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31.05.2013 08:05
she can not think anymore antworten
> "Brother, sis,Classic Coach Outlet, there is one thing I must tell you in advance, before a man named people and I do ASRock rival, his successful practice at the moment, I was afraid he would disadvantage you, so when you have a here after being temporarily'll stay sect do not leave. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm so I deal with these things almost, you come out! "Zhang suddenly remembered this thing, so said so a . "ASRock?" Zhang Long startled by startled, found his brain does not have this person any information, asked: "Brother, this man in the end is what people ah? Actually make you so afraid of?" "Well, He is ...... "moment, Zhang will ASRock disputes between him and lay it say it again, only to hear Zhang Xin fists clenched, teeth clenched, hoping to teach this ASRock cut to pieces. "Buddy, this thing do not blame you, that guy is too much of some, even a phrase substandard will kill you." Zhang Cheng Zhang Long endorse the practice, then asked: "But you can not do yourself, to Do we help you get rid of him? "" I am a man enough to deal with him, I'm just worried that he shot against you, so I warn you one, so that you prepare in advance. "Zhang said with confidence. ASRock he met her on his cultivation still understand, so he felt a big problem to deal with his words. "That's his father he would not have anything, right?" Zhang Long was a little worried, said: "Otherwise, my sister a trip back home, Ye Hao to take care of him." "You do not have to worry about over there, and I have done before some preparation, if he really find the father,Coach Bags Outlet, I am afraid he will die miserable, I only worried about the two of you, as long as you two are not an accident, so I do not have to worry about. "Zhang replied. Zhang Cheng remember before he gave Zhang Lingyun put a dish, as well as an archive of Dan dust sub Quanliyiji magic, regardless of which one can guarantee Zhang Fang lives comfortably, so he was not too worried about Zhang Fang. Zhang Xin and Zhang Long and although the strength is also impressive, but this is certainly not ASRock positive grips with them, it will only attack from the shadows, so the danger is much greater than they Zhang Fang, Xin Yue them even better than the Rams more dangerous. As long as their security guarantees, then he would not have any worries, you can find ways to deal with heart and soul of this kid. "Since you are ready arrangements, we listen to your wants, but what if you have notified soon, do not always own a bear." Zhang Long somewhat uneasily reminds us. "I know a brother." Zhang Cheng nodded and said. "Yes, at this point, brother ah, you and Qianyun how about that girl?" Zhang Xin asked. "Fine, how do you think of asking this?" Zhang Cheng Zhang Xin always remember not to ask yourself these things, but today suddenly asked, so it makes Zhang felt a little strange. "I go home when listening to his father before spoken of, except that girl you apart Qianyun also brought a girl home, and was also to find another woman, I ask you, those two women are Who?, and what is your relationship? "Zhang Xin asked. "I said the younger sister, and I have been Laotaibuxiao, you can not use this with the trial prisoners and I like to speak with you, scary." Zhang said snappily. "Well, you grow up, my sister said not you, is not it! OK, I will not ask you it wants." Zhang Xin, a Zhang words, smallmouth a stick, his face says "I do not happy "message, see Zhang while silent. "Well, I was wrong, okay." Zhang Cheng some silent, his sister, what is good, is love petty temper, as long as a ring true to her own heart, so she really did not get her way. "I know he was wrong like, quick, tell me that two people in the end is what you people?" Zhang Xin, a smile immediately, before it all behind us unhappy, Zhang Cheng could not help lamenting face turned too faster than the open book. Although depressed, but after all, she grew up and grew up with their own, depending on their general treatment such as biological brother's sister, he can only compromise. "The two women are my wife, how, my brother powerful right." Zhang says proudly. "Is not it boy, you just how much ah, yet there are three wives, and if you grow up it is also terrible!" Zhang Xin, said with some surprise. , Although she already had a premonition before this, but after hearing this kid answered, she was taken aback, after all, in her view, Zhang is now nothing but a child, this time there will be a three woman, After that ...... she can not think anymore. "I said, sis, you put me into what people think, I was kind of like a see a man what, there are three of them I have contented, the more I do not want." Zhang Xin, Zhang stereotypes give himself reincarnated as a rapist, so snappily said so a. "Three is also less ah, you see Big Brother, and now there was not one it! You actually ......" Zhang Xin really do not know how to say long become. "Well, I say sister, you say, when small three children can not always be side-tracked me ah, I trick you or provoke you." Zhang Long somewhat depressed that he would not say what in the side, which have can be side-tracked his body. "No ...... Brother, you are not the possession of him, you see this kid is so small there is a three woman, if another big point, it would mean that queens ah!" Zhang Xin said with fear of the world into chaos. "Well, it's something I believe will solve small three children, you do not care so much." Zhang Long also some unknown Bai Zhangxin This is what crazy and wrong, even if she is Zhang's elder sister, pipe so wide it can not, not to mention not. "True, true, or brother understands me." Then, Zhang Cheng and directed Zhang Long said: "That, brother,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, you can not fail to call me 'Little Three children' ah, how to listen so awkward?" Zhang Cheng know. " small three children, "the call, in his dictionary, which was the meaning of the third party, he may not have this habit. "Ok, you are right, I will not fixating on the future how to how to love you, I'm too lazy tube you." Zhang Xin to see the two of them actually complicit, join forces to deal with directly, she was not very comfortable. So the speed of the foot Yi Deng leopard suddenly accelerated, two of them directly behind them. "Hey, let's go, follow up." Zhang Long is also the sister did not get his way, but was worried about her anything about the situation, only to command the lion demon followed. <
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