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the good thing is that the good thing is that antworten
> But when he refused to hear the Rams and Zhang Cheng Shin together, he thought the two of them together in this life is impossible, and who wanted to say this kid will give the Rams won AROMARK , which makes him surprised. ! COM "Of course, before I come back is with her, this is what I want her to come back with me, but she said she still have something to look at, so I own one back. "Zhang became the magic, be ready to sacrifice him. "Yes, yes, what your kid some ability." One heard here, Dan dust son knew this was true, then a burst of feeling good. Suddenly, he wanted up Zhang said after the Rams AROMARK name, as if he said a person's name, so strange and asked: "Boy, I feel like I just hear you say the names of three people, that Ouyang Qianyun the girl I've ever seen, but that Jaap Waner is that? "" She, ah, and, like the Rams Qian Yun, also I won. "Zhang said a proud look. "I said Young, you are not right, you only have three big ah woman!" Somewhat jealous side of Chu Yan said. Although he has not seen Ms Ouyang Qian Yun and Jaap what he looks like, but the Rams AROMARK he was seen, said the United States if the angel is not an exaggeration, to find such a woman companion but he did Tao the pursuit of a lifelong dream. However, his dream is still in progress, but Zhang has already reached his first step, but also looking for a three, allowing him to see that he and Zhang Cheng gap. "Brother, what are you saying, and many did not level, what a woman ah, that was the companion of good, we are very pure." Zhang Cheng snappily looked Chu Yan a, and then corrected. "Oh Oh, right, right, not a woman, is the companion, is the companion." Chu Yan burst of violent sweat,jordan online sale, he found himself out of this little brother a bit too, women and companion of a difference? Anyway, in his eyes are the same, these two call is not much difference. "Okay, okay, I give you five it to you this, and perhaps soon the five had enough." Said Dan dust son took out five identical magic before and handed Zhang percent. "Thank you, master love." Zhang Cheng Pidianpidian took five magic, with these few magic, his life is equivalent to more than a few, so he went to the endless sea and more emboldened enough to some. "Love your head, rush to give me alchemy, for the early apprenticeship to me, let me save the day for you to worry about." Dan dust sub-tours into a burst Li Zhang, Xiao Ma said. "Okay, so I went to eat only barbecue!" Zhang said we should grab tiger meat, but it suddenly eyes of the boss, because the whole rest of the tigers at the moment only a skeleton. While watching the grill next to the kittens are pudgy belly drum with sleeping in there, it is very obvious, the tiger have been into this glutton's stomach it. "Ah, you are the food goods, do not know leave me, how ate." Zhang Cheng snappily cursed. *************************** Dan room among Zhang sat Dinglu before, at the moment he is not used before Dan Ding That has to Firelight Dan Ding, but an ordinary teacher Dan Ling device uses two levels of chemicals Dan Ding, of course, this is Dan dust son in stock. Moreover, at the moment, he used the flame is no longer purple Firelight, but he conceived naturally after saver Dan fire. Although Dan fire flame monks lowest level in vivo, but also ten times stronger than the Firelight forever, because it is beyond the scope of where the fire. So, the beginning of a period of time, Zhang did not worry alchemy, but kept the familiar red fire temperature in order to prepare for the subsequent refining. After all, he is used before Firelight to refining immortality, if rashly use Dan fire, it is difficult to grasp the furnace, refining waste all the herbs. Although those precious medicinal herbs are not many, but the money is not so useful, so he must be familiar with some advance. When he feels about it, it will turn nine soul Ding taken out, and then started in accordance with "The Promise Dan" who recorded above grade two products immortality launched the attacks. "The Promise Dan" recorded above a hundred kinds of two products immortality, but these are not the immortality of the refining is difficult, mostly grade a product where the immortality of the upgraded version, in addition to efficacy of a product than the level where a lot stronger , the other is not much difference. So, to Zhang Cheng at the moment and has a state of the soul's immortality refining product experience, so he will easily grasp where the level two products all back and forth only took less than three days time, and these three day and a day or so in familiar Dan fire. That he took only two days or so, it will be where all the master level two product immortality, this rate turns out to be shaking ZZZZZZZZZ ah, if you pass out, many people will buy tofu and then killed . Then he placed where he will gaze above grade Mishina immortality. Mishina immortality than, a product and two products appear slightly different from the third grade on, they began to appear some strange immortality. For example, to enhance the combat effectiveness of excimer instant Dan, and can instantly create a state of suspended animation suspended animation Dan, and can avoid the water to avoid the fire, such as the provision of fire Dan, the provision of water, Dan. However,Coach Bags Outlet, these immortality, it will appear with certain side effects, such as excimer Dan, it can be said to be a primer, after taking it, he would save the full force of your body released, however, limited the power stored in your body , the release is over, you will be caught in a lengthy period of exhaustion. Moreover, its efficacy is very violent, after use, because the strength of the quick release, so be tendons, organs and the body can cause varying degrees of damage. This is not just plasmon Dan, some other immortality has a special role, such as suspended animation said before Dan and Dan refuge to avoid the water all have certain side effects, therefore, are used to emergency use, when ordinary people is not used. However, for these immortality, Zhang Cheng with interest not their efficacy, but their refining method. Before his refining of immortality only three stages: extraction, shaped condensate and into the Dan. However, to the level where Mishina, the immortality of the refining process is more of a, that is integration. And this fusion in condensed form before, that is,Coach Purses Clearance, counter to three batches of the immortality of the refining step four, namely, refining, blending, pour into shape and Dan. However, the good thing is that this integration is not any special requirements, that is, to the efficacy of various fused into one, through this method is refined out of immortality, higher efficacy. Also, because different types of herbs together and the only, and can produce different chemical changes, this has stimulated Yuan Dan, Dan, and so a series of suspended animation, special effects immortality. Zhang Cheng know, according to this matching method, the combination of every level Mishina immortality countless species can be said, even thousands can come out with. However, there is only less than one hundred kinds of records, presumably because the ratio is not feasible other predecessors have been out there a possibilities that is, the kind of immortality too sinister, so it was removed predecessors . Of course, for this reason, there are many frustrated Dan few specialized division this line of rice to eat, usually not good alchemy, just Gunong these herbs ratio, thereby refining immortality to some outlandish, but also able to sell a good price. Therefore, where the level of species Mishina immortality seemingly small, but there are many on the market at least spread the many thousands, have all kinds of strange effects. After reading the introduction, he began to try refining. After his attempt, he found, where class Mishina immortality seemingly simple and easy to practice, but in reality there is very difficult, although much of a step, but with this step, followed by coagulation into shape and Dan on and occurred before the great change. Take shaped condensate, the past is cemented directly to the drug pellet, the whole process is not very difficult. However, these drug after integration, closer distance between each other between the two is like a gas, a liquid, so the fusion of the drug after hard shaped condensate, and prone to failure of such an outcome shaped condensate. <
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