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31.05.2013 07:45
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Update: 22--26 "eldest brother, are you all right?" Good in a burst, after killing the sword of honour the strong, no other, hurried to peak road. "Well, I'm fine." Peak nodded, heart shock is incapable of further increase, especially remembered just that weird situation, can not help but secretly. Although the peak strength and the sword to honour the strong beat, there are more second copies of this invincible moves not cast,oakley sunglasses online, but just the old man cast out of the strange mark, it is to make the peak heart can not calm. He is now is not a pure young, experienced on the mainland's reign of terror, is also has some experience. But today, everywhere revealed a strange feeling, make the peak heart moment is still difficult to really calm down. Once again cast a glance at the old man lying dead on the spot, the pupil shrinks slightly peak again. But I do not know when, the old man had already disappeared, replace sb. Is a look fierce fierce monster, like a fox fur, with deep green s è, about two meters long, is God chun. For all the fierce beast know Odin, with peak at a draught is recognized his body, is the mainland of a high order Xiongshou "blue FROST FOX". "It is a blue FROST FOX into practice. The strong, but I don't seem to have any offence fierce beast forces? It is the Dragon swamp, strong trouble me, well, I'm afraid only this may say the past? It seems I have to be careful, to disguise it." In shock at the same time, the peak is a creeping body strange, reach out to space out of a mainland top skin mask. In an instant, he was turned into a middle-aged man with a pockmarked appearance. "Its fur Ling nuclear but good baby rare, and the claws on wearing a space ring, wherein a certain hidden a treasure? Hahaha but get good out of misfortune." The old man waved his right hand, "blue frost fox is at the peak of mean income space ring, then his body one Shan, is the rapid Ta Kong. After half an hour, an ordinary small hills, in a secluded dry cave, peak camouflage middle-aged sit cross-legged, front is a dark blue s è fur fox corpse. Reached out to its claws on the space ring out, then the peak body soul force a surging, is to eliminate space atop the ring soul imprint, the article also is evident. As for the baby, is rare with dignified quizzical look,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, do not know in thinking. "Huh? It was a lot of wealth, cheats, and soft sword that a youthful general, should be a statue of the sword!" Peak soul force is vacillating in the space ring, smiling face more intense up. However, followed, his face s è suddenly become embarrassed up,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, then the right hand turn over, a space ring is in the palm of his hand. This is a exudes a ferocious Li breath deep black s è token, the token is not what is crafted, unexpectedly come very naturally exudes the strands of >
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