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31.05.2013 07:48
Zhang costs not want to antworten
> "Hao!" Zhang Cheng though do not know in the end what happened, but to see Liu Jing so nervous and wanted it certainly is not a trivial matter. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Moreover, he now knew as Sally's parents who in the end, so he is not very anxious to go at the moment but the ancient continent. Anyway, he went to also investigate their death, and then revenge for them, but they have a few two kilograms he still has self-knowledge, just this time he can also take advantage of some good practice. Moreover, half the time does not seem too long. "So the best." Liu attractions nodded, and then he suddenly felt himself being pulled sleeves, looked down, just to see Liu Qing askew somewhat pathetic look,Oakley Polarized Sale, and then they heard she said: " Grandpa, you do not Seiji the What? "" Silly girl, grandfather how will do How about you, but my grandfather was away for some time, will be back soon. "Liu Jing Liu Ching will hold up, scraping scraping her little Nose said. "Grandpa, I will not let you go, I will not let you go ......" Liu Qing small to large are followed by Liu Jing, it can be said never left Liu Jing. However,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, at the moment she was about to leave as long as one would like to own more than two months Liu Jing, her heart is very sad. "Seiji good, there is something my grandfather had to leave, will be back soon, do not let grandpa embarrassed." Liu Liu Mostly they want to hold up, but Liu Qing Liu Jing was tightly holding the neck , how do not let it go on, but the side shouted: "I do not Well, I do not grandpa go, even to go, but also to go with me." "Seiji good, this time, and in the past, my grandfather is to go to the ancient continent, in the middle extremely dangerous, it can not take you, but, Grandpa promise you, Grandpa will soon be back, next time, we'll take you to the ancient continent to play, you see how? "Liu Jing Liu Ching right to know their feelings of attachment, but the matter at stake, if the ancient continent really out of things, then he would never see his beloved people. So, he had the mind to come to Liu Yue Liu Qing's arms, and then disappeared in stature between shaking everyone's eyes. Soon, a not particularly large but glowing golden ship sailed out never far away, on the sea to draw up a beautiful white waves marks, then drove over a distance, blink of an eye will be gone In the front of the crowd. "Grandpa, Grandpa ......" Liu Jing figure disappeared, Liu Ching still desperately screamed, but Liu Jing has already heard it. "Dad, I do not want my grandfather to go, I do not want my grandfather walked!" Liu Qing Liu Yue climb in the arms, tears Liu has more skirts wet, that little look really see people distressed. "Seiji behaved, Seiji cry, daddy now have something to do, as you and your brother for a while okay?" Liu Yue heart of the city in this case Dragon, so said so a. "Ah!" Liu Qing nor is not sensible man, nodded his head, and then go directly to Zhang's side, took Zhang's hands, but still kept sobbing watching the sea direction. "Zhang into small ... Chang ..." Liu Yue wanted to shout, "Zhang Cheng little brother", but the thought of this title, and, like his father, himself in such a mess would not call it a generational. However, shouted Uncle Zhang, he has open mouth, suddenly stuck in there, do not know how to call Zhang became. "Drifting, you told me Zhang achievements Well, we all called each of." Liu Yue Zhang saw the difficulty with them, he said such a sentence to help him rescue. "Oh, good, Zhang Cheng, my daughter temporarily to please to you." Liu Yue smiled and said. "Do not worry, I'll take good care of her." Zhang nodded and said. "Ah!" Liu Yue Zhang also directed nodded, and then directly with everyone out there. Shangguan and Zhang Hongyan and Liu Qing and did not hurry to leave, looking Shangguan Hongyan, Zhang said with some embarrassment: "Hongyan, sorry, your mother will pick out the things I'm afraid to push the palace a few days after the! "Zhang costs going to let Liu Hongyan Shang Jing's mother will help to pick out the palace, but who had come up with this kind of thing. And Liu Yue at the moment there are events in the body everywhere at once, he can not relied on the relationship between himself and Liu Jing forced to let people help themselves, it would be too much. Therefore, he can only wait for this thing come to an end, please go to Liu Yue to help him do this thing. "You do not explain what, I understand!" Shangguan Hongyan Zhang had promised to hear him, she had already thought of Zhang and Liu Jing through the relationship to help him, after all, to his current strength, not enough to make his uncle obediently release. At the moment things to this point, nor is Zhang would like to see, so she did not blame Zhang Moreover, two weeks have passed, it is even worse these days. "Ah!" Zhang should be uttered. "My brother, beautiful sister, can you take me to the beach it, before I go there often to play my grandfather, my grandfather is gone now, I want to go over there to see." Liu Qing Zhang looked eager, said. "This ......" Zhang costs not want to agree, after all, the last time the tsunami so that he was taken aback, but at the moment the Dragon City mess, if he was afraid of what happens in case of danger. But to see Liu Qing Fu, vice pity that when looking over the appearance, Zhang will 不忍心拒绝, then said: "You can go,Oakley Squared, but can not play for too long." "Ah!" Liu Jing gone, it becomes clear willow a lot less, and no prior cheerful, but was Zhang in hand, walking aimlessly on the beach. However, this way let her hit me, and remembered her grandfather, without exception, she cried again. "Shoop" Suddenly, I heard a sharp voice from a distance lasing, Zhang Cheng freshman warning signs, one will be pushed Shangguan Hongyan and Liu Qing, and then forced himself hop jump the other side. Then a coldness in flash, edged trouble with faint green knife appeared in the Chenggang just stood. "What people?" See here, Zhang Cheng then silly could see someone wants to kill himself, followed by two figures will appear in the sheets into the minds. One was almost killed by his Xuelong, another is Wang, because he offended the Dragon city only two people on it. However, he looked around and did not find any people who can, and then he will release the power of the soul, fire in perception up, but still nothing. "In the end is who?" Zhang Cheng confused, although he guessed that these two people doing a good thing, but it does not determine who in the end. However, he speculated, Xuelong possibilities will be larger, after all, there are things for his own royal kill himself for them no good at all. But in addition there is a possibility that they are directed at Liu Qing come, if this is the case, then some bad things. If the enemy is really directed at Liu Qing come, then Zhang did not know who the enemy is, to deal with a known enemy, but fortunately few, but to deal with the unknown enemy is not so easy. "Zhang Cheng, this ......" <
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