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31.05.2013 05:21
as early as four months ago antworten
> "The best is compressed to the point can not be compressed, because, this way, not only can break through road building base late realm, it will be after the break-saver easier. WWW, QUanbEN, cOM" Item days to answer Road. "Then why do not you build the base of the post before going into the compression, was not that easier to do?" Because Zhang anxious to break into, so ask such a. "No, you're wrong, I just came from that realm, so I know that in the late break to build the base of the moment, somewhere will be a powerful force once again lowered the compression of your real dollars, that time, your true element is compressed to the extreme, then, no matter how much you absorb aura, are unable to re-compress it. "" So, before the break, the more compressed condensate real, the benefits are also more. Even a short time can not break saver, you can play out of power is ordinary monks built the base late many times, and, in the future break-saver is also easier. "Item days paused, then said:" Well , now that you do not understand, that time you will know. "" ah, I know. "Zhang Cheng nodded his head, although he is now compressed to better understand why some, but says he knows absolutely entries days for his own good. So he no longer went to ask, but directly in accordance with the entry-day reminder of the true element compression up. The huge power of the soul from the soul space, revealing the true element for the oppressed,oakley sunglasses cheap, because at the moment the soul force comparable to Zhang Cheng-saver late master of soul force. So, all of a sudden those real dollars will be compressed by nearly a third, who had been crammed empty out a large part of the pubic region. Subsequently, Zhang while continuing to compress real dollars, while start practicing increase the number of real dollars. This time, he spent time on the relatively small, only a month, it will be within the pubic region is very real element weight condensate real, even if based on strength of his soul, nor can compress them again. He felt about it, so once again mobilize really yuan barrier sprint toward the past. This time, although there is no barrier broken, but obviously with a little loose. This look, Zhang saw hope, so thoughtlessly laid again mobilize real dollars, the assault was launched towards the barrier, wave after wave, like waves in general. It looks like a hard barrier, and finally a little bit to break into by Zhang, suddenly, Zhang Xiang said the day accomplishment felt that one somewhere down force. He looked through direct physical, came to his pubic region, and then blink of an eye that will own the pubic region Denden bristle compressed to a third level, and the remaining two thirds of the huge space . Then, this force would disappear without a trace. At the same time, he felt that the true element will be compressed abnormal coagulation real, almost nearing the paste, which exudes a large force. Zhang Cheng Obviously this force can be felt powerful, use it to display their attack, then the power of absolutely amazing. "Master, I'm broke!" Said Zhang Cheng surprise. "It is inevitable that you now understand why I want you to real dollars as compact as possible, right?" Entry day asked. "Ah, know!" Zhang Cheng nodded, though he did not know how the concentration of other people's real dollars, he was convinced that his strength at the moment to be far more common late brother built the base. Because his body is too strong real dollars, though only one-third, but the drop is comparable to the previous ten drops do is this, than others can not. "Then you have to do is to once again be filled with real dollars pubic region, and then began to impact saver, but this time you want to use which began with seven items, because your true element concentration is too high at the moment, NA began with seven items it will waste a long time! "entry day reminds us. "Ah!" Zhang Cheng nodded, although she some little reluctant, but he is also clear that this thing is only used to be of value, keep the event was to rob someone else, it is a tragedy. "Yes, in practice before you give me some of the lost soul force over, this time you have a good practice, not because of distractions distracted." Item days said. "Well." Then, Zhang will transport a large group soul force to the storage ring, and that this amount of time is in the past six months, after all, he did not know in the end this time how long you want to practitioners, so a number of multi-input . "Well, go ahead!" Entry day absorb these soul force, the sound is loud a lot. "Ah!" Zhang Cheng nodded, then convergence of mind, began with the seven items taken out care in the palm of the hand, and then turn left Zengyuan Dan entire dose, then he closed his eyes, into a practice of in ...... Dan Road cases, the Rams AROMARK've been here for a full four months, during these four months, Zhang has not come back, which made her very depressed. "Do I really missed him goodbye?" Ram AROMARK heart burst loss. At the moment she did not know Zhang has been the magic number of yin and yang, who caught a go, that Zhang is still out muddle, but Dan dust son is not the case,Coach Outlet Sale, as early as four months ago he was arrested Zhang Cheng moment he know. He has also been the magic number you want to visit Yin Zhang rescued, however, Li relentlessly blocked his shot, and will shirk. Dan dust sub though fearless, but still have self-knowledge, know this is not his ruthless rival Li,Totes Coach Sale, desperation can only receded, would like to ask him to help him rescue brothers Dan reality. Dan live naturally will not stand idly by, so they and the Ku et al trough along the open to the magic number of yin and yang, so Furuno confronted with Li Feng. But Li Feng, but refuses to admit that he has been talking about these days retreat in the door and never left sect, also said there is definitely wronged someone posing as him. Dan dust sub-requirement found the magic number of yin and yang, but was rejected by Li ruthless, even if Zhang is not the magic number of yin and yang, he could not let them search his magic number of yin and yang, because that represents the yin and yang of his magic number to Dan Road cases succumbed. As Dan Road, were too sudden, the movement, the other mystical martial art and magic were also all heard about, but nonetheless, Li Feng refuses to admit that Dan dust son also no way to get them. Finally, Dan Muslim people because there is not enough evidence to prove that Zhang Yin Yang magic number at the moment being in desperation, only to recede. Because, they can not because of a disciple triggered a new race of fairy magic war, resulting in more loss of life. However, Dan dust son did not seem to intend to give up, during which time he repeatedly sneaked into the magic number of yin and yang, and later because they were found and Li Feng, who greatly shot, and finally because outnumbered, escaped. However, four months later, Dan dust son still did not give up, because Zhang was his only one apprentice, is his pride, he must want to rescue Zhang. Until a few days ago, it was ruthless Li Dan dust son to stir together the tired, so they shot himself, the son of Dan dust wounded, yin and yang magic number This corpuscles down. <
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