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31.05.2013 05:40
The peak is still asked so long antworten
Update: 22-- "you, you, you should kill mumbling we Duron Swamp Protection" in the mouth, the mouth parched and tongue scorched Daniel only felt. And heard such inquiry, peak mouth is raised a faint radian, she added "Daniel law, how, do you have an opinion?" The peak is still asked so long a sentence, but all Daniel is suddenly pale. As a guardian dragon swamp, they for the beast God Island is very familiar with, each of the mainland's top fierce beast, all will be beast God Island gave's dignity, even status than the Dragon swamp highness should respect, because, beast God Island is covered! Particularly now peak should sell directly to kill a Dharma, and only one! Such terror strength makes Daniel secretly scared, he knows he is not a rival. However, in the face of the peak of the step in force, he had only one gnash one's teeth,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, crustily skin of head to said "even if you are a beast God Island highness, also can't literally into my dragon swamp,oakley sunglasses store, and, optionally killed our Dharma, big his highness probably won't agree!" Daniel dead duck's mouth with these words, a breeze blowing, immediately made him feel back didn't feel surprised out in a cold sweat. Oh? Ha ha ha. You will be your big his highness to call out, I want myself to him to! Sabrah even dare to kill my best brothers, he was dead! Who is supporting him!" His smile, peak head again emerged out of the unwilling and angry look Daikin before dying. "You run away?" "You run away?" Seem to have thought of SA buraria repeated provocation, an axe and then Daikin cruel into two halves of the scene, the peak of the eyes without feeling slightly redness, a violent emotions in the heart quietly brewing, waiting for the outbreak of the moment. "Gentlemen, I come here case reported to the big his highness, by him to make decisions! Good?" Looking around the crowd at a glance, Daniel immediately worried way. "All listen to Daniel brother!" "Well, you wait for a moment and peak Presbyterian, here, we immediately notice his arrival." Although the heart is very indignant,Oakley Active Sunglasses, but Daniel still smiling, said. Daniel said, the body suddenly emerged a soul force toward the depth of the swamp, dragon crazy emerge to. And see each other like this action, peak cable x ì ng no longer speech, but quietly suspended in the void, waiting for the arrival of the big his highness. Looking at the summit that proudly standing figure, especially his behind the very splendid five s è psychic wings, only a very flattering in six powder dress woman give a pleasant smile of a woman, then her smile "peak brothers, my name is actually, I and you want to know further about, I do not know, can not can? Yes, you behind the five spiritual wings, you is the five constitution, top rare fierce beast? I do not know what is your body? Haven't you break through the blade emperor realm?" Powder skirt woman has raised several questions, apparently on the peak is very curious. The peak is the face s è sank, and did not speak, he can be the charm vaguely feel powder dress woman, just >
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