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31.05.2013 04:49
buried in his heart for antworten
> {Today almost would much later, okay, written, and the remaining two successively updated. wWW, QUANben, cOM} "That, Chao brother, you see, since you are more experienced older generation of holy spirit, that even I Can close together, and I have always wanted to do as a teacher thanks to an Immortal." Mo re- say some tweaking asked. For the Immortal, who are yearning for all weapons, before Zhang Cheng is also true. So, there is this idea Mo revisit also reasonable. However, this is not very good luck Mo repeat, do not people have pointed out the man as his disciples, that is, he also missed the live. "Yes ah, Zhao Hudi brother, you are given together with my brother received it, anyway, not the master here!" Do not mention naturally want to know how his brother was immortal worship as a teacher, so she also followed up demand . "That, Moge, MO sister, brother, I do not want this thing is not to help you, but I really can not do anything, ah, because mysterious spiritual reality clearly defined before, asking me to help him find his disciples the first condition that must be a woman, If Moge is a woman, I have no opinion, but ...... So, you know what I mean, right? "For this matter, Zhang also some difficult, after all, close and do not accept, is not good. "Ah, how could this!" Mo repeat that while disappointed, finally had a chance thanks to Immortal as a teacher, and thus measures, and it can not be disappointed. "Brother, you do not lose heart, and so after I practice,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, exercises will pass you!" Mo Mo revisit mention watching comforted. "This is not good, it is mysterious spiritual predecessors pass your exercises, you secretly passed to outsiders for the elderly does not respect her, I think, or forget, I am looking for an opportunity after it wants." Although Mo mention The lure of this idea indeed. However, Mo revisit or rejected, because his heart has a bottom line, the bottom line over the things that he will not do. "But ......" "Well, do not say these things, MAN, something, do nothing,Coach Sunglasses, I can not let you because of me not to become a greater respect for people!" Mo revisit see Mo mention wanted to say something, quickly waved, stopped her, said. "Mention, you do not persuade your brother you do not know what people do, when he decided to change things too." Mo Yan Yu see mention would like to say what came to her shot pat her shoulder urged. "In fact, you do not have this, I have here a few exercises Ministry, it touches can pass Moge, but these exercises are extremely valuable exercises, avoid to others, if you can promise me Moge this requirement, I can pass you. "Zhang stereotypes they so look like a soft heart and decided to privately sponsored several exercises to him. "Chao brothers, but no thanks for your kindness, but I do not want to hurt you being implicated, after all, secretly taught martial exercises to outsiders is a great sin, I can not hurt you!" Do you want to repeat that Zhang Cheng passed to him was Dan Road cases the power law, how can it be that he, quickly shirk road. "You do not have to worry about this, and these exercises are my private collection, not Dan Road were the exercises, you can practice, but can not be passed to someone else, it is best not to let others know that one of the reasons I'm not convenient to say! "Zhang Cheng-called private collections there are also days from the entry to the dig. What is the term day, he collected the lowest grade power law also has a soul level eight items, which if spread out, the consequences could be disastrous. So he again and again three exhortations Mo revisit. "Really!" Mo revisit heard here eyes lit up, and some asked, incredulously. "Of course it is true, but I then again, do not let others know, otherwise, the consequences are not you and you got to be able to withstand Mo." Said Zhang Cheng nodded. "Do not worry, I will not bring the matter to ensure that out." Mo revisit said firmly. However, Zhang still do not worry, looked Yan Yu a, its meaning is very clear. Yan Yu nor chicks, naturally saw Zhang concerns, however, he did not get angry, because he knew Zhang Mo is to revisit so good, so very consciously said: "I am Yan Yu with Heart magic swear things today through my mouth so if fifth person to know, then let me die without burial. "" Yan brother vows you made such a heavy doing, we do not believe you did not! "Heard Yan Yu says, MO mention was surprised, quickly said. "Good brothers!" Mo Yan Yu repeat patted on the shoulder, said so a. Because he knows that no matter what he says at the moment can not express his feelings at the moment, though only said such a sentence, but the meaning and anyone can listen to understand, too, that a person does not say two words. "And rightly so!" Yan Yu did not say what the other words, but the tone is very firm. "It seems I was too careful and strict brother, to be honest, before you swear, I'm still somewhat wary, but now, I feel you are a trustworthy person, as such, we three people sworn into heterosexual brothers it! "Zhang said with some emotion. The idea is not Zhang dizzy and want out, but after careful consideration the results. After this time came, Zhang and Yan Yu for Mo revisit the man have a general understanding of their way of dealing with people is consistent with Zhang's values, which makes him a very good impression on them. And, after coming into this world, Zhang was the first time outsiders into their confidence. Before he can believe only a few people, Zhang Fang, Zhang Long, Zhang Xin, Ouyang Qian Yun Chu Yan and his brothers, his master Dan dust son. So, his heart is very lonely, after all, there are some things he can not, and these family members said. Now you can finally found a few ingratiate themselves with friends, he did not want to miss, because he does not know again encounter such a friend what time it would be. "Why are the three of you, am I not a man?" Do not mention a Zhang exclude her, suddenly happy again. "Mo sister who is of course, but it seems you and our sworn not the case, first of all, you are Moge sister, brother and sworn, I heard this kind of thing. Also, if I look good, then, Mo Yan sister brother should be like that, right? "Zhang said. "This ......" Yan Yu Yi Zheng, Zhang did not think it touches so keen powers of observation, but at the moment he was very grateful Xiezhang Cheng, the words are buried in his heart for a long time, he has the courage to speak out . Now, if they are sworn, then he is his brother, then the two of them together would never hope. And Zhang raised the matter at the moment, regardless of Mo and their interactions are willing to mention, at least he still has hope, there is hope, is better than no hope to well. "How could Yan brother is now a disciple of the secret door, high above, what kind of woman found, how will like me!" Although mention Mo says, but she did understand very psychological. He loved her very childhood, but some self-esteem, plus they have a marriage in the body, therefore, has not to his confession. In fact, she is quite like Yan Yu, but because of his father's oppression, she did not dare show it. Later, Yan Yu joined the secret door, but her heart is happy and lost, happy is your favorite people finally see the light of day, but lost that status and the two of them pulled a large, and this time round good enough for him to himself, so there is no mention of the matter. This time, she also would like to use things that make themselves completely sworn off read like! And now, Zhang Cheng puts the matter mentioned, which Jean Monnet mention know what to do, after all, they separated a long time, she did not know Yan Yu is how to think, if she had someone else, That showed them again like he meant, that the more shame ah. "No, mention, I grew to love only one person, never changed, but I ...... I have the difficulties of last resort, has not been to declare to you, but if you do not like me, you can also refuse, I will not force you! "Yan Yu heart,oakley for cheap, a cross, will be buried in my heart for many years, then all of that out. After much talking, he felt his heart suddenly become very easy, as if my heart filled with things once and for all handed down the same unspeakable fun. However, after that she is a little relaxed concerns and fear, he was afraid to mention Mo does not like himself, although he would not give up, however, rejected the taste too upset. <
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