suction completely disrupted the whole person involuntarily drawn into it. At this moment, his heart completely messed up, he knew that this time he is doomed, and at the same time, this moment he regretted, if I had known that this result, then kill him, he would not mix this thing . "Poof -" But, at this time, a voice sounded meat, then wulie felt suction effect in themselves suddenly disappeared, surviving apart, he gave joy, immediately pushed feijian From the shark's mouth in fly out. Flying out of the moment, he changed panting breathing, heart sigh, "good to be alive," while in his heart he vowed that henceforth he no longer plunging. "Disciples, are you okay?" At this time, a familiar voice sounded from behind, Wulie moment, immediately turned around and looked, I saw an old man standing behind him. The shark also fell into the sea, floating in the water, the blood red one waters, apparently dead can not die. At this moment he come to understand that this time is his attempt to save his master, a master did not think if he arrived in time, then he may really want to become the shark's stool. "Thank you, master saving grace." Wulie Li Ma kneeling on the ground, directed at the old line of a ceremony, said excitedly. "You're my apprentice, not so." Old man waved to hold up, and then asked: "Yes, that person is not found?" "Yet, not yet, before I thought they would leave on this ship, However, the boat was a nobody,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, and I suspect this may be deliberately so that they, want my attention shifted away. "wulie out of his thoughts. "There is a possibility, but I have been sent to investigate came over, clouds city within a radius of miles are not in their presence." The old man said. "How will?" Wulie guess is that they are taking the land route, however, are not within a radius of miles they figure, which is somewhat justified. After all, the other is just a saver of experts only, even if control Feijian, it is impossible to two hour's time flying thousands of miles away. "Do not say ......" Suddenly, as if aware of what Wulie and said: "Master, you say they will not use this boat to divert our attention, and then use another boat to leave it?" " There is a possibility, so you go back, I went to a nearby room and look, I believe that as long as they are not too far from here, I can find. "the old man said. This name old man named Goodwin, spare interim master, is Lingyun camp elders, but also Wulie Master, but this is not much good reputation Goodwin, and his very selfish, even wulie was he had not accounted for less expensive. Of course, this is not a ** on the cheap, but of interests. Therefore, Wu Liegang began when he did not stop him this master, afraid of this old guy strong own benefits. But now hear Goodwin says, his heart was sank, he knew Zhelaoxiaozai fancy Zhang Cheng, this wealth to be pocketed it. But this is his chance to finally get it, how can I give up so easily, so eyeball rolled and said: "Master, or I go with you, because I listen to my brother said something about that kid, so If I told you to go, then there is anything I can help you to lead the charge, you say it is not! "" ah ...... "Goodwin thought that too, he is ignorant of Zhang Cheng for this, if not the palm Suddenly the door of his recall, he really did not know about it. Originally, he was not going to go along with a kid, because the benefits are that he has always been a person with no benefits to share with others the habit. But now listen to this guy say this, he also feels some truth, in case something happen,Oakley Active Online, then we can let him on. Thought here, he changed his mind, then directed wulie said: "Since so much filial piety, I'll give you, go with me." So saying, he waved his hand, directly with North Korea wulie Endless flew deep waters, but whenever he walked some distance, he would stop to release the soul of fire in direct exploration. Goodwin cultivation reached distraction of his soul strength of the strong can cover the range of tens of kilometers, at the moment, he is like a human radar in general, while walking exploration. However, he explored a wide range though, but it is regrettable that the sea is broader, Wangdu boundless stretch, so look for a long time did not find the sheets into their whereabouts. ********************** Moment Zhang and Li Long them as well as the treasurer of the pub Zhaopu sitting Feijian, is moving in one direction and flew to Marine Mammals in the ocean is not found, so they are now in the sea high altitude. And is surrounded by the boundless sea,Oakley Squared, as well as several overlapping peaks clouds. At this moment, before he finally understood why the town is called the clouds that the city, because here the clouds just like the ocean, like, not what clouds. And now, they are rushed to an unnamed island, where there is this on the museum treasurer at a young age and his friends, that is what he said prior to shipping in a fall among friends accidentally discovered. According to him, the island is only two of them know the specific position, even if other people are looking for it could not find. "Mr. Zhao Lao, I'm curious what you are by virtue of determining orientation?" Zhang asked, curious, because in his memories, discrimination at sea very difficult position. Even if you know the specific direction, it is difficult to determine an island somewhere. After all, in the sea, four are the same, without any distinction, it is easy to get lost, even if the past locations, go to think about the future can not be found. Unless you have a radar, but the radar this high-tech, in this world does not exist. So, he was a bit curious about this Zhaopu virtue of what to look for. "Oh, yes, you said it right, you want to find the island in the sea is very difficult, but I have this, it is not difficult." So saying, he took out a small black ball. <
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