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> Cap 255 halfway attacked, "I can not go home, such a big thing, I have to stay and help my father in family!" Jaap Waner not not go, mainly to do with Zhang Cheng yet psychologically prepared to meet his master, so just find such a pretext. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM After all, they have family, her father Jaap Jaap Haotian sits, is sufficient, there is no need for her to help, Besides that, even if you want to help, it would have been in the summer Houhao Yun, and she did too great relationship. "Well, wait until I come to you." Zhang Cheng also see this, but he did not force her, so they look to Ouyang Qian Yun, asked; "girl How about you?, And I do not intend to go with it? '"sisters do not go, then I do not go to the bar, just my sister said before and AROMARK Well, accompany her for some time." Ouyang Qian Yun replied. "That good?" Zhang puzzled and asked: "When did this happen, I do not know how?" "Of course you do not know, because we said that this matter when you're outside arise, Scatter it." Rams Shin replied. "Oh, is that so, then okay, you go first and AROMARK Dragon Empire good play, so I've seen the master after the Dayton time to look over you." Zhang replied. "Ms sister, or you can go with me, I'll take you to the other side good stroll, how?" Ram AROMARK asked. "This ......" Jaap Waner looked Zhang a, remembered her saying before, so he shook his head and said: "I still deal with things such as family, finished another go, things at home pressure in the heart, I Play also not happy. "" So much the better, this in no hurry. "Rams AROMARK nodded. "You be nice arrangements, throw me to the side, this too is not loyalty, right?" Zhang said snappily. "Hey, who told you it was a man, a man should be able to endure loneliness." Rams AROMARK laughed. "What is this sophistry." Zhang shook his head, do not agree with the Rams AROMARK's remarks. "Well, not much to say, let us go, and you quickly go back, this time I'm afraid your teacher is very worried about you." Rams AROMARK replied. "Well, be careful when you go back." Zhang Cheng to not worry about their safety, there is magic in Lingyun dish and goes hand in today's comprehension in addition to those standing on top of the pyramid there is one, otherwise it will not hurt them The. "Or do you go first, you are quite far away, and I have authority who speed much faster than you." Rams AROMARK seem in no hurry to get out of here, so directed Zhang waved, motioned for him first to leave. "Well, I'll take one step ahead." Then, Zhang Cheng and look to the Jaap Waner, said: "Ms, I want you to help your father say, say I have something to go up, etc. After I come back to visit him. "" ah, I know. "said Jaap Waner nodded. "Then I'm off?" Zhang Cheng tentative asked for such a one. "Ah, let's go!" Ram Zhang Cheng Shin directed waved, do not care about the appearance said. "Hey, is also not sad, sad." Zhang Chengyu said so a stuffy place, then the body a longitudinal and fly out directly from the windows, had vanished in their eyes. Zhang left not long after, the Rams and Ouyang Qian Yun Xin Yue Yuen said together with Jaap of the session, and then also left Jaap family returned to the Dragon Empire. And Jaap Waner is alone went to the window, looking at the direction of Zhang Cheng to leave, a time emotionally, some difficult to calm. In the meantime, Zhang Li Kai Jaap family did not take long, a pedestrian appeared in front of him stopped in his way. According to Zhang Cheng observation, the pedestrian has a total of six, five men and a woman, and in addition to the repair of the woman is the base building, other people's cultivation have reached the point where the early saver. Among these people, the men look handsome looks, beautiful woman is not square things. But I do not know why this woman to Zhang into a feeling of deja vu, as if seen in any place,Air Jordan SC 1 Sale, but he was not so sure. Also that several men see their eyes let Zhang do not feel right, I'm afraid they are ill intent. However, he does not remember ever seen them before, never seen it, not to mention offended. "They will not be the Dragon clan, are you?" Suddenly, a flash sheets into the brain, it will be these people who Dragon clan linked to together. After all, he's the man we still sin, it was only the magic number of yin and yang, it is still their rude earlier, but they can not know what they are here. In addition to their words, but also for a long time just after the Dragon's mouth that what the people of the clan, but he was a bit confused how they find their own. "We meet again." Group of people who speak only one woman, at the moment Zhang also carefully looked this woman's face. This woman looks very beautiful, even better than the Rams AROMARK they want the United States on a bit, especially, she had a dissimilar style, just like an elf in general. Think about it, this is the Dragon's unique situation right. And one group of men also handsome dregs, let the same as a man's envy Zhang Cheng, while some Zican shaped ashamed, because they really are too beautiful, good is beautiful ...... have been to the beautiful extent, it is conceivable to what extent they are handsome. "Is that you?" Zhang remember this woman's voice, before he was killed in the Dragon Empire Fulong wood that woman's voice. But, he did not think that actually hidden beneath that layer of black cloth with such a beautiful look. "Yes ah, we met again, but this time it seems as though you do ill intent, to speak, so many of you came here to stop me go nuts?" Zhang remark somewhat rhetorical. Group of people who come here in addition to Fulong wood, probably nothing, after all, Zhang considered himself wind runny soup, however, and next to that a few do not have any comparable. However, he is not worried, though his heart for the Dragon clan some fear, but for them it did not make much of a few people dread. However, he learned from the entry day they do after the Dragon clan, it touches not underestimate these people. "Which is so much nonsense, and quickly Frunze wooden pay out, otherwise, I will let you know what is Qiushengbude Qiusibuneng!" To see the side of the Xia Xia Zhang Kexin and self-serving over there talked, did not himself looked down, suddenly exasperation. "You're what?" Zhang Xia glanced into a, asked. "I am not a thing ......" Xia Yu subconscious so an answer, but soon he figured out to taste, quickly denied and said: "No, I'm something ...... is not right, I'm not the East ......" around for a long time , Xia did not come around, and finally felt Zhang and others line of sight, a rap on this issue is not waved, but Nu Shi Zhang Cheng: "You kidding me!" "I play you?" Zhang towering into innocent shrug, and then asked: "When did I play you, where you entertain yourself good!" "Poof -" Hearing this, Xia Ke no hold, directly laugh spray out, but are afraid Xia Yusheng gas, and bear down, after all, they are to help their own. "You ......" see Xia Ke laugh at himself, he blushed, while the heart of a ruthless, murderous eyes showed deep, said I, shot right Fu Zhangcheng. "Xia Yu, you keep cool!" Xia Ke stopped almost completely angry Xia, and then facing the Xia said: "You forget things before you promised me?" "I ......" "Zhang Cheng,Coach Classic Bags, as long as you will from me to grab the last Frunze wood back to us, and we will not embarrass you. "Xia Xia Ke did not bother, but directly look to the Zhang Cheng said. "Frunze wood?" Zhang into play dumb and said: "What is Fulong wood?" "You ......" Xia Zhang Kexin see even under fire eyes said, suddenly whom shortness of breath, but this thing She did not want too much noise, it can only swallow: "It was in the Dragon Empire before you stole something from my hand, remember now what? '" This meal can eat, but words can not talk nonsense, You say it clear, when I grab you something? "Zhang asked. "You ......" Xia Ke Since whom shortness of breath, he had seen the thick-skinned, but have not seen shameless, but at the moment, in her view, Zhang achievement is that shameless man. "Talking to have evidence, you said I stole your stuff, do you have any evidence? Or, what is your certification?" Zhang did not bother her eyes despise evidence, then asked. "Well, you do not deny that this thing you and I know very well, if you do not pay out the Frunze wood, then we Xiuguai polite." Xia Ke also be seen, Zhang is to shamelessly So also released words, if he is still stubborn, she does not intend to remain silent it. With her order, Xia et al uniform of a step forward station, large force as the tide coming towards him pressure. "How many people are you going to bully people less what?" Zhang stereotyping them so deliberately pretending to look like some panic, said, as is their being separate. After all, he did not and the Dragon clan who played against a sudden and so many grips with the level of experts, he was a bit worried, so he intends to try a person first and then touch each other at the end. So after their own in the face of the Dragon clan who is good for this to make a number of targeted measures. So, when he spoke deliberately provocative Xia looked at, because in his view, this seems to be that they are dissatisfied Xia, but hinder this summer Kexin, so he was going to give him a fire. "Deal with you, but does not take so many people, I am a man enough." So saying, he Xia whole person rushed out into the grasping fingers grasping directly to Zhang. "To well." Zhang eyes brightened, agility applied to start war with Xia made a group. "Xia Yu, you ......" Side of the Xia Xia Ke did so first come running out of patience, and my heart with some regret that he came. However, things have developed to such a point that she could only hope to win the Xia. However, in order to prevent the event, she sound transmission to other humanitarian: "Wait if Xia lost, you can be shot to Zhang Cheng stopped, one can not let him leave, but we also need to stop him right next killer XiaYu If Zhang success, and you will instantly have stopped Xia, so let he killed Zhang Cheng. "" may be able to simply ignore the previous one, but we XiaYu Dragon clan strongest one of these ages, how could defeat give this kid! "these people are some of the VIP's son Dragon clan, weekdays and Xia friendships, for they are clearly the strength of Xia. Plus they Dragon clan, as long as blood awakening, then they would have too much than the average person on the wall, so do not believe there will be peers is his opponent, let alone have the ability to kill him. "Mountains Beyond Mountains, and people beyond, we still care for the wonderful good." Xia Ke replied. Really, she was at the moment ideas and different from other people, Xia Yu and Zhang into the war, she was not optimistic about the Xia, but they think that Zhang will likely prevail. However, Xia Yu's strength is also very clear that she did so, her intellect and some do not believe, do not want him to lose, so she now also somewhat contradictory. "Well, I understand." Several people acoustic road. At the same time, Zhang and Xia has done a battle group, with each other beatings, did not play the strongest strength, because the temptation Xia Zhang, while Zhang Xia also ventured into. Although XiaYu temper very red, but they fight but it seems a changed man thing, calm, little flaws are not, which makes this a have a fight on cotton feel. Zhang Cheng know, this is the gap between combat experience, it is clear that the other side is much combat experience of many times higher than their own. However, Zhang not worry, he knows that he has to do now is to make him stumble, otherwise, he is like a seamless fear that he did not want to bite a place under the mouth. He Kexin look to the summer, from before all of view, this guy seems like this woman. "Yes, there's lady, what's your name again?" Zhang deliberately loudly called out so loudly. "......" Xia Zhang Kexin know what the idea is to play, no rational reason he even eyes are closed back. "How to forget that night I told you to do that?" Zhang She did not care about their own prejudices,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, smiled, and then a way, sort of damage in the brain suddenly appeared. "What do you mean?" Hearing this, Xia face shoved a change. "Xia Yu, you do not listen to him, for he was deliberately want to use these things to make you stumble, do not be fooled ah!" Xia Zhang Kexin listen so that they see such a performance Xia, quickly shout so one. "Haha, your little ass, but very flexible too!" Zhang laugh, then shouted, his voice obscures summer Kexin's voice. "You ......" <
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