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31.05.2013 07:54
he was just a breakthrough antworten
> Items days after stimulation, Zhang Cheng's "Tantric Mahamudra" successful breakthrough into the first printing of the second printing, but this time it was his first practice. wWw, QuANBEn, Com when he hands were a big diamond wheel seal of the moment, his whole person caught up in a helpless, hopeless, without my wonderful state of being. In this state, all the outside world at this moment seems to have become nothingness, wander up and can not affect his original mind at the moment. In this state, Zhang is also the slightest imperceptible passage of time, as if everything and he did not like the relationship. Passed about half of the time, Zhang Cheng slowly woke completely sober when he came to, before the complete disappearance of an empty tired, just feel refreshed and infuriating filling, but there are a lot of improvement repair, Meanwhile, the body has an indescribable ease, allowing Zhang feel very comfortable. "It's really wonderful." Zhang said such a sentence, and then out of the pool, continue dancing from "shake the ground fist" to. However, this time and last time different, the last time he was just practicing moves, and this time he puts into infuriating perfusion to boxing, suddenly, this boxing by his dancing tiger style, looked far, There is a really shake the ground momentum. However, after instilling the infuriating, Zhang suddenly feel that one of the few infuriating the rapid passage of time, a blink of an eye on the consumption of empty, suddenly, my heart could not help but burst loss. At the moment, his cultivation of a product just touch the edge of the body's infuriating although many, but the face of the beast as the "shake to boxing," blink of an eye saw the end. You know, "shake to boxing," but to just to fierce boxing, the demand for infuriating is very large. Even Zhang Fang himself, with his seven items Musha infuriating reserves instill infuriating in the case of the "shake to boxing" playing a down, infuriating have to consume one-third. Eventually, Zhang had to stop recovery infuriating, etc. reply almost, then continue waving up, and so forth. However, with continued practice, he suddenly thought of the point, that is, since he is able to multitask, then why not cast aside "Xuanmen breathing technique" restore infuriating, while displaying "shake the ground fist" mean? Thought here, Chang Cheh's eyes could not help a bright, nor to seek entry-day, it is so self-serving test again. He used the concept of the law of the mind is divided into two, one to control the swing boxing, while another is responsible for the operation, "Xuanmen breathing technique" restore infuriating. However,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, the beginning of time, some confusion, but soon, Zhang achievements touched some opportunities, but also gradually familiar with them, but also easily controlled up. But even so, infuriating his body was soon on the bottom. Although he uses "Xuanmen breathing technique" to the infuriating practice, however, "fist shake the ground," the loss of a great, reply to the infuriating can only scratch, so he hit several punches after lying tired right again next. Moreover, his long running "sub read", like his energy also some overdrafts, for a time, chest tightness, brain, some pain, which makes him tell the sad. Finally, he dragged his exhausted body, once again into the Wen Biquan inside, began to recover again. This time, his practice time, it felt the situation did not feel before. Before he was practicing "Tantric Mahamudra" when, as caught up in that wonderful mood, and would therefore, does not carefully observed the second round of Indian Donkey Kong India in the end what kind of power. At the moment, he did not re-enter the kind of mood, his feelings very clear, he ah felt in his bear second seal, the soul has been upgraded at the same time, surrounded by the aura has become more active, And seems to be some kind of traction in general, scrambling to his body drill. This look, it led to "Xuanmen breathing technique", so infuriating to the speed of recovery was visible, it is entirely beyond his imagination. "Is the second printing is the ability to attract the energy between heaven and earth, to speed up practicing." Zhang Cheng help guess again. Although up to now he did not know the first printed Fudo printed in the end what kind of role, but the effect of this second printing is too obvious. Moreover, in order to determine his thoughts, he deliberately stopped, and he stopped at the same time, it is as if summoned by the aura was calm again. When he again bear the second seal, calm aura came alive again, and then scrambling to his body drill. "And it was so, that's great." Zhang treasure,Nike Jordan SC 1 Shoes, he did not think the second seal effect could be so much stronger. Moreover, he is just break, know that the sea Buddha's fingerprints are not composed of a second, you have such a power, if their practice to the extreme, what would it be a case. Then he involuntarily guess, the third seal, lion outside India also has what kind of power it. For a time, Zhang Cheng for the "Tantric Mahamudra" increasingly yearning up, while the "Tantric Mahamudra" practice extreme thoughts are also increasingly profound. This time practicing short compared to the time before a lot, probably only took an hour or so, Zhang's infuriating and spirit will be restored as ever, and then start practicing again. This time, he in turn divided into two sub-concept, in accordance with the situation before the dance up. Time fast, blink of an eye half the time slip away, it can be said that spanned half a month without the slightest break, hungry, he ate bigu Dan, one on the tube for several days; thirsty, he drank Wen Biquan of the water, he does not complain that he himself dirty; tired, they enter a pool practice "Xuanmen breathing technique" and "Tantric Mahamudra", using these two exercises, will soon be restored as ever achievement sheets, and then continue input "shake the ground fist" exercise being. It can be said that after half a month of practice, Zhang Cheng to "shake the ground fist" to comprehend reached a high point, and he in order to "shake the ground fist" thoroughly understand well, half the time he was in this where will this boxing completely unbundled, Mei Yizhao individually drill countless times, to find the correct Mei Yizhao force method. Although it has not done before he said just have soft, soft with just the point, but after his efforts, he succeeded in reducing the number of unnecessary infuriating consumption, making him play a lot easier when . It can be said, at the moment Zhang pairs "shake the ground punches" in mind, to be far more than ten years of technical kinky Zhang Fang, the only fly in the ointment is that Zhang's infuriating reserves bad, which greatly influenced his cast "Earthshaker Fist" and to maintain the power of the time. If Zhang's infuriating reserves can reach six items, then he has the confidence to beat Zhang Fang. Unfortunately, after two weeks of practice, he was just a breakthrough for the repair of a product, although not far from the two products, but also products from six long way to go. However, this is half the time, bring not all good news, the bad news is that Zhang Cheng Wen Biquan already lost their effectiveness, infuriating the speed of recovery slowed down significantly than before. Desperation, so Zhang Xiang days had to help it. "Master, you are out of it, I have something on you!" Zhang Cheng Xiang day by contract and made contact, and then cried so one. "Ah!" Entry day should be a cry, and then begins to run out in the storage ring, at the moment, entry-day spiritual OK, came out and asked: "how? Encounter any problems? '" Wen Biquan effectiveness has been lost on me, so I want to ask you that there is any way that I continue to fast reply? "Zhang replied. "Ah, so fast!" Entry day really surprised, you know, when he was here when the practice, but it took three months, Wen Biquan effectiveness fishes gradually losing his role. And now over half the time, but only just, Zhang Wen Biquan lost on the role, which some of it a bit too fast. "Yes, this time, I have been in accordance with the Master say, do not know how, Wen Biquan lose effectiveness of!" Zhang replied truthfully. "Ah,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, you have been in practice, did not quite stopped?" Entry day froze for a moment, two weeks, has been in practice, even if he can not stand ah. "Yes ah, but for Wen Biquan effect disappeared, I was able to repair even a month." Zhang Cheng nodded excitedly replied. "My God, how do you stick with it, do not you tired?" Entry day stared asked. "No Leia, after practicing Tantric Mahamudra, is not tired." Zhang replied. "Boy, this is definitely the level of God Tantric Mahamudra power law, but probably not low grade, otherwise it is impossible to have such a powerful effect." Xiang days before think of it this power law may be the god-level power France, now listening to the words of Zhang Cheng, hearts more certain idea. <
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