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> Dan dust son went to the bucket before, removed from the arms of a red pill, that he started to eat the kind, and then put a bucket over gently pinch, it turned into immortality immediately thrown into some powder Among the bathtub. WWw. qUanBen. COm just a moment, the entire bath water are these Yaomo dyed reddish liquid, but also exudes a faint scent, very attractive, people are not immediately flew to drink your fill. Zhang feeling more clear, and he could feel a trace of warmth from the water poured through his hairs empty into his own body, let him feel like in the sauna,air jordan store, her body can not tell the comfortable. Then again, Dan dust son is waved his sleeves, then surrounded by small yellow flag flying from his sleeve being out, were inserted in the four corners of the room corners. "Dao long, which is what?" Zhang Cheng looked flag, asked curiously. "This is a noise matrix method, we might need to be." Dan dust son did not go, and he explained what is matrix, then cautioned: "Because of those toxins in your body and your body has been integration, equally, the toxins in your body you want to exclude, one must first be your whole body's cells and tissues to break, and then use the method to lead out toxins, so when will I help you Qudu the time, You will feel very painful, very painful, so you should be psychologically prepared. "" Do not worry long road, I could not even afraid of death, a little pain is nothing, come on. "Zhang Cheng gritted his teeth, a unafraid of death to look like said. Dan dust son saw Zhang says nodded with satisfaction, said: "Of course, if if you do not want to endure it, I can stun you your past, so you will not feel any pain up." But He did not say a word, it is that sometimes, death is not the most horrible, most horrible thing is living death. "That knocked out in the past, the result will not be compromised?" Zhang Cheng moment, immediately asked. "Uh!" Dan dust son froze for a moment, did not think to ask such a question, then replied: "It will not fall." "Oh, you knocked me right." Zhang Cheng grinning chuckled , can not suffer can not remove toxins, who would like beast that crime, he was not a fool. "Uh!" Dan dust son is a moment, then smile: "I thought your kid really do not painlessly, alas, worth mentioning!" Then, Dan dust son is a mind knife hand look at the sheets into the neck , followed by Zhang Cheng whole person collapsed in the tank being. However, Zhang was beaten unconscious before a second, he was thinking the way Dan dust son really high, do not leave him a preparation time, however, the effect is pretty good ...... Dan dust son watching fainted Zhang Cheng, shook his head helplessly. Indeed, he did some really love this kid, good disposition, perseverance, view of things than the average person thorough, and sometimes he even think this kid is not a year-old child. However, they sometimes, he will do some stupid things, say a few words so that he also can not help laughing. If not his martial art has provided not just more experienced, he wanted to take him as his disciple. Sighed, stretched out his right hand on Dan Chen Zi Zhang into the top of the head, followed by a powerful force in the child's body from the dust revealing Dan Zhang Cheng drilled in vivo. He will now have to do is spanned by all the body's tendons and tissues to break, and then use their own strength to these toxins stripped out a little bit, and finally out of the body. So, he's a spiritual power into Zhang's body, immediately changed to a two-edged dagger handles, body instantly Zhang upsets mess. Such a situation, it seems to really have a knife into the body of agitation in the same sheet, so that ordinary people simply unbearable pain,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, even Zhang Cheng at the moment into a coma, the body can not help but twitch up. This is only the first step, the next step is more critical is to reshape the body's tendons and spanned cells, otherwise, even if Zhang toxins row out, that he will not survive. Then, Dan dust son have control of their own forces will be attached to the tendons and the interior of the cell toxin, like meat, like a little bit of toxins stripped out. And then these toxins through the blood vessels, sent to the top of the sheets into the right index finger, and soon, to see Zhang's right index finger was covered in black on the color, but, the color black is also Foulest The greenery. These say simple, but actually doing it, it is very difficult, even Dan dust sub done everything into a stick of incense also spent time just to do this step. Once this is done, Dan dust sub wiped the sweat on his forehead, and now is a spiritual power drill sheets into the body. But this time, Dan dust son of spiritual power but violent as soft, as if turned into hundreds of small tentacles, like the broken-down tendons, cellular debris stitching together. When all the stitching ready, Dan dust son's left hand gently against the sheets into the back, suddenly, bathtub red liquid instantaneously through the sweat pores Zhang drill into his body. No one will, vat spotless red disappeared, apparently have all been injected into the body being spanned. Dan dust under the control of the child's care, which shares the drug Zhang inch by inch mend damaged cells and body that tendons and, finally, Dan Chenzi also not forget the sheets into the tendons and broadened a lot. After all, related to the cultivation of talent tendons, tendons and wider, after practice, when the better the effect, it would be Dan Chenzi also a favor of him. The whole process took about a Zhancha time, a Zhancha later, Zhang tendons in vivo, cells, and pubic region which shares the drug have been patched up again, and become full of vitality, but also with a layer of gloss, on seems to look the same. Then again, is the final step, that is, the sheets into the body of toxins excreted completely up. Dan dust son left hand tap into the right hand index finger sheets, suddenly, a surge of dark black liquid from the sheet into the fingertip of the exhaust out. The whole process, like squid ink, like, no one will, throughout the bath water, which shares directly into blood-stained black ink. When Zhang Cheng index finger from the color of blood ejected from black to red, the red dust of the capacity of the child to stop, and then a big hand fishing, Zhang Cheng directly up from the water fishing. Then the right hand for the lead from another tub leads some water, rinse a bit Zhang's body, and then turn him into another clean bathtub. Then again, he took out a red immortality, crush thrown into a bathtub. Dan dust son's face at the moment is not very good looking, wiped sweat from his face, but also gave other, cross-legged sitting directly next to a bathtub, practicing up. By comparison, Zhang Cheng, at the moment of his forehead completely unfold, his face is rosy, more than before a refined gas, did not face the kind of sick before. Meanwhile,Oakley Active, the red liquid bath, still in the slow injection into Zhang's body, nourish him because for a long time are toxins that destroy the body increasingly weak ...... I do not know how long, Zhang taught Huanhuandecong Dreams being awake, subconsciously comfortable stretch. At the moment, he felt his body unprecedented ease, the most obvious feeling is strong and his body, but also the feeling of a lot of light. "Well, really good." Zhang Cheng surprise yelled up, did not worry about death, at the moment, he felt easier than ever before, not just the body relaxed, most are from the spiritual relaxed, as if hearts completely put down as a burden. Five years, a full five years, his daily life carefully bound her feelings, restrain their behavior, not to do this, do not dare to do that, as is to live another day. And starting today, he finally does not require a burden because those trifles, and finally can be arbitrary to live, to fight for it. How could he be unhappy. "God, I thank you for giving me a second chance this time, before saying a few words, I withdraw." Zhang Cheng looked out the window of the sky speaker shouted up to express his excitement at the moment. "You Guijiao what you did not see me in practice?" At this time, the voice of Dan dust son passed from the side of the sheets into the ears. Mother looked, Zhang found Dan dust son moment is sitting next to a bathtub, are not surprised a moment, then asked: "long road, how do you sit in the ground." "It is not because you did not expect your body toxins so stubborn, I spent a very big effort to clear them all out. coupled with my capacity too fast, touched the hearts of the injury, the natural process as soon as possible about the whole thing, if I guess you going to wake up, only to quit the practice, or are you such a bother, I'm afraid is possessed by the devil. "Dan dust sub snappily said. "Oh, really sorry ah long road, I'm just really a little too excited, so ......" "Well, you do not have to explain, he was sick for a decade who can not help but once healed, quickly wear on clothes, I have something to tell you. "Dan dust son waved, and then from the ground up, went to sit down on the bed. "Ah." Zhang Cheng should be a cry, a very lightweight stand out from the bathtub, pick up a towel wiped his next body, in turn picked up the clothes on the ground. But this time, he noticed two cylinder has a water tank has turned black, and black among the glowing light green color, accompanied by bursts of odor true. <
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