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> "How is this going?" Zhang was shocked by this change, thought he had been poisoned, after all, good does not happen. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm but soon Xiang day gives a different answer: "This is the heart of the magic sound of the water hole comes into play, you do not resist, the more resistance, you will be more tired." "But, he ...... "" other things later date, first shut off the front of the one to say. "Xiang day reminds us. "Okay!" Zhang Cheng also know that at this moment there is no way other things have to manage, and, before he has done a lot of preparation, I believe that within a short time can not do anything ASRock come, so he convergence of mind would give up resistance. Listening to the ethereal sound of water, Zhang achievement felt my heart in this moment suddenly relaxed, everything is thrown into the back of the head, and, mind has also been released, her body can not tell the comfortable. Gradually, he found himself put the Buddha consciousness has been a force of traction,Nike Jordan Take Flight, this force was not much, but firmly pulled his own consciousness, slowly advancing towards a constant direction. I do not know how long, Zhang came suddenly feel a void space being, where everything around me seemed vague, poorly demarcated real or unreal. Suddenly, a shadow slowly from right in front of Zhang appeared, and this step by step with the shadow actually still moving toward Zhang came, slowly, the shadow has become increasingly clear, can be seen that a figure. See here, Zhang was more curious, he wanted to see his own demons in the end is what it is. However, the seemingly short distance, shadow was gone a long time, and ultimately, this shadow suddenly pierced with a layer of invisible obstacles, as if from another world came out in general, appeared in Zhang's eyes. See this person's appearance after Zhang shocked, because he is standing in front of an identical appearance and their own people, not only is the head, or looks, makes no difference. "You, you are ......" Zhang amazed at the scene that he did not think his own demons actually own. "We meet at last, the opportunity I have been waiting a long time for." Daybreak faint smile at Zhang Cheng, eyes showing a trace of disdain of the mean, which makes this a very depressed. "What do you mean, do the ideas you have before?" Zhang was somewhat puzzled, in his opinion his demons is an idea, an idea to tell him to see him for a long time, and how to listen how awkward. "You and me this as a whole, from the moment you were born, I was there, but you have not seen bad repair my ability, which makes me very disappointed." Zhang demons Lengao ground replied. "You're disappointed?" Zhang into some silent and said: "You're nothing but a thought fills me, what makes you qualified disappointed in me?" "I want to correct that, in a sense, at the moment, you and I just as the body of an idea, in addition to the dominant outside, and I'm no different, so you do not use this tone and talk to me, because you did not say that I am eligible to be so. "said Zhang Cheng demons. "Even so, so what, anyway, I, as a dominant, controlling body everything, including you." Zhang Cheng outdone, retorted. "Is it?" Daybreak Leng Heng, in the eyes of coldness flash, then physique into a blur appear directly in front of Zhang Cheng, the speed even beyond the sheets into the reaction speed. When he react when, felt a pain in his throat, and then the whole person was actually demons single hand up. "How is this possible!" Zhang Cheng not believe it. Item days before the hearing although he said the strength of the demons a lot stronger than their own, but did not expect to be so much stronger, even himself in front of him naked, even I could not resist the heart, which also too ironic little bar. "How could?" Daybreak sneer, said: "Because you have too many thoughts and hearts of scruples, so, your reaction will be so slow, speed is also greatly reduced, and this is where I am most disappointed, because this , just let your repair is promoted more slowly. "" Even so, how, I am still dominant, without me, you would be gone, how, do the authors not you kill me? "Zhang Cheng look demons, there is no fear. "I will not kill you, at least now I will not kill you, because now I can not do without you, but, one day, I will replace your position, I believe, I will do it." Says with, demons let go directly to Zhang Cheng thrown to the ground. "You're dreaming, I will not let you get away." Zhang Cheng rubbing his neck. Though his lips to say, but his heart was not much clout, because he felt his own demons is too strong and powerful all students can not afford to let him fight heart. "I hope you said to do, if you are too weak, and I made the initiative too simple, this way it does not mean much." Zhang demons said so one, then turned toward directly to When the direction of the door. "Where are you going?" Zhang asked, puzzled. "Where?" Zhang demons sneered, Touyemeihui said: "Nature is where's the back where to go, how you think you can beat me with you?" "I ......" "Hope see you next time, you can have growth, gender and the like, and I even did not have the courage to play against, and it feels too boring. "Zhang demons back to Zhang Cheng directed He waved his hand, as if to say goodbye and Zhang,Oakley Lifestyle Cheap, but Zhang's eyes has become naked irony. "......" He opened his mouth, but did not say what the final words. Because, Zhang Cheng at the moment does not have any words can be used to refute him, as he puts it, his company and his battle at the moment have no courage. This is a fact, no matter how much they used the words to explain in words, they can not hide the truth. Even cheat others, but also to deceive himself. Therefore, the only watch monster slowly disappeared in the present, but can not say anything to defend themselves in words. However,Coach Madison Clearance, he vowed in his mind, the next time I saw it, he must, and he ceded a victory, even if it is lost, but also like a defeated man. At the same time, enhance their repair his heart and strength of faith more firmly, he swore in mind, from now on, he will not make people despise him, even his demons, too. <
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