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31.05.2013 08:35
Raiders future is even antworten
> Hear the words of Zhang Cheng, YE Ling Yi Zheng, immediately came to understand, but hesitated to want to say something, the sound touches down low. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm Zhang see here, that she believed his own, then release the palm of your hand. "He okay?" Ye Ling Zhang into the hands of release for the first time to ask such a sentence,Air Jordan Store, apparently she has been worried about Li Long, worried that he would make something stupid to. "He's fine, and now is waiting for you outside, go, I'll take you out of here." Said Zhang Ye Ling would be to hold up, but he just want to get involved, I heard Ye Ling shouted: "No, You do not move me! "" how, you do not believe me? "Zhang did not understand how she suddenly said. "No, but my body was Qinhong Lie under a special prohibition, as soon as I leave here, then he will get to know though your repair is very high, but it is impossible to come to his opponents, so you still get out of here, the way to help me to bring him a word, let him forget me. "Ye Ling said the last eyes showed a trace of grief and decidedly of color. See this look, think before Zhang also revealed that Lee had such an application, if he guessed right, she is most likely going to commit suicide. At this moment, Zhang is really being touched, but it also allows him could not help but think of themselves and the Rams AROMARK things between them that he was missing five dead or alive, and they were his own firm, etc. five years, this situation he did not know how to repay. This was then further strengthened his rescued Ye Ling's idea, so whether she would be willing, Zhang Cheng go directly to hold her up, and then out of the courtyard. "Ah?" At this time, I heard the sound of surprise among the courtyard, followed by a figure at breakneck speed punch Qinhong Lie flying out of the room, as they flew straight into sheets, the speed is very fast. "Li Long, fast walking with her." Zhang Cheng knew something was Qinhong Lie to save discovered, so he will be handed directly Ye Ling Li Long, and then directed Lee said so a. "No, Zhang Cheng brothers, because we have this thing into the sky, I can not let you assume these for us, or you go." Although Li Long Zhang saved a life, but he will grow into it like this there is no had to get nothing in return, so he could not look away because they die Zhang. "Fei something, brisk walking." Zhang finished directly cast out the "Kowloon denounced" direct them pop up a few hundred meters, and then, he went up to the so-called reflexive of Qinhong Lie, blocking his path. "Brats, daring me a woman's attention, give me hell." Qinhong Lie Zhang saw only mid-saver for the repair and dare to challenge themselves, to whom my heart stretch, coupled with his own eyes the their default to take away a woman, far better than anger. So come apart from anything else,Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, issued directly attack big hand wave, a powerful underlying strength comes straight Zhang, it seems to a general strike and kill him. "Tried to kill me is not so easy." Carter, Zhang Cheng has launched the "Kowloon thorn", after the opponent is a master Yuan Ying, he was not the effect, so one up on launch directly attack the soul . Although each of the repair is strong, but his soul either from the surface or from the intensity Fang Min Zhang immeasurably concise degree related to just about, Qinhong Lie brain felt a sharp pain, the body also loses this moment control. "This is ...... soul attack!" Feel their pain in the brain, at once to determine the other cast but the long-lost soul attack, heart with emotion. Zhang did not give him time to confirm, at the foot even point, ducked Qinhong Lie just issued an attack, and then flash stature came Qinhong Lie the front, Huben knife out, and then a knife Zhanxia. Qinhong Lie Closer look exudes a strong murderous long knife, his heart was shocked, and then filled with an atmosphere of death in his mind. He knew that if the blow is struck Zhang Cheng, then his little life it would be finished. With many years of combat experience, he threw a biting tongue, an intense pain being transmitted to the brain, then head of the body which shares the pain, he forcibly pushed the power of the soul, all of a sudden they re-mastered control of his body Right. Then suddenly the foot take a step, Zhang Cheng were barely dodged the blow. "I did not think you actually have the soul of a young age Arcane attacks, very good, very good." Qinhong Lie mouth sneer, the hearts are very excited. If he can get this soul Arcane attacks, their strength will increase several times, killing Raiders future is even more simple. Moreover, in his view, Zhang cultivation and their own too much difference, lack of combat experience, but the soul of a number of high intensity, their should be easily able to apply a means to kill him. "Well, I'm not so easy to grab things." Zhang did not think he'd be so easy to avoid their attacks, however, so that it touches him interest. Then he was a thorn in Kowloon cast out, piercing Qinhong Lie came, followed by wooden dragon he played guard, a wooden dragon rising slowly around the body of four weeks in Zhang prolonged. "I rub, again!" Qinhong Lie one has felt the pain of the soul, the body is once again out of control. So he had to bite his tongue again, using the same method to regain control over their own bodies. But immediately he saw Zhang in there fast dance up, a green dragon slowly rising, Mighty and dreadful. Seeing this, he was a bit confused, a mid-saver kid why have so many Arcane, and, looking at posture, it seems that this is not low grade boxing. For a time his eyes revealing a greedy look, he felt that this kid body Arcane certainly more than that, and there should be. If they can seize all he pressed out, then do not have to own a small clearance to get the benefits of less ancient ruins. The thought here, his mood on the excitement up, so they began to move toward spiritual power lifting Zhang attacked. But then he is a pain in the soul, the body is once again out of control. "I rub, is not it!" This is what Qinhong Lie depressed, and he has never been so stuck, desperation, he can only bite his tongue on this. Unconsciously, his tongue had been bitten off three pieces of meat himself, which makes him grouchy. "Boy, you angered me, I tell you ......" Qinhong Lie voice not finished, followed by a sharp pain in the soul is ...... **************** ********** "big city pastor" [recommend a good book: Practical Nurse pastor of the online games skills to the reality of achievement generation geniuses. Female doctors,Coach Online Outlet, small nurse, beauty, LORI took the initiative to seek care. 】 <
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