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> Mysterious red on the mainland, Zhang Li Long's sitting room, hands Yufu quietly waited, but waited a long time, have not the slightest movement Yufu Communications, which makes him not help but worry about them. wWw, QuANBEn, Com After all, that ASRock is still lonely soul on the continent, although there are a few people that they Lingyun dish and sealed with magic attacks son Dan dust guard, but still may be dangerous. So, he began to play a cranky. However, soon felt Communications Zhang Yufu achievements lit up, then a familiar voice messaging Yufu from being called out: "You are a smelly bastard, where are you, why do not you come back?" This is Jaap Ms voice, though her words are blamed himself, but one Nongnong excitement and excitement, but can not hide, and, after listening to these words since, Zhang Cheng's heart finally put down. "Brats, and quickly came back to me, Qianyun that girl wants to cry all you want, if you do not come back, then you are going to cry Ms sister blind." Xin Yue's voice is the Rams. "Zhang brother, you do not listen to AROMARK sister, I did not cry all day, I have grown up." Then that is the interpretation of the sound Ouyang Qian Yun, identified three of them without any danger, he will relieved. Then, Communications, said: "I am now in the mysterious red continent, because the coast is blocked, so a short time I can not go back, you have to take care of themselves, be careful ASRock guy, so I went back to protect yourself, knowing Why? "" ah! "Three in unison replied. "Yes, I left the continent lonely soul How long?" Zhang Cheng asked. "Has been another five months now." Jaap Waner replied. "In five years, and how such a long time!" Zhang Yi Zheng, in his view, the exotic into space in which he spent two years at most of the time, how would have passed five years. "This is how you had five years, as well as, your teacher is not to say you have been rift space to pull into it, how did you come out of?" Ram AROMARK asked curiously. "This thing's a long story, so after I went back in slowly tell you now You wanted me to do a thing, I will be all right for me to tell my master, my master this thing will certainly be very self- responsibility. "Zhang said. "Ah, we'll go, what to do with it?" Ram AROMARK asked. "There, that is, all these years, hard to you." Zhang said sincerely. "Zhang brother, you say this is where, as long as you are right, we eat more bitter are nothing!" Ouyang Qian Yun replied. "Oh, well, do not say these things are not happy, and this five-year period, the repair you have improved a lot, right?" Zhang really do not know how to answer Ouyang Qian Yun, he was They waited five years to understand that how their kind of a taste. You know, prior to their entering into exotic space but among them so uncertain and so can be said to be alive in the case of five of their own, although it is not very long, but for them it is a long time. Which not only has them for their love, as well as that of their trust. At the moment, he vowed, starting today, never let themselves in danger, is not he afraid of death,oakley outlet store, but he was afraid he was dead, three of them will be sad. "The three of us have been to break through to a saver, my sister Wendy have been exceeded to mid-saver, but AROMARK sister a few months ago just break late-saver, how, powerful, right?" Ouyang Qian Yun replied. . "Ah, terrible, and I did not this year, but a step forward, the repair is still mid-saver, have been given more than you, it seems, I want to speed up the pace of the practice." Zhang Cheng actually did not think the three of them five years can improve so fast. Especially Rams AROMARK, repair have surpassed him. "Zhang brother, you are among these five years in the exotic space are not practicing it?" Ouyang Qian Yun asked, curious. "There is no practice, where I could not control my body, but my strength is more powerful than before, and you can not look down on me, oh, you have three together probably is not my opponent." Zhang replied . "You're really so terrible?" Ram AROMARK full of unbelief and said. "How, do not believe?" Zhang asked for such a one, and then said: "When I get back we can try." "Try, try." Rams AROMARK i snappily said: "Who is afraid ah, but by the time you get on the ground I hit can be allowed to lie ah. "" hit me get on the ground, it is impossible. "Zhang said such a sentence, and then said:" Well, I here there are some things to deal with it, so tomorrow I will contact with you, remember to rush to tell my master soon, this year, he probably had very tough. ",Air Jordan Shoes," rest assured that we which starting. "Jaap Waner said. "Ah, so much the better." Then, Zhang put messaging Yufu close up, then look to the best bird man, asked: "Lee, what place, far away from the endless sea? "Although the constitution and the Rams before AROMARK they said for a long time, then, but that is conscious of exchange, so it looks very long, but in reality the time is very short, but also fully prepared more than a minute's time. The bird Acura, Zhang also see to his relatives in the snapshots, so it did not bother him. "Endless Sea not far from here, but it is not close, control Feijian, then they have to take a day or two." Lee replied. "That is quite far away." Zhang paused,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, embarrassed and said: "That, what you are free now, you can take me to see it next to the endless sea?" "Not now, I have something to to do so, if you want to go, you can go with her, as long as all the way east on it. "Lee spoke, his eyes flashed decidedly of color. "Do you have something you want?" Zhang Li Long saw unusual, so curious to ask such a one. Anyway, he is his own savior, he has something that he can not stand, so he was going to help him a bunch. ************************* Again recommended a novel "super retainers." Address: Description: an evil, sinister, funny, fickleness small retainers chaos history of struggle! I'm not a bad person up, okay Quefei than average! I'm not sick, I'm just a high IQ flowers thief ...... <
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