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magic number of yin and yang antworten
> {Sorry ah, today updated and late, sorry ah. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm} Zhang escaped from the clutches of Ming Yue after, that is, all the way Mercedes-Benz,Purses Coach Online, less than a few hour's time, they again returned to the Dragon Empire Mohs family nearby. After these ten days of rest,oakley for cheap, Mo has been restored to the previously calm. However, the atmosphere of the hall is still quiet, MO headwind revisit Mo, Mo Yan Yu, and some other elders gathered in one, but one by one they are nothing but did not speak, but all scowling sitting in the hall. "It is eleven days, do not know the third brother to rescue her sister did not!" Do not repeat that sits on top of the seat, back and forth, rubbing his hands, his face showing a trace of intense look. Side of Yan Yu then with arms legs, body, bending down, he can be seen from below also worried look, and, as long as there is little sign of trouble, he looked excited Wangwaimian fancy one. But whenever look at the past, did not see anyone when he's in the eyes of the state and full of disappointment. Mo Mo mention headwind is now worried about the safety of the middle of an empty Shangguan he went over several times, but said he did not know Shangguan empty Mo mention the situation. Moreover, even his daughter Shangguan Shangguan Hongyan and red together and also mention Mo lost sight, so I Shangguan empty at the moment is also very anxious. As Shangguan days are no shadows, even if it is empty Shangguan find could not find him, which makes Mo headwind angry there is no place to send. Over time, his heart slowly cool down, he swore in mind, if your daughter is really out of trouble, then he will let Shangguan red mad extremely heavy price to pay. Then, after a small half-day, moment Mo headwinds already can not wait, however, got up and went to Shangguan just want to empty a say, when suddenly there came a cry outside piercing tone. Then a golden valley, edged up to several meters from the golden sword appeared in the hall outside Mo. Feijian above three people, two women and one man, one woman is that they have been hard to wait Mo mention. See here, Mo headwind, Mo Yan Yuli engraved revisit and swoop over toward the outside, standing outside the door, his face revealing a surprise of color. "Dad, brother, Yan Yu brother!" Do not mention those things before experienced a moment to see long-lost relatives immediately after jumped down from feijian above, and then flew into the arms of them burst into tears again. Mo headwind this time they also completely relieved, while Mo revisit and Yan Yu grateful look to Zhang Cheng, sincerely thank: "The third brother, thank you!" "Brother, brother, what are you saying where the words, I just do should do it. "Shangguan Hongyan Zhang Cheng and jumped after feijian then feijian away, walked beside them patted their shoulders, said. "Ah!" Mo Yan Yu repeat and held out his hand, seeing Zhang smiled, then shook up. Meanwhile Shangguan Hongyan now suddenly they feel that they are somewhat redundant, but also some remorse, was arrested after causing Mo to mention she also has part of the responsibility. Thought here, her face dark the dark, looked into a sheet after they very consciously own one left Mo. When she left, Zhang has already felt, but he did not stop her, because he really did not know what to say to her, she would like to go, but better. Burst into the room after greeting, send Mo Yan Yu et al mention the back of the room, then gave Zhang Chengan lined the room, so that he can rest. Although they do not know the way in the end what happened, but from Mo mention of performance, they probably just out, presumably they suffered no small ordeal. However, at the moment that Zhang bored to live, he did not enter the room prepared for him, but until everyone left, he left quietly put up feijian Mo, folded back. Because he knows that this time it was two Ming Yue demon Dan's Wicked trapped at the moment is probably already the odds, and that the two Wicked will inevitably be dying Ming Yue suffered very heavy counterattack injury. This time if they drive past, then maybe also to a play off, get rich benefits. So, he simply could not resist, and immediately took action. ******************************* After this time than fighting, Ming Yue who already have many wounded, blood dripping , also some spiritual malaise, obviously he is not a good time flies. Two with the level of the demon and his late Dan Wicked, its strength completely than he is poor, although their body, there are many places linked to the color, but still an advantage. Moreover, along with their use in two pairs of one such rogue kill, which makes Ming Yue is a passive situation. Wicked at the moment seems to have seen two of the Ming Yue tired of the state, and thus the two as one, once again to the moon launched Xeon attacks, like use of a blow to Ming Yue completely torn in half same. Ming Yue felt a great crisis, he knows that this is not down yourself if the words when I am afraid that he was going to explain here. Thought here, Ming Yue's eyes showed a trace of a firm, while showing a trace Henli hearts coldly said: "Zhang Cheng, today you do everything for me, in future I will certainly make you pay a heavy price. "Then he mouth one, a golden-saver that he spit out. While seeing saver, two Wicked hesitated and then immediately pull back towards the back, no, not so much to pull back, as it is large,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, they are heading back to escape. "Well, Peter, you put me so badly, and now think of it escaped, too late!" Then, Ming Yue's surface layer appeared pale golden glory, like the shell of his body generally tightly wrap . Then, suddenly saver golden glow over a rise, then a sharp contraction, followed by a crack appears in the top-saver. "Boom -" loud noise after a huge mushroom cloud slowly lifted off, followed by an air waves as the wave of terror as they watch, their path, Feishazoushi, everything in this force of oppression under the ashes. And these two Wicked is also among the explosive range, the entire body is exposed to the air waves instantly, directly blown out, and then draw a curve in the air, and finally all sorts of fall back on the floor. Although up to now they have not died, but their bodies have also been extremely serious injury, at the moment, they also want to work to get up, but the power of the body seems to be taking the time to, like, but did not stand. The enormous energy disappeared, Ming Yue is not only not been affected, but standing still intact. However, his body that layer of gold, "eggshell" the moment has disappeared without a trace, while his hair was completely white, his face is craggy, seemed to have aged a few years old like. Moreover, his color has become very poor, his face white, scary, as if the body was drained of blood are the same. But at the moment Ming Yue uses magic number of yin and yang of life insurance of the law, called "yin-saver." The so-called yin and yang saver is a person's body while practicing a two-saver, but one is yin, a yang. Yang of the egg saver is a real saver, and for the female is not truly saver saver, Dan is actually a fake. However, the two can be mutually saver of energy between the transmission, to the last resort when you can not saver will be positive in that part of the power input into the saver in the shade. Then will be resorted to in vitro overcast saver detonated, wounding the enemy in order to achieve the purpose of self-preservation. However, although this method can finally save their lives, but the loss is not small, saying that since the loss of one thousand eight hundred wounded enemy is also not too much. After all, most of the power saver once released, the saver has a great injury, after use, it may make the original state drop one to two realm. Note that in the end is one, or two, depending on the consumption of yin cited detonated Dan in the amount of energy to be. At the moment, these two demon Dan Ming Yue order of Wicked uniforms, so he used the eighty percent of the power saver, but also with a heavy cover your own whole body strength, along with Yin Dan's explosion, then a force disappeared. Thus, in his body on the left next saver into force, therefore, after this incident, I am afraid he will direct the repair to the saver early fall, dropping two consecutive realm. Two state ah, a few hundred years of hard labor put in the east, which makes Ming Yue distressed, and his life element and therefore only less than ten years time. And now, he experienced everything he all remember to Zhang's head, because he felt that, if not Zhang Cheng, then this would have happened, he would not be reduced to such a miserable state. Therefore, Zhang hatred has reached the peak. Moreover, at the moment he left less than a decade of time, even taking with vitality immortality, he can not break in between animate Yuan Ying. So, he still sported a residual life is to be Zhang caught, and then, and he die. <
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