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31.05.2013 05:25
can not hurt you antworten
> {Detained point, a thousand points, ah, so did not, a broken heart. ! COM} "ghost you a dead head." That voice again in the minds of Zhang Cheng sounded, however, this time, the sound was being mixed with a little helpless and sad. "You in the end is what people?" Zhang Chengdu gonna cry, a thought of his own side has an invisible object, his heart indescribably afraid. "I am not a man!" The voice sounded again. "What, not people?" Zhang Cheng moment, immediately re-erected the hairs just get on the ground up, while the tip of his nose started sweating, "I said ghost Brother, you do not retake kid I joke, my bad heart, soon to be scared to death you. "" I'm not a ghost. "This sounds a bit impatient, and said:" Well, actually I was you just bury the man, my name is Xiang days, others call me Dan magic. "" You're my man buried before? "Zhang is a moment, underground passage in mind:" That man is not dead yet, and that this talk is not a ghost, what is? "thought Here, Zhang Cheng's heart and pumped up. "You should not be so, in fact, after the destruction of human flesh, that does not mean he died, so I'm not a ghost, but the soul of the body only." Xiang Zhang days naturally see that the idea of ​​mind at the moment, are not , explains. "You're not really a ghost?" Zhang Cheng Xiang days listening to the explanation,Coach Bags UK, a little sigh of relief, asked. "Of course, I need to lie to you do?" Item days should be shouted. "It is also down!" Zhang Cheng nodded his head, then I believe the term day, then asked: "Do you at the moment in what place? Why am I not see you?" "I am now in you just take from me to the ring, as to why you can not see me, because I did not just come out from the ring. "Xiang days replied. "You're inside the ring?" Zhang Cheng moment, immediately will be placed in the ring to take out his arms and said: "Then you come out, let me see." "I'm even out, you can not see me, In this way, you first drop of blood to the ring, and then you will be able to see me. "Xiang days replied. "Drop a drop of blood to the top?" Zhang is a moment, immediately asked: "Why do you want blood?" "This ring is a spiritual device Nine-level storage ring, we must drop of blood in order to identify the main and only You become the ring master, you can see me, because I can now say that this ring is the Spirit. "Xiang days replied. "Device Spirit is Spirit what is?" Zhang Ling is also known for some of his master and told him before, but this is for the Spirit was not too clear. "This later explain to you, you quickly drip a drop of blood to the ring above the ring will recognize you based, then he is your thing, then you will be able to see me, so, I can personally explain to you what is spiritual, I can pass you advanced practice exercises, so that you become the eyes of the lofty Immortal! "item days somewhat anxiously said. "But ......" Zhang whispered into the hearts of some, that this term is not some day a little too impatient. "You do not hesitate, I was willing to talk to you, is to see you kind-hearted, and, before you worship three worship me, you be my disciples, do not I will not lie to my own apprentice? "item days snappily said. "How do I know you will not lie to me, you and I'm not familiar with!" Zhang Cheng still feel there is something wrong, but what specifically is wrong he could not say. "Lie to you?" Item days paused, then said: "You say that you have something worthy of my body lie?" "This ......" This is what Zhang Cheng thoroughly astonished, after a long pause, before react, underground passage: "Indeed, he seems to really have nothing worthy of his deception." "Well, if you do not want, then forget, anyway, I have not got much time, before dying, to encounter you this good-hearted little friends to help me put to rest,oakley for cheap, I can not complain. "Xiang days tone of a turn, some sadly said. "Wait, you are running out of time? What do you mean?" Zhang Cheng asked. "Well, I was dating back some five hundred years ago, monks, five hundred years ago I was crossing the robbery fails, control of the last ray of residues into the soul of Tibet into the ring, after a more than five hundred of the time , my soul had almost forces spend almost, if you come and then later some of the, I'm afraid it did not see me. "Xiang days replied. "Ah, so serious ah!" Zhang was shocked, could not help but ask: "What I can help you do?" "This ...... Oh, forget it, so for you to be unfair, or need. "Xiang days a sigh, said. "The older generation, have you got me in the end how to do to save you." Zhang Cheng at the moment did not think too much, just feel sorry for this entry day so I want to save him, then asked. "Or do not,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, really, so there will be some danger for you, I'll be going to die, can not hurt you." Xiang day and said: "When I die, you then drop of blood to the ring let it recognize you based, which I collected materials and a variety of exercises, they are left to you, hope you can pass on my mantle. "" older, you tell me, if you do not tell how do I save you, and so you die, then I will lose the ring, so you lost the mantle of this. "Zhang said solemnly. Zhang Cheng see him so miserable, and some could not bear to let him have died, of course, he is not a spineless, but, he felt that the entry day and did not lie to their meaning. Moreover, he seems to have nothing worth Item days deception. "Oh, this is why bother you." Xiang days desperation, only opening: "Bale Bale, since little friends so persistent, I tell you, in fact, want to help me is very simple, just drop a drop of blood to the ring, so that you recognize the main ring on it. "" It's that simple? "Zhang Xiang days prejudices so embarrassed look, I thought what he had to pay a heavy price, and not a drop of blood that is right, we some . "Oh, if no problem, then let's get started." Xiang days some eagerly said. This time, Zhang did not suspected anything, after all, a person dying suddenly have saved, not dead, how could you not worry. Then Zhang Cheng has bitten his fingers, squeezed out a drop of blood to the ring above. Bright red blood dripping ring above, and did not flow down, but dropped the sponge as being the same, directly penetrate into it. Then, a flash of light above the ring, suddenly Zhang accomplishments and feel between the ring produced a wonderful touch, as if the ring is part of his body the same. However, at this time, Zhang accomplishment felt a force from the ring drill into his own body. Meanwhile, the term voice of the sky at this moment sounded. However, before the sound is and kind, friendly and completely different, became jealous of arrogance and cruelty: "Ha ha, ha ha, I finally resurrected items day!" "Boy, your body will contribute to the uncle right . "Xiang days a coldly said so, and then sprang toward the sheets into the soul. <
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