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31.05.2013 05:28
the family is the Huaxia antworten
> {The remaining two will late, no air conditioning at home, hard to force me not want to write a book hot. Www, QUAnben, CoM} "Oh, I'd like to, but people do not want to, so do not force on others." Zhang Xin Yue is not going to know the Rams promised, so I deliberately said so a. "Well, you ask me? How do you know I do not want to?" Ram AROMARK see Zhang says, suddenly came temper, so will such a one. "Well, I now ask you, would be willing to do my woman?" Zhang Xin Yue stereotypes Rams so, it came temper, so ask such a while, underground passage in mind: "I see how you end up . "" could,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, ah,Coach Purses Clearance, I agreed. Starting today, I'm your woman! "said Ram AROMARK to be outdone, however, after the finish she realized myself that what was about to explain,Oakley M FRAME, it is felt his arm was to seize. Looked down, it Ouyang Qian Yun, I saw her at the moment a happy looking at his appearance, said: "Great Sister, I know you like me Zhang brother, so, now we can do sisters , and, I have my sister, I'm so happy ah. right sister, what is your name ah? "" Break! "Zhang Chengyu stuffy, emotional people you do not know what name you call people barking sister, ah, this nerve is not generally a big ah. However, he can not believe the Rams looked Shin, but she clearly expressed before is impossible to share with others their own husbands, and now how suddenly they changed their mind. Thus, Zhang asked: "Rams Miss, this is no joke, are you sure you are in a waking state of consciousness you?" "Fuck you, I am now very clear sense!" Ram AROMARK mood at the moment not only did not become bad, but has become very easy, so she guessed might still want their hearts and Zhang together, but have been put before his words to speak out, to give himself a new level, let her get down. Anyway, now that his words have been put out, as it yielded to Zhang to win, and later have their own point of view about him, if he dared to bother later, then cut him. Moreover, before he had accepted the sheets into two female individuals at the moment, after all, as a man, you have a little play, otherwise, might as well do it to a woman. "Since you have not confused, then how do you actually say something nonsense? Do you really need to do my woman?" Zhang Chengqi strange asked. "Yes, I want to be your woman how, and there was lots ah?" Ram AROMARK see Zhang Cheng and tried to speak, then Fengmu stare, said: "There are views to retain." "The amount of, well, I will endure. "Zhang Xin Yue paired the Rams, no, it should be said Chen Jun Ying completely silent, heart and said:" It seems that she had all sorts are fitted out, now manifested his witch character come. " Suddenly, Zhang had a kind of feeling Shanglezeichuan, he is now saying that most would like to ask is: "Can you refund?" Of course, if Chen Jun, Zhang Ying know the idea at the moment, then, she certainly yelled out: "Upon start, shall not be returned." "Yes, that sister is now in what place, you see people with us in the past, how to say, she and you also had some relationship, you can not always saying one is responsible for others, as we have to be responsible for, then you have to use action to represent. "Rams AROMARK at the moment it is natural to put themselves as Zhang Cheng woman. Moreover, revealing a Sister between behavior looks like, is not shy, showing that she is really into the sheets into the role of being a woman. See here, Zhang Cheng could not help think of an expert say: "Life's ups and downs is too exciting, and made me want to pee ......" "Well, I only know that he called Jaap wan children, is Jaap family man, but her family exactly where I do not know. "Zhang said there are also a little embarrassed. As Rams Shin said, we always say that people want to be responsible for, but now the home of people do not even know where it is also irresponsible. "I served you!" Rams AROMARK depressing to think against the wall, she suddenly found himself to be fooled by this kid. "Oh, well, how things are looking, will always find." Zhang Cheng awkward smile, then said: "I sell building Kidan, when I heard that the family is the Huaxia Guo near Jaap big family, so we should be able to look at Huaxia Guo found nearby. "" then so what, let's go! "said Ram AROMARK will again move people out of her organs. "Sister, this is the organ of the city authorities who do? Amazing look." Ouyang Qian Yun said with a look of surprise. "Yes ah, this is the authorities who so after my sister to send you one, there is something self-defense, is not afraid of the people against you." Rams AROMARK replied. "No, I have to give my brother Zhang Cheng talisman, with it, no one can put me how to." Ouyang Qian Yun heard of this stuff is very expensive, so quickly rejected road. "Oh, what a talisman ah?" Ram AROMARK asked curiously. "I do not know specifically, it wants anyway, very powerful." Ouyang Qian Yun also say why, but she saw Zhang previously used, so we know it is very powerful. "Oh!" Ram Xin Yue nodded, then looked to Zhang Cheng, asked: "Why did not I?" "Have, have, and so I returned to the martial art, I asked my teacher to be a few more , then you a person one, okay? "Zhang Cheng wiped sweat, back road. "No!" Ram AROMARK shook his head. "How?" Zhang frowned, some do not understand what she meant. "I want a fight!" Ram AROMARK say such a let Zhang into almost stumble to the ground. "Oh, I'm only joking, so after a few to get me on the line, I am not a greedy person." Rams see Zhang Cheng Shin So look, laughed. "Ah, this simple, so I went back, find my master to be a few more on the line." Zhang Cheng and she do not want to dwell on this topic, then said: "We'd better go first Jaap Waner it!" " Well, walk! "Ram AROMARK nodded, then people will authorities several times larger, then gently leap authorities who jumped on. "That, I want to go and my master say, so ......" "No, she already knows, let's go!" Zhang Cheng in the coming time, it has been found Bixia reality, but they also talk about that. At the moment with her own, Bixia live naturally not what to say. <
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