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31.05.2013 05:14
calm mood after they looked antworten
> {Yesterday "Fearless" Write two in the morning, so got up late, forgive me. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM} At the moment, Zhang put forward by ASRock, he only felt the ground in the fast to the back, the speed is simply beyond his imagination. Because he never thought that the original people running speed, could and, like F1 racing, and flying just the same. Because speed, soft wind that had, at the moment it seems made a mad as violently towards his nostrils, pierced ears, eyes, mouth poured, choking him extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, his body after a son Dan dust treatment, as well as the time of practice, a lot stronger than before, otherwise, he may not only fainted so simple. After about a few minutes, the wind stopped, the fast-moving ground is also stopped. But he felt his blood, his heart at this moment in the role of inertia forward one to go, feeling like sit roller coaster suddenly stopped, like, indescribably bad. Then again, he was in front of stunned, because at the moment he is hanging over a cliff below the bottom of the abyss is invisible. "Are you really going to kill me, do you find you are not afraid of my master avenge you?" Zhang into doing the final revolt, but people simply ignore their own. "Boy,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, remember, if there is an afterlife, then do not choose and my enemy, otherwise, your fate will be so." ASRock did not care about the threat of Zhang Cheng, finish, hand suddenly released. This situation scared Zhang hop, how he did not think that this ASRock actually so hard, not hands to kill himself, but took such a despicable means. Zhang is now feeling really shooting itself in the foot, and if he really so dead, I am afraid even Dan dust son found his body, too, can take revenge for himself. Thought of this, he began to struggle up, clutching his hands toward the back, trying to catch ASRock succeed. However, with the fall, where there is something for his arrest, the people began a free fall. "God, how could you play me like this, ah, ah you have no humanity." Zhang Cheng This is completely depressed. You know, just his body healed, just to get rid of from under the shadow of death, just wanted something big, but before he could slow breath, they have to face death, which for him is too cruel to the point bar. He also had to make some imagined shaking ZZZZZZZZZ things to do, however, who wanted to make these things yet, it ended in failure Siwuquanshi end. This feeling is simply a geographical suddenly fell from heaven,Oakley Fast Jacket Cheap, who can bear this gap ah. Thought here, his heart is very willing, but the hearts of hatred for this ASRock also reached a historical most vertices screaming, shouting at the top of the hill toward the cry: "ASRock, you give me more, I swear, if I die this time, Zhang Cheng, will you cut to segment fell bone dust - "Sound flying up from the valley below, go to the ASRock's ears, but they hear the sound of ASRock does not matter shrugged and said: "Well, I want to cut to pieces, fell bone dust? say you can survive it." ASRock threat for Zhang did not mind, sneer a cry, and then it turned into a wisp breeze, disappeared in the cliff top. ******************************** Tumbled down from the cliff, Zhang Cheng just feel your body for a time seemed to have lost All the weight of the whole person holding the wind, but has not the slightest discomfort. He looked at the rapid upward movement of the rocks, and the long grass on the cliff, instinctively want to catch, but his arm where captivated. Watching from the cliff base is getting closer, he knew that this time he really comes to an end. However, in Zhang closed his eyes, ready to die ready, when suddenly, a shadows appeared in his consciousness, the shadows is none other than his fiancee Ouyang Qian Yun. See Ouyang Qian Yun moment, Zhang Cheng's heart suddenly pumping a bit, although he was a bit reluctant, but at the moment he does not have any ability to be able to twist the situation of their own at the moment. However, at this time, a certain attraction suddenly appears, and then tightly wrapped him. Then again, this power directly to him sideways pull on the mountain, feeling like bungee jumping, but the place is not tied to the leg spring, but the waist, almost to his waist will pull off. When Zhang Cheng not had time to look pulled their strength is what the time, it was a dark eyes, and then, he heard "Wow" is heard, then it was a whole group of people wrapped in liquids. Huge impact head hit the sheets into some fameng, the whole person is unconscious, to slowly sink to the bottom. After about a minute or two the way, Zhang taught slowly awake. But after wake up, suddenly felt his chest miss pressing a stone, unconscious mouth like breathing, but the air is not sucked in, one among the liquid poured into the mouth and nose, cough, choking him again and again. This time, he felt that he was aware of a fall into a pool among knew this one was not dead, and suddenly my heart a song, and then the limbs and use soon surfaced. Effluent of the moment, a cave appeared in his eyes. Great space inside the cave, at the top there are about two meters from the ground look, very spacious. The pools where he occupies only a small part of the whole cave, we can see just how big this flashing. However, Zhang most shocking is actually also the growth of pools among several flower flowers, but also bursting with colorful light Xia, is very nice. Moreover, on the shore, there are many unknown plants and flowers, blooming colorful light Xia, and exotic aroma, although still very far distance, but Zhang still can clearly smell. "Here is where?" Zhang into little confused himself in the end is coming, where fairyland? Or paradise? Zhang climbed out from the pool, lying puddles breathing breathing heavily, surviving excitement I began looking around for this place up. A little rest for a while, calm mood after they looked up and looked around. Because everything here is completely contrary to his knowledge, just tis among blooming in the pool, and exudes a colorful light lotus, that he had never seen before. "Could it be that here is the hidden world expert Dong Fu? These plants and flowers are also legendary first day material treasure?" Zhang Cheng could not help to guess again. After all, he had in college when I read some of Xian Xia novels, so this talent associated involuntary thought for a moment. "Hey!" Suddenly, Zhang found not far behind in their own way have a dark hole, but looked far, but unlike the cave, but like an arched Shimen. Under curiosity, Zhang Cheng slowly stood up, and soon they came to the edge of the hole. As a precaution, he did not directly into the cave, but lying in a corner of the cave exploration of the probe carefully inside, but the inside was dark, with his eyesight can not see something there in the end. "Is anybody here?" Zhang Cheng tentative shouted. However, this does not seem to end on the same cave, not even the slightest bit of echo are not produced, which makes the sheets into the cave for fear of generating a little meaning. In desperation, he went to pick up a hole in the vicinity of large stones, and then entered a throw. However, the stones into the hole at the moment, even the sounds are not issued on the inside of the cave has been engulfed by darkness. This look, Zhang Cheng heart a bit scared, and go behind the back of the involuntary retirement. For unknown things, people will have a little sense of fear, Zhang is no exception. Moreover, he just out of danger before finally survived, and he did not want to somehow die in this place,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, even dead have to go back, have relatives in the side and then die. Thought, eventually Zhang decided to find the exit out of here first, so after their cultivation is high, and then come back probe to explore. After all, no matter how good, recklessly used is no good. <
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