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31.05.2013 07:50
could not help but swallowed antworten
> Afternoon, Liu Yue Zhang please help Shangguan's mother Wang Hongyan will pick out the palace, directly admitted to the Castellan House, however, Wang Yun also got what he wanted, because Liu Yue promised to give him a family development opportunities. ! Com as to what is an opportunity, this is not a matter of concern to Zhang, after all, he and Wang group of people very right path, especially that Wang, at the moment he probably is planning of how to kill ourselves. At the moment he is practicing his room while her things, intends over time, he got up and returned, after all, Liu Jing do not know when to come back, he may not want to wait here for so long a time. Moreover, he would also like to take this opportunity to practice some good, raise my own strength, and they go back and look Ouyang Qian Yun, accompany them good play. Also, the rest of the things deal about it, after all, his heart is not there a big stone to get rid of that before he did not kill ASRock. Moment from that time have been in 2056, and he did not know up to what extent this guy, so he intends to go back after the investigation properly investigated, found him after he disposed of, so that he will be relieved. So he went to the ancient continent, there will be no worries. However, at this time, a sudden surge of terror force pressure down from the sky, a huge pressure on the weight of his breath. "How is it?" Zhang surprised, some confused situation, here is what, Dragon City Castellan House ah, who arrived here so much courage to make trouble. "A reward my grandson kid, you gave me out." Just then, the sky exploding sounded, followed by majestic pressure suddenly vanished without a trace. "Zhang Xiaozi? Could I say?" Zhang Yi Zheng, he thought the whole Castellan House seems to be only his surname of a person, but he remembered that he does not seem such a terrible sin master it. "Is the master see Liu Jing Xue left, came to me in trouble?" Zhang was shocked, just to open the door, I heard a knock on the door came. He opened the door and saw a large, shocking Liu beyond the door now. "Zhang Cheng, you do not go out, Xue old guy come to you in trouble." Liuyue Li Zhang horse will push into it, and then shut the door against. "Is not it, that old guy so shameless, Liu old at the time, he was afraid to come, Liu old one go, he came." Zhang Cheng somewhat depressed,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, and that things are in the past half a month, he almost to forget the matter. And Liu old yesterday left, the old guy suddenly came looking for trouble, and he was this old guy blush. "That old boy never came not to rule, but it happens strength is very strong, there are unruly qualifications. Entire Dragon City he only fear my father a man, at the moment, my father was gone, it was only Dragon City he was a master of crossing the robbery, but before you hurt his grandson, he naturally will not miss you. "Liu Yue replied. "That's how to do now?" Zhang Cheng also some chaos, before he felt he immediately left the Dragon the city, but also accompanied by Liu Jing, even people who are looking for Xue own troubles, they have to weigh. But who would have thought Liu Jing suddenly left, this made him so passive. "Do not worry, my father before he explain me take care of you, then I will keep you safe. Although this old guy is very strong, but there is the sword of my father left breaks, it is not difficult to deal with him. Well, I do not say to you, I'll go out and struggle with him, see if you can have room for relaxation, as for you, no matter what the old guy said, you do not go out, do not feel useless, because it would have been dead without useless . "Liu Yue replied. "I understand." Cheng Ming, Liu put more meaning, as useless, he was not afraid that he is the person who died once, he was not even afraid of death, but also afraid of useless? Moreover, he is actually not so useless after all each other's strength is too strong, even if he does not go out, no one would say he useless, would only say that he fitters. "Ah, you stay here, no matter what happens all do not go out, remember." Liu Yue repeatedly reminds us. "Remember." Zhang Cheng nodded that he understood. "Well, I went out." Then, Liu Yue and opened the door and went out, however Chenggang want to close, then rushed to the door of a slim woman,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, an inattentive crashed into Zhang's arms. Zhang accomplishment felt a soft dough hit the top of his chest, feeling pretty good. However, this "dough" touch points. "Zhang Cheng, how is this going ah?" Come Shangguan Hongyan, she just was taking a bath, I heard someone shouting Zhang Cheng's name, so he put on his clothes came out. At the moment she did not comb the hair, the body of water did not wipe, directly to the outside of her clothing soaked. Shangguan soaked skin attached to the top of the body Hongyan, a perfect curve presented in Zhang's eyes, the most deadly is that two o'clock chest Shangguan Hongyan things because there is no bondage, slightly protruding. Coupled with some transparent wet clothes, as well as previously installed in your body, face reddish, see Zhang Cheng just feel thirsty, could not help but swallowed. Shangguan Hongyan some doubts because people came to Zhang Xue revenge, fear that he is dangerous, and did not notice their own situation. But she saw the appearance of Zhang Cheng piece when subconsciously glanced toward his body, suddenly saw his body at the moment is looming presented in Zhang's eyes. "Ah!" Shangguan Hongyan shouted a cry, and then fled also like ran out, they disappear in the blink of an eye in front of Zhang Cheng. This time Liu Mostly just came from the outside, some strange direction away toward Shangguan Hongyan, after a while, he looked back at Zhang asked: "My brother, this is how beautiful sister, ah?" "Cough Cough ...... did ... nothing. "Zhang Cheng also some awkward cough twice, and then said:" how do you come up? "" I heard someone yell out, but seems to be shouting brother, so I came to see read! "Liu Qing answered so one, and then went and asked:" My brother, which in the end what happened ah? "" Xue old man came and said that revenge was asked Xuelong, your father has gone out there His response, then there should not be any problem. "Zhang replied. "Xue people too shameless, my grandfather at the time how afraid to come, a rarity in my grandfather is not the time to really cowards." Liu Qing Zhang a saying, flew mouth curse up. "Well,jordan online cheap, you do not say these useless, and up to the front to see what things hurried back to me." Zhang Yue Liu safety of some concern, so let Liu Ching when his "eyes" . "Go ahead, brother, you are waiting for me Furthermore, do not come out ah." Then, Liu Qing ran out the door. "I knew this is the case, it should be ahead last night on foot." Zhang Chengyu said with nausea. "Zhang Cheng, which in the end is how ah? Xue man is not come to you in trouble." Shangguan Hongyan turn back this time back. But at the moment she has dressed, her hair was tied up her casual, but still some eyes being shy, afraid to look directly into the eyes of Zhang. Apparently, she has not recovered from the previous thing being over, face still boiling hot. <
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