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31.05.2013 05:18
and the four deliverer erosion antworten
> "How could it, these things, if you do not tell me, I'm afraid I've got to know much later that I had a chance to thank you for it, how would bother you!" Zhang laughed. ! COm "That's good ......" "Sou ......" Just then, a burst of piercing voice interrupted Furuno,Oakleys Active Sunglasses, then followed by a face some cold old man, burdened with his hands appeared in front of them, and stopped their way. "What are you people?" Furuno quickly stopped feijian, look solemn old man looked at the name, the moment he found himself actually see through his cultivation, which could not help what his heart jump. You know, his cultivation has reached a distracted late, but even he could see through his cultivation, then it shows that his cultivation has reached a fit on top. This repair is already leading in the comprehension of the master, and he does not know why there is this old man in this place. "Is it to Zhang Cheng?" Furuno becomes subconscious thought of this, after all, he had nothing for this person peeping, this level can be master of his fancy, it was only sheets become. "What am I not important, important is that you are not my opponent, leaving him, and you can roll up." The name of the old man said with disdain. "Senior ......" "Rolling!" Answered the old man did not give a chance to speak Furuno, beat hit, hit directly Furuno fly out, then the body a longitudinal Zhang came around and grabbed the arm of Zhang Cheng ,Crossbodys Coach Sale, flash stature she took Zhang disappeared in the place. Furuno is playing into the old man seriously injured this look, thanks to the old man mercy, otherwise, he would have to explain here, because he felt the other side too much higher than their own strength, he is fully kill himself out ability. However, among the mystical martial art master he basically have seen, but he has not seen the name of the old man, a time he thought of Zhang Cheng may have been the magic number of the people arrested. Thought of this, his heart is hop, after all, he was taken away from his hand, and if there was an accident Zhang, then they can not escape trough stakeholders. So he endured his physical discomfort, immediately pushed feijian returned trough. This matter must be told as soon as possible Gu Zhu, so he better prepare early, otherwise, trough just escaped a difficult unharmed immediately have to face it. At the same time, that name was Zhang old man with the sudden appearance of flying at breakneck speed, and he can not see at the moment even retrogression of the scene below, only vaguely see a thin line of black and white, you can imagine for a moment how fast he flew. I do not know how long, Zhang achievement feeling around the scene suddenly stops, and then he found himself living in a group of buildings at the entrance. Zhang looked around, suddenly "yin and yang magic number" four characters appeared in his eyes. "Yin and yang magic number? Me how to come here, do not ......" Zhang looked into the subconscious that were old one, at the moment he guessed his identity. "I want to die, then just go." Zhang old man let go of the arm, and then himself a man first walked past, Zhang fear the name of the old man for the repair, but even that is not looked down on the super Furuno master, how could he be rivals. Moreover, the magic number of yin and yang of the disciples in his eyes male lust, woman sex. Swing, if they casually walk, then fell into the wolf's den than probably more dangerous. So, he followed the old man's lack of pace,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, walked among the magic number of yin and yang. Just walked into the magic number of yin and yang, ZHANG achievements seen standing in front of four charming appearance, plump, not applied Prostitute but still beautiful woman, these women immediately after seeing the old man respectful bow down, shouted: "Meet disciple Li elders." the old man did not care about this a few women, but directly went inside. Zhang followed, carefully watching these four women, in his opinion, the magic number of yin and yang, the women are supposed to be put. Swing abnormal fishes, because the only way to seduce men with consistency. But at the moment he found out where the woman and the woman is basically no difference, dress or something, did not imagine so coquettish, so it made him feel strange, but also a bit disappointed. After the magic number into yin and yang, Zhang also found here, and he imagined the situation is somewhat different, in his impression of them, yin and yang, the magic number should be a very dark, and the four deliverer erosion breath son. However, at the moment he found here not only dark, but very elegant building, surrounded also planted some flowers and plants, very quiet. If not, place the door that says "yin and yang magic number" four characters, he thought it came mystical sects. "This really is the magic number of yin and yang?" Zhang into the hearts of some uncertainty, because this place is the slightest bit kinky. Foul breath did not, simply honest to the extreme. "Go back!" The old man went to an outside room, opened the door, the directed Zhang Cheng said. "Oh!" Under the eaves, had to bow, although I do not know what room there waiting for him, but at the moment he has no other choice but to bite the bullet and went inside. Came, he went around and looked forward to see if there are no women, because he felt himself to be arrested and must have been used as a tripod furnace. However, he soon allowed to go down, because in addition to the room at the moment and no one else. However, at the time she had just relieved that name old man came in, and the door will be handy to shut. See here, Zhang Yi Zheng, immediately the body hairs stood on end, "No, not this old guy has a special hobby?" "Go on the bed waiting for me!" The old man said so casually one. "I am the grass, how my life so much suffering." Zhang started sweating about this, and then he felt his chrysanthemum some itch, and for a time he had a feeling of tears. He never thought that he would one day be forced to engage in group, but, intimidation own or an old perverted. The thought here, his heart that food ah. "Come on, make early morning to finish up, I can not so much a delay time, and you're here." The old man said so a snappily. "That, seniors, ah, you know, I am a man!" Zhang as a friendly reminder of such a. He must make sure that this is not the old perverted old guy, if he really is, then he would rather die also will not let this old guy succeed. But he must prevent him not, because if he is not, then he again revolt, then it is white suffer, so, he had to give yourself a posterior approach. <
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