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31.05.2013 04:51
At this moment on the extinction antworten
Update: 22-9-9 has arrived at noon the sun gradually hot up, burning breath, baking the earth. While the extinction of blood is unprecedented warm atmosphere at the moment,Oakley Lifestyle Cheap, many long-term entrenched in the elders sitting in the extinction of all blood station around,Oakley Glasses Online, looking at the blood station tall the two figures, with thick smile. At this moment on the extinction of blood station, two shadow quietly just stared at each other, one of them is the peak, another is a more than 40 years old hotheads. Although this boor looks only more than 40 years old, can practice to blade emperor realm, his real age is already a hundred years away. But because of his strength, his look is still uncommon as a god mighty, magnificent. The rough body particularly tall, seems to skeletal congenital is larger than average a number, plus the coercion appearance, only is the momentum, is that no eyebrows. He tiger head wide open, on the face has a hideous scar, chin beard root straight as spear sword sharp, look in the eyes is very sharp, contains an overbearing charm in which. The peak does not use his soul and power out of thin air, is still behind a dazzling Gang Jin wings, quietly looked at this boor. "Peak boy, my name is Amsterdam, self-discipline is a fire spirit, a war you and caccaro I seen, I am afraid not against you, but I still want you hard fighting a, let you see my these years and fire is the strongest!" Boor grinned, buzzing dull voice reverberated. It's also generous, in the knowledge to the peak and caccaro after World War I, is to feel afraid not the enemy, but still want to fight, to enhance their own combat experience. "Ha ha ha's brother modest! Small peak will not obey, take that!" Peak laugh, then came the bursts open their own momentum. "Rumble" a cruel, fierce hit, bite to kill, the icy breath instantly to the peak in vivo swept out, such as deep as hell, like a swallow day food to all Xiongshou completely crisp up generally, crashing into noise between the cyclotron between heaven and earth, and a time variable s è, imposing a. Overbearing! Tyrannical! Ferocious! The effect of the breath of the eyes, the peak and more hot up, and there is no direct attack,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, but still looked like a crazy tyrant Amsterdam, tetragonal rare fierce beast general! Although already experienced the peak as the yuan to top the fierce monster, unique coercion, but positive face, he could not help heart in a surprised, have a kind of timid idea appeared in his mind, suddenly heart one Lin. "Hum!" Is stuffy to hum a, Armstrong is instantaneous reaction to come over, suddenly burst a voice, as the tip of the tongue that CH ū n ray general giant roar, suddenly the strands of timid heart to disperse, the momentum is also gradually high up. "This guy is too sick, and close combat with the terror of boxing, but I will instantly be suppressed, struggle. Only. First, I will let this boy to taste the strongest > I comprehend the Amsterdam
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