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31.05.2013 08:03
not only in the general level antworten
Update: 22-- at the moment of peak already went to the front of the baby into the arena, looking at the pieces a full five metres in size, the platinum s è dome, the peak even can feel the slight beating, seems to be brewing. In this fire attack, Callard is decisive to the energy recovery, forming a prophecy blessing, so good and the soul of Dean is once again into the dome, seems to be in the slow recovery. Under the Ming anger blow, peak since that kill Callard, fingers gently stroked the dome above the mysterious texture, peak can even hear the faint praise, the face is rare with a smile. "Good, boss. It take you back,Totes Coach Cheap, I will find a way to you again. If the Dean occupy the body, the boss will think of a way to help you win the body ownership." Softly muttered, then peak fingertip space ring flash light slightly, is the big egg away. But after doing this, the peak that will again look together in the suspended the gold sun in the void. The sun was showing red S è, very bright, sending out a great strength of the nameless, seem to is a source of endless energy, is suspended so quietly in the void, is the beast God Island the ancestors of the sun. Under normal circumstances, once the sacred strong died, his ST will also disappear, only in the lower level, or some J ī ng through the soul of man, is likely to kill the opponent, get its own St. Very hot and looked at the gold sun, the peak of the breathing is a hurried up, it's a sign! This fire sign just give a fire department of spiritual practitioners refining, he will have no problem to the sanctuary the strong point, without the need for du to rob. But, this is a defect,Purses Coach Sale, it is unable to further enhance strength, strength will only in the grand master's strength. In other words, the sun is carrying his master of all practicing J ī ng Hua and sentiment, once the refinery, is to get all of his, and was lost again to the higher strength of the qualification. Can the Rao is such, sun is still very precious things, not only in the general level, even in the sacred world, is extremely precious things. Now, a sign is suspended in the peak before, how can he not hot? "A st! But the fire department, I just let my father refining, only needs time, is able to make him become sacred! Ha ha ha if the father reached the sanctuary the strong, so we have a nice Rudge family sanctuary in a scene, will be how?" Once again took several deep breaths, peak it slightly suppressed the heart excited,Coach New Arrivals USA, quickly walked to the front of the sun. "Hem beast God Island ancestors, you kill me and the good, the sun you will kindly accept my peak." Waved his right hand, which was suspended in the void in the sun is the peak income space ring. "Whew!" In the heart very glad that peak, St income space ring with >
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