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31.05.2013 07:36
Said Ouyang Qian antworten
> Of course, they have a choice, that is directly to the Dragon clan they rub out, moreover, Li et al ruthless when it has just started, and several other demonic sect have discussed this thing. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM However, considering again later, decided to abandon the idea. First of all, to do so would be cruel, Sendo Zhu door did not agree. Secondly, that they now know the true strength of the Dragon clan, plus they fear a powerful clan in Dragon fighting, if rashly shot, then victory or defeat hard to know, and they who are reluctant to take them perish together danger. Therefore, they can only sit down and talk. "I can stand the word as evidence, but I have to stand your word as evidence, and treat you to the city authorities and the trough of the people, of the people treated us Dragon clan." Xiaxue Yi replied. "I think this can be, you think so?" Dan live feel that this should be the best one way, so asked. "We have no objection Ching Lin Jianpai!" Qingfeng businessman nodded and replied. "We have no objection Yu Xu Zong!" Yu Xu Zong man replied. "I also agree with the secret door!" Secret door who answered said. "That you do?" Dan live to see the magic they were several representatives asked. "This naturally." Magic representatives of several major sects have also agreed. "Well, in that case, then so be it." Said, Dan live Right Shouyi Zhao, a stone falling down from a distance, erected in the middle of both men. "Summer patriarch, we promised you before things are engraved in the above, we will promise you things that can be on top, and then I put in the monument were among Dan Road, I give you a warning, and how ? "real Dan asked. "Of course." Xiaxue Yi nodded and replied. Although this result than they ever thought it would be a lot worse, but at the moment the result is considered very good, at least they did not see the light than before to come well. Moreover, in the past they were a family of Dragon clan loner, doing things are very high profile, now hunkered down, they may be able to change the situation of the Dragon clan were isolated. But also to reduce their dependence on wood for Frunze, it would be a benefit lower profile bar. Then, his right hand began to dance up a channel underlying strength was he shot, San Liangxia, stone above it densely filled with text, and finally he was in the bottom of the inscription engraved his name "Xiaxue Yi "words. Then he looked to Dan the man them, said: "This you." "Well, I was here first!" Dan said real step forward, a wave, an underlying strength played directly beneath engraved in stone his name. Others have followed suit, and soon, other representatives of the nine martial art also left their names. Thus, once the top ten martial art through the establishment of stone into eleven major sects, it would be a major event comprehension of it, but, outside of the people this event is not yet known. However, I believe that very soon, it will swept through the comprehension of bounds. "This is an end, I will go ahead of yin and yang of the magic number." Then, Zhang Li merciless towards the direction where looked, but he froze in there, because there where there is Zhang's shadow ... ... ************************ In fact, early in stone flying time, Zhang left the achievements of the first step here, because he knows that if he late step, then, yin and yang magic number of people will certainly be on the outside to block their own, if they are caught once again it may not a joke it. At the moment, stone has been sculpted, Zhang had already made Feijian came from Dan Road, were hundreds of miles away where, he believed, even if they are determined to arrest Li ruthless themselves, probably did not know he went there. However, he is still somewhat at ease, pushed feijian continued rapid flight, flew directly to the Dragon Empire. He immediately went to the endless waters coming over there, he did not know this much for a long time to go, so I plan to tell them individually and then in the past. As with their past, he does not yet have that idea, after all, he did not fear to the other side's ability to protect themselves, take them even more insecure. Dragon Empire original Fu Yue floor restaurant at the moment has been completely acquired Shin Rams, the top is her place. And Fu Yue floor restaurant can be said that in addition to the entire Dragon Empire Palace outside the highest and most luxurious building constructed a building it. And now, the Rams Xin Yue, Ouyang Qian Yun, Jaap Ms are in the top of this building, Waner Rams AROMARK and Jaap chess over there, of course, not so much in the game of chess and Jaap Waner , as it is to teach her. Because this does not go in this world can be. As Ouyang Qian Yun is leaning against the front of the window, as far away from showing a trace between Fang Meiyu miss. "Qian Yun, you over there doing it, come here, let my sister also teach you!" Ram AROMARK directed Ouyang Qian Yun shouted. "I do not want, do you under the bar." Ouyang Qian Yun answered so one. "How do you think that that fiance?" Ram AROMARK quips. "How, why, they did not think he does ......" "It seems my Qianyun do not want me, so, I think I'll go." Ouyang Qian Yun, however if not finished, came the ear a familiar voice, then she is a joy, Mother looked, I saw Zhang is steered feijian standing outside the window, a look of disappointment watching Ouyang Qian Yun. "Ah, Zhang brother!" Ouyang Qian Yun time to think, directly from the windows inside rushed out, flew into the arms of Zhang Cheng. "Girl, you do not want me with you,Air Jordan SC 1 Sale, this is what ah?" Ouyang Qian Yun Zhang patted on the back and smiles. "Zhang brother, you rascal, overheard us talking!" Ouyang Qian Yun small blushed, with a small head hit the sheets into a random chest look, but did not dare force, fear of pain hit Zhang Cheng. "I did not overhear ah, this is my honest listen, and you say sounds so loud, I want to hear it said than done." Zhang replied. "Well, you do not bully Qianyun in that, and quickly come." Rams AROMARK snappily glanced into a sheet, and then snappily said. "Go ahead." Said Ouyang Qian Yun Zhang will hold, directly jumped into the room, then put away the two of them walked toward feijian over. Jaap Waner no ram AROMARK so generous, and now, after she saw Zhang is still a little shy, even afraid to look into a sheet. However, my mind was thinking Zhang Cheng, a time to have forgotten chess. "Ms sister, what do you think, that you are under." Rams AROMARK directed Jaap Ms shouted. "Oh, that I, ah." Jaap Waner surprised, quickly looked up, but due to excessive movement, plus a little nervous, given directly to the board overturned the above black and white children scattered on the ground,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, looking Rams Qianyun while silent. "Never forget, and you do not play, Zhang Cheng, come with me the next dish." Rams AROMARK spoke, he began to organize the board. "This thing is too esoteric, I will not, I will only play chess." Zhang shook his head and replied. "You still do science scholar,Jordan 10 Sale, not even chess will not be the next." Rams AROMARK wryly. "Oh, who says science scholar will be sure to go under it?" Zhang said snappily. "Well, stay with me the next game of chess, but I can explain in advance ah, if you lose, it may have to accept the punishment." Rams AROMARK Yin laughed. "Punishment?" Zhang surprised a moment, and asked: "What kind of punishment?" "This is not the first to tell you, so you lose I can tell you." Rams AROMARK replied. "The amount, you're so sure I'm going to lose?" Zhang Cheng asked. "Of course, you know, I'm the national chess champion, winning is not a problem you naturally." Rams AROMARK replied. "I know you are chess champions, but it seems right side and nothing to do with chess?" Zhang Cheng silent road. "There is going to move, as long as the master of the steps and rules are the same for me." Rams AROMARK then some impatiently: "You in the end Bibi not ah, better than pulled." <
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