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it did not bother him antworten
> {Dragons book reached sixteenth,oakley sunglasses store, one saw the fifteenth of pink chrysanthemums, as long as he burst chrysanthemum, we entered the home, the cheese who pushed dragons about it, just put down . ! COM} "five taste constitution theoretically exists, but if there really such a person, then he is no different and useless, because the five elements not only with students, want grams, five kinds gathered, they would reach a balance can not even measure the test began, and, even if such a system was discovered, if you want to practice, you must also cultivate gold, wood, water, fire, earth five kinds of exercises, and that each of the grade all have the same, or they will destroy this balance, life-threatening. "" And, while practicing five exercises, to achieve the same realm, it takes time and energy of ordinary people five times, it is difficult to be successful, so Even if there are such people, it is also best not to practice, otherwise, all the time living in a crisis, the slightest mistake, it will fall to his death in the end eliminate road. "Xiang days replied. "Then I'll have to work three attributes while practicing law, it would mean that they have to spend a lot of time and energy do?" Zhang Cheng thought of his talent, there are three attributes, such an action would need to spend three times the ordinary energy and time, this is not easy ah. "It's not down, your property is not in equilibrium, so do not practice the same time, of course, if you want to practice at the same time, it can, then I was done, although the practice is slow some, but the strength is very tough, especially like you three attributes, Aioi between institutional, practicing it more powerful, it is completely possible spike the same level, or even leapfrog challenge. "" And I have a concept called sub-secret technique, the mind can be divided into many parts, each of you can do different things, practicing different exercises as well, but, after using this secret operation, do not worry about the various exercises much impact each other . "Xiang days replied. "Ah, this is not multitasking right, there is such a secret technique!" Zhang heard here, his eyes suddenly light up, if he's got this secret operation, you can while practicing "Xuanmen breathing technique", while practice "Tantric Mahamudra", and this way, he will increase the efficiency of the faster. Moreover, mastered this occult future can simultaneously three lines Gong practitioners while longer while practicing "Tantric Mahamudra" while practicing "Ding nine turn the soul", and this way, the effect should be more good. However, the thought of this, Zhang Cheng also thought of a problem, then asked: "Master, when I can start practicing soul Ding nine turn it?" "Ding turn nine soul must wait until you reach the qi of can, Because before this is to base foundation must be strong to fight, or at a later stage it is prone to problems, so before that I will not teach you anything in addition to laying the foundation for something outside, so as not to affect your foundation. " Item days seems to have entered the master state, attitudes have become serious again. "That master, you have any good practice qigong method do?" Zhang felt the benefits of high-power law, therefore, want to change to a more advanced hair to practice qigong, this way,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, the base building just around the corner. "This I did not make, because I learned from the martial art was cast out, I had reached the base building, while the evil Christians I met him when he reached the base building, so I did not go specifically for the collection, However, very good qigong method I do not recommend that you use because elevated faster will not solid foundation, so now you can use. then Wen Biquan help speed should also not be too slow . "Xiang days replied. "Oh, that's when we start practicing it?" Zhang can not wait. "Start now, I'll train you for a period of two years, this year being that you want to repair the wearer before the pressure in the building base, unless there is my answer, or can not advance breakthrough." Item days said. "Ah, to two years ah!" Zhang Yi Zheng, immediately think of their families will be held within one month after the majority, and then said: "Master, this is a month later, I have to go and visit Moreover, that my master was soon back to pick me up, so I can not in this place can only take a month. "" This right, this training can be carried anywhere, and I While hiding in storage ring, the others are unable to find me, so I can follow you anywhere pointing your practitioner. "Item days said. "What we do now? Now is go back, or continue to stay here?" Zhang Cheng asked. "Ah temporarily stay here, because there Wen Biquan, it has a very good nourish the body of the efficacy of great benefit to your practice, although only a month's time, but it can make you reach for two months to get practice effect. "Xiang days replied. "Ah, this is the pool do? So powerful, that if I practice here a year, it would mean that ......" Zhang can not think anymore. "You really think this Wen Biquan although very effective, but when your body reaches a certain intensity, you no effect, so you want as much as possible in this month's time, as much as possible of the Wen Biquan role to play to the limit. "Xiang days told Road. "Well, I listen to the master!" Zhang Cheng nodded his head, and he also has this idea. "Well, I now give you arrange it, the next time, the time is divided into two sections, the day you're here practicing martial arts, his physical play to the limit, and then in the evening, you enter Wen Biquan practicing breathing inside of the surgery, while practicing your Tantric Mahamudra, as much as possible to enhance the level of his soul, the soul for future practice Ding nine turn lay a solid foundation. "Item days said. "That Master, you have to read to me of cultivation methods, otherwise, I can not do two ah!" Zhang said. "This is a natural, but you give me back some of the input power of the soul, I'll Law tactic printed directly into your consciousness the sea!" Entry day said. "Well!" Then, Zhang Cheng has sat down cross-legged, and then separating some soul force injected into the body of the entry day. Get the attention of power, Item days are mentally much better, then came into the front sheets, index finger tap, a golden flash, then, Zhang's brain, the more out of the "sub-read" Mystic All practicing law formula, and then follow the above sheets achievements subconscious contents of practicing together. Item days to see him into the practice of the state, it did not bother him, would sigh, he turned into a storage ring in the rest. "Sub read" this occult practice together is not too difficult, plus Zhang soul strength is supposed to be more powerful than the common people, so, less than a quarter of an hour, he mastered this occult . However, he experimented with it, to his current strength of the soul, as one can do with three, will produce more confusion, the impact effects. However, as one with three right now he is already more than sufficient. "Master, I learned to read the stars." Zhang directed Ring said. "Ah, later you do not talk directed at the ring, and now we have signed a contract, you can by contract to contact me, it is not easy to be found of my existence." Xiang days reminds one. "Oh, I know, the next note." Zhang replied. "Well, I think you should have some martial right, you can now start practicing, keep practicing, when insist on not down, jumped into the lake in the law practice breathing, restoring strength,air jordan sale, then continue practicing. No if anything, I do not talk too much, so you can reduce the loss of the soul, while reducing your stress. "Item days said. "Well, I know!" Zhang Cheng should be a cry, and then they began to dance again. He was trained in this set of boxing and it was his father, Zhang put the practice of the "shake to boxing," because this power law, he prove that most, comprehend the deepest, most importantly, practicing this power law is extremely consuming effort, but also can quickly enhance system. A punch down, Zhang achievement tired out of breath, but he felt that he can hold on, so he hit it again. When the last punch kick after Zhang body strength just like with all the fight out Zhe Yiquan same tired he collapsed on the ground directly. Went to great lengths, he was from the ground up, and then go into a pool among the starting operation of reading the mind is divided into two, one to maintain "Xuanmen breathing technique" absorption Aura, restore their infuriating, then began to practice a "Tantric Mahamudra." <
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