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to go take a look at the antworten
> Immortal in the eyes of comprehension that is, the existence of God, they are high above, waving, the reclamation, smoke, almost omnipotent. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm a sense, they have not a person, but "Superman", because they have power beyond the power of ordinary people to have, so they have not a person. The Mahayana master, known as demigod, has a strength although far less than the real fairy, but called demigod, it shows their strength is beyond the ordinary lot. Moreover,Oakley Polarized clearance, the late crossing the robbery was a watershed, just as nature and nurture, saver and build the base of the difference between the same, or even worse it. Because spend and spend until after the master has the difference between heaven and earth,Kristin Coach Online, not a grade above. Therefore, Liu Jing able to master all three Mahayana kill, which is beyond the world of perception, if not personally seen Xue Biao, he can not believe this thing is real. "Grandpa, which was one in the end is how ah? Mahayana that three of the master, how good will and Liu Jing fight it? Also, Liu Jing in the end is how to defeat those three Mahayana master, and they to kill? "Xuelong asked. "This thing goes back a hundred years ago, when the ancient continent Liujing Gang just come back, because, traditionally not one of them came back from the ancient continent, so it will be curious about the ancient continent several predecessors is not really like legendary as much, so they Yuezhan Liu Jing. "Xue Biao paused and then said:" However, Liu Jing did not promise gathers three of them, but at the beach built a thatched hut, and his adopted son where to live up that time, no one knows the true strength of Liu Jing, except that he was leaving only Yuan Ying, back crossing the robbery but has the early mid-repair. "" is not Bar grandfather, so many years later, he has not the slightest progress in cultivation? "Xuelong some incredible, this hundred years of time, and then how to say let him break through a layer of state bar. "Yes, his cultivation and a hundred years ago, are crossing the robbery interim, little progress has not!" Xue Biao nodded and replied. "Dad, what happened?" Xue Kun asked. "Later, the three Mahayana master, relied on their cultivation than Liu Jing Gao, often provocative Liu Jing, however, Liu Jing seems to be able to, by their provocative than a decade have not freak ......" "have, You quickly say that they played together in the end is how ah? "Xuelong not wait, directly interrupted Xue Biao, then asked. "Do not interrupt, Dad, you continue!" Xue Kun snappily stare Xuelong one, and then looked Xue Biao said. "The reason they will fight, because his adopted son Liu Yue!" Xue Biao replied. "Because Liu Yue?" Xue Kun and Xuelong on the visual one, and then in unison and asked: "Why?" "Liu Yue and Dragon City was a large family on a good lady, however, because these three bit Mahayana masters of obstruction so that they meet the day of love but no. Moreover, they also threatened as long as Liu Jing promised and they fight, no matter win or lose, are willing to fulfill this marriage ...... "" That Liu Jing promised ? "Xue Kun guessed. "Dad, do not break my grandfather, then let Grandpa go on." Xuelong looked Xue Kun one, it seems to say, "Hello said I, you are not much better." "Right, Dad,Coach Bags Outlet, you continue. "Xue Kun also stared Xuelong one, and then directed Xue Biao said. "Promised, he can not promise it," Xue Kun Then he said: "At the time, he and the three Mahayana predecessors agreed three days after a competition among the endless sea, and the first battle among the three repair of Mahayana for a minimum of a challenge, calling not bully Liu Jing. "" On the third day arrived, Liu Jing and three Mahayana master to the party, then I followed my father to a nearby watch, but a beginning, Liu King is a master of Mahayana that were tipped, and Liu Jing concede the spot ...... "" is not it Grandpa ...... "" But ...... "Xue Biao see they have to interrupt their own words, so stressed such a sentence, then added: "However, that name Mahayana master defeated Liu Jing after, but still ton of bricks, say something sarcastic to run Liu Jing, the beginning of time, Liu Jing not show anything special to look, but I do not know what he said that sentence in the Liu Jing poke the pain of the moment as if he was a changed man in general, do not know what means it will only use a trick that name Mahayana master beat. "" a trick? how could ...... "behind the man holding the Xuelong to hear here, could not help but uttered a cry, but then three more than the sword but also a sharp eye cast over from the front, making him subconsciously cover live in their mouths, but the hearts of the shock meaning remains. Originally, he thought Liu Jing able to overcome the Mahayana master has been very surprising, but they still underestimated Liu Jing, a trick, just a trick ah. This makes them somewhat confused in the end who is the Mahayana, who is crossing the robbery of a. "Yes, that's a trick." Xue Biao until now did not think Liu Jing is how to do, because in his view, Liu Jing's moves and nothing particularly frightening place, just ordinary punch it. Moreover, he felt that even their own circle, can easily escape, let alone master of Mahayana. However, people Leng Shimo escape to, not only did not escape to, was also seriously injured Liu Jing became a punch. This is beyond his imagination, but, this is he still did not dare to battle with Liu Jing some of the root causes of lies. "What happened?" Xuelong curious and asked: "is not to say, three master of Mahayana are Liu Jing kill it? This is how one thing ah?" "And then the three of them to demonstrate their grounds , turns and Liu Jing war, however, all three of them no match for Liu Jing a trick, so the three of them will join forces against Fu Liujing. intermediate Liu Jing has repeatedly discouraged, but the three of them together consciously they prevailed, on aggressive, do not put a warning on the eyes Liu Jing. "" Finally, Liu Jing will play a blow directly to the three of them wounded, but three of them seem to lose anxious eyes, knowing not willow views opponents, even lock eyes to Liu Yue's body, you want to take him as a hostage to force Liu Jing into submission. "" At that time, Liu Jing seems to know that they do not intend to play against three people themselves and learn from their own, but want to get him from the obtained above the ancient practice found continent, so they lower the killer, the three of them Zhanla endless seas, was devouring a powerful Leviathan. "Xue Kun replied. "Dad, do you think that Liu Barbara King's strength in the end how strong ah?" Xue Kun asked. "In my opinion, his strength at least have reached the mid-point of the Mahayana, because then he killed that three Mahayana master is a master of the early Mahayana, and only a master of Mahayana interim above can be so easily three of them will be defeated and slain. "Xue Biao replied. "Mahayana interim, my honey, it said that the ancient monks on the continent it is really so powerful, even greater than the strength of the repair much higher than the three realms, it is quite amazing now." Xue Kun said shocked. "I guess the reason is also the ancient continent, after all, Liu Jing just went two hundred years, came back to have such a power, this world, it was only to have these ancient skills of the continent." Xue Biao replied. "That's Grandpa, why so many years, the angel of the ancient continent of it no longer appears, I read the family books, recorded above the ancient continent every hundred will be sent messengers to every continent looking for potential people, to the ancient continent above go to practice. "" But, it seems that Liu old man to go after the messenger who is no longer there, which is why ah? "When Xuelong Cangjingge first in the family to see inside things about ancient continent, he would always imagined himself one day bring the ancient continent of people practicing. However, he waited more than a decade, still did not see the shadow of the ancient continent messenger, but at the moment just comes ancient continent, he put his heart that had been buried in the questions asked out. "I fear that this will only come back from the ancient continent of Liu Jing know." Xue Biao replied. "Really want to go take a look at the ancient continent!" Xuelong said with some pity. "For you this ability, even a little early saver guy you have to beat, and you also want the ancient continent?" Xue Kun snappily so a horse. "This, I ......" Xuelong Gang want to explain something, suddenly thought Huben knife he was also lost, he was afraid to punish under Xue Kun himself, then quickly escape of urine: "Dad, Grandpa, I urgency, first go look easy ...... "" Do you want to go ah, do not think this thing so well, I tell you, Huben knife thing you gave me from the real explanation. "Xue Kun carrying Xuelong him to kick the collar back, then asked. "Huben how the knife?" Xue Biao heard here felt a little strange, so asked. "You ask this guy, he did a good thing." Then, the Xuelong around a throw towards Xue Biao, said with a look of anger. "This ......" Xuelong eyeball rolled, and then went directly Xue Biao behind, like a baby and said: "Grandpa, you see my father he hit me, you have to save me ah." "Grandchildren, you will do well there I will not put you how in his kind. "Xue Biao paused and then said:" You will say things, grandfather gave you call the shots. "" This ...... "" Say! "Xue Kun curse Road . "Oh!" Xuelong know that it was concealed to go, only to say it again from start to finish. "What did you say, you give Huben knives are lost?" Xue Biao Yi Zheng, angrily: "You're a prodigal stuff, do not you know Huben knife for us what it means Xue what? You actually give it to throw , you, you ...... Xue-kun, you give me, killing Well, when I do not have this grandson. "" Good! when I do not have this son. "Xue-kun is not soft, but will on the occasion Xuelong arrested over, fiercely violent beating. However, despite the heavy start, but there is some sense of proportion, after all, Xuelong is his eldest son, the future still expect him to inherit the family business, anyway, he is not able to Xuelong killed. "Zhang Cheng, you told me to do this, in the future I will pay you back tenfold, you remember me." Endured physical pain, Xuelong teeth, the full responsibility have been documented in Zhang Cheng head. <
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