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31.05.2013 08:09
suddenly the ice dragon turtle antworten
"Crackling....." strands of strange platinum s è energy does not stop at the surface of the split, explosion, shock, then the ice dragon again issued continuously screams, very sad. Seems to be some unbearable this monstrous pain, ice dragon into a nice woman again suddenly, into the body, lie prone in the land, severely hit the ground, the dust four. "Ah! Damn it. Opal mulberry see this, suddenly angry roaring sound, is transformed into a head, red species, like a giant tortoise surrounded by flames. And the same with the ice dragon, opal sang into flames dragon is a ferocious dragon, breath bullies. "Murder, start!" Innocent's voice is still cold scary, will be at the foot of snow fat empty boat close, was led by the five attack down again, this time Innocent's goal, unexpectedly is Charles! "Ho ho ho....." Twenty-one blade emperor level fierce beast growled, suddenly the ice dragon turtle protection in Zh ō ngy ā ng, however, they are so strength, is not put in the eye with whole blood. This time five seems good, didn't attack ice dragon, but all five attacks to opal sang three,Coach Kristin USA, seems to be going to the three people to solve it, and seems to be on the ice dragon have some fear. Although the ice dragon at the moment because of in vivo dome, simply broke no power, even need protection, but no one dares to despise her, afraid she might perish together metamorphosis. "Flame burning!" Facing the blood with three old all the attacks,oakley sunglasses sale, Rao is opal mulberry is respect for the fire dragon sword peak, also some resistance, a roar, the body suddenly burst sh è out a road of fiery energy, burning, very wild feeling, difficult to resist three people live in the attack. Hagel all right, like a raging fire fighting and an old man, not on. One of the most dangerous is Charles, because his opponent's blood with Oro in big brother, respect for the Innocent sword peak! "Hum! Get out. It seems not in general, Innocent is wearing a pair of gold s è glove, fists waving between a burst sky, tear the general momentum, it is just hard to the extreme, to Charles is a fierce strike. More made Charles depressed,Madison Coach Cheap, Innocent stepped out of a strange pace, rampage, but give a person a kind of can't capture the body feeling. "The bombardment of Peng....." continuously under, Charles could not help a roar, spit out blood in the mouth, the body is like a broken line kite, toward the rear rapid fall, and fall sites than anywhere else, it is the ice dragon sit cross-legged. "Call!" Break an empty voice a burst of rapid, Charles is like vomit blood fell to the ground, uttered a cry of pain, seems to hurt not light. But to see such a scene, ice dragon turtle slightly struggled for a while, then is not hesitate to body one Shan, came to him, all of a sudden it behind me, also difficult to command >
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