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31.05.2013 05:31
Jaap within the family antworten
> "This ......" Wanghong Lie hesitated, but he did not thought about it, even moved in this thought. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm But then I thought, and felt Ling said some truth Then he said: "But, if he really is a big martial disciples how to do, as far as I know, a large faction disciples entry will be created in a spirit of jade Jane, if we kill him, he will certainly be known to the martial art. "" Yu-Jane and how the soul, and the soul will lock jade Jane murderer kill this person, As long as we imprison him first, and then find other people on our behalf shots to kill him, then we kill people who kill then that, it foolproof. "Ling machinations to really talk about a next one, hear next to the elders have some horror. Moreover, she said that this method really works, of course, this kind of dog in the manger thing, it was only that some people would think of mania. "This what?" Wanghong Lie still feel something wrong. "Master of the house, you will not delay any longer, do not forget, your son is still their hands too, do you really want to use the Millennium Ice rescue him?" Ling pressing harder and harder. "Millennium Ice is impossible to them, with the Millennium Ice, that have saved Jaap ho month, so a great opportunity will miss out, I definitely will not let such things happen." Wanghong Lie really until such an easy opportunity missed would be a pity if easily. "If so, what are you waiting for master of the house, under the command bar." Ling did not agree and Jaap in the family and the pro,oakley sunglasses outlet, she thought as long as they beat Jaap Royal family, they Jaap family man, is not that they go nuts on how kind. Unfortunately, when the Wanghong Lie not listen to their own, plus the guy repeatedly asked Wang Gang, and even agreed to their pro, which almost did not put her mad. Well now, and pro-collapse, Wang Gang that mixed kid Jaap family who have been arrested to go, at the moment, as long as they add a force, will be able to realize their dreams for many years, so she will not miss this opportunity The. "Gentlemen do not have any other opinion?" Asked the other people a Wanghong Lie, although some reasonable Wang Ling said, but he still felt something wrong. So much wrong with that worry more appropriate, because this thing is associated with considerable risk, in case of a mistake, then the consequences could be disastrous. "I agree with the views of Wang Ling Zhang, Jaap family first, and we already decorum skin, you want to restore the previous peace is obviously impossible in case they got from other places of the Millennium Ice, cured Jaap ho on the injury, then our strengths may completely gone. "" Again, little master at the moment was that they took to go, if we do not take some measures, but let them Jaap family and the other family looked down upon , and then, if we are talking about,nike air jordan, then it is a little prestige gone. "" Finally, and most important point, that is, we can not find out the true identity of the boy, but can not because of an unknown person on background miss such a good chance, so I agree with the idea of ​​Wang Ling elders of the family Jaap war. "Zhaolao replied. He was very clear, things to this point has no room for relaxation, and even can be said that can not fight. Once a compromise, it will have a second, third, which is a family, is the most deadly thing. "I also agree with the idea of ​​Wang Ling elders!" These fence that they have the slightest idea of ​​their own, they are the master's tune housekeeping, home owners feel that we can, then they will agree that home owners think it can, then they will Negative. "This ......" Wanghong Lie still some hesitation, or a little worried, in case things are messed up, the whole family, the accumulation of centuries ruined in their own hands. "Master of the house, when broken constantly, will be troubled ah!" Ling said such a sentence. "Well, in accordance with the idea of ​​Wang Ling elders do." Wanghong Lie eventually made up my mind, and then told: "Jaap family although badly hurt, but the thin dead camel than Ma, this time, we want to Jaap family win, we must give family out. "" But, in order to prevent some other family in disarray attack, so I will leave a few sits saver of the family elders, the elders and the rest on top of the base building The members, all ready an hour later and went Jaap family, is necessary to bang, Jaap family will swallow. "" Yes! "elders stood up and shouted, shouted crashed, especially Wang Ling, her voice the most ring, while the hearts cold and said: "Jaap Haotian, you are the heartless man, I will personally send you leave this world." Jaap within the family, Jaap everyone in the family has already done to prepare against, but two days long Wait let their mood somewhat impetuous. The hall, Jaap Jaap Hylands and several family elders to sit in them, while Jaap's first Haotian was sitting, eyes closed, watching it seems very calm. "Brother, you say that they want and we will not be royal reconciliation, so do not come right?" Summer Houhao Yun guessed. Jaap Haotian after listening to the words of the summer Houhao Yun, slowly open your eyes, and then analyzed. "No, they will not and we will not speak of reconciliation, even if they really want reconciliation and we will send someone to make it clear that, after all, Wang Gang is still here, but they did not, two days, apart from We want to come to a person other than a few times, there is no other action of. "" Furthermore, this matter so much noise so big, we are not only breaking an engagement, will their patriarch's son arrested over, we can say they face lost, and we have decimated, they naturally will not miss this good opportunity, so I conclude that they will certainly come. "" But, this is two days, and how they have not got a movement ah? "Jaap Good luck, and they are not afraid of royal war, the most incompetent is a dead, but this torment left him waiting for some restless. "Do not worry, this time, we must not be used as the mainstay of the family chaos, once we mess up, the following people more chaos!" Jaap Haotian reminds us. "Oh, I know." Xia Houhao Yun nodded his head, however, at this time, a figure ran into the hall fast shouted: "master of the house, royal people came." "Go!" Jaap Tian eyes stare, and then led the crowd out of the hall, came to the door of the family before. Looking ahead, pressure pressure between the front flying a black silhouette, come have to have as many as one hundred people, see here,Coach Online Outlet, on this side of the family who Jaap look all that has changed. <
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