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only the sheets into a crow shook antworten
> Yuen Ling excessive gas in stock and erosion seems to have been a little under the influence, but soon bounced back, when she turned around to see Zhang found him sitting there at the moment is to bear a strange handprint, she could not help brow pick pick, she was sure she had never seen Zhang Cheng moment forged fingerprints. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Also, look to see Zhang Cheng Zhang did not seem to suffer the impact of a dragon excessive gas to completely lose consciousness, which made her even more shocked. To know the dragon, especially this one is about to break a real dragon dragon realm of excessive gas, but the history of the strongest reminder. Love medicine. Moreover, this kinky breath air not because you will be avoided, it can be through your pores into your body, let you keep track of. The holy spirit before they know it, so well prepared, this dragon in a cloth under the ban, she had to use body care Gang Qi protect himself up, but is this also some into his own body. Fortunately, he also has been prepared, so she felt strange at the same time the body, they immediately mobilize real dollars exclude those excessive gas in vitro, otherwise, she would be caught. She not only did not take long even if it is just soaring immortal, in the case of unsuspecting also be affected, we can see this dragon of excessive gas strength is how strong. And Zhang obviously not ready, so this group just produce excessive gas, he would have been affected, if not timely and Fudo Indian repression, lest he had lost consciousness. Not Yuen Ling deliberately not remind him, nor is she forgot, but she was very clear that Zhang could not resist, so she would have to ignore him, and,Nike Jordan New School UK Sale, she also has a way to wake up Zhangcheng Qing . But, she can not figure out is that Zhang kinky inhaled so much gas had been able to maintain a calm mind, this is simply impossible. "It seems that the secret of who this kid is really a lot of it!" Holy spirit a sigh, and then flew into the side sheets, shaking his right hand between the few lilies, and then insert the sheets into a rapid head Among several acupuncture points. Soon, he saw a wisp of white gas released from his head out at the same time, Zhang Cheng's face also gradually improved. In fact, Zhang Xuan Ling's situation did not see so good, at the moment he is under immense suffering, and that the brain could not help recalling that Ms Jaap graceful body. Fudo printed Although you can physically and mentally stable, but his mind that fire is too intense, almost about to burn himself gave up. In his conscious mind is about to be the last one I want the fire burn when he suddenly felt behind a cold, just like a pot of cold water poured down from scratch, in general, hearts desire. Fire coolness of this unit have been pouring out. Zhang Cheng slowly open your eyes, when he smelled a wisp of fragrance when the heart is shocked. "Do not be cranky, follow me!" Zhang Xuan inspired by the heart of the transaction, did not give him cranky time, grabbed his shoulder and side open, while moving toward the dragon's pubic region. Wicked and others, have used the existence of the pubic region, Wicked will amount to anything, like monks and humans, but also out of an inner alchemy cohesion among the pubic region. The difference is that condensation is a human monk saver, and Wicked condense out of the demon Dan. After practicing two different ways, human monk form saver, the next step to do is to develop a more advanced Yuan Ying. The evil is not so many tricks, to do more than simple human monk, that is to keep the power to instill among liner to enhance the power of inner alchemy, enhance its grade, so as to achieve promotion realm purposes. This alchemy is not gluttonous, not only into its re-absorption, while the power will continue to separate the part of anti-complement flesh, improve body strength. After all, the Wicked are not human, they have no way to use magic, so can use it to enhance the attack force only two, one body, the second is alchemy. Therefore, the climate became evil, they are extremely tough body and inner alchemy, especially the demon Dan, is not only a source of strength Wicked, Wicked is the most powerful means of attack, magic can even compete with the spirit level . So, many people will arrest reveal, to use their demon Dan refining magic. *************************** All the way through, the Zhang and Yuen Ling finally came to a dragon's pubic region, it's a great pubic region , as if forming a separate space. At the moment they enter the pubic region, an invisible pressure from a distance, the pressure in the sheets into the body above. Zhang Cheng subconsciously looked toward the distant past, I saw a head-sized yellow-green, pale golden glow exudes inner alchemy floating in the center position of the entire pubic region, like the sun in general, will illuminate the entire space. "You wait here, I went to the inner alchemy imprison it, so that our purpose is achieved." Xuan Ling said, the body flash then killed in the past toward the inner alchemy. Although at the moment the dragon was taken to the holy spirit gentle village, but still retains a hint of inner alchemy Fengyun simplest sense, seemed to feel the holy spirit brought him a sense of crisis, and began autonomous attacked toward the holy spirit. At the moment, there is no dragon's control, which may alchemy of attack is very simple, just hit. If there is a dragon control, Yuen Ling perhaps some fear, but at the moment the dragon is to get their own, only a trace of inner alchemy of consciousness she had no eye. Plus she got before Lingyun sword, which was the highest grade among spiritual level a magic,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, its powerful alchemy While pedaling degree, so she refused to yield, right imaginary grip, suddenly appeared in the Gun Sword Among her right hand, and then directly toward the inner alchemy stabbed. Alchemy in dragon saw that a mysterious spiritual sense to do so, suddenly feeling insulted dignity, who instantly jumped pale golden light, and then turned into a meteor hit go straight into the holy spirit. Yuen Ling to be outdone, stature suddenly accelerated,oakley sunglasses online, turned into a blur greeted. "Boom -" Both come into contact with the moment, bang exploded in the pubic region, only the sheets into a crow shook ears only, half can not hear other voices. However, the ear is affected but the sight has not been the slightest influence, he saw the Spirit relied mysterious sword firmly in the hands of Lingyun prevailed. After the two collided bounce, holy spirit without any stop, and immediately shot, but also a sword toward the inner alchemy stabbed in the past, look at posture, it seems to be a sword stab a right to wear the same. Mysterious alchemy seems to feel the strength of the Spirit, knowing defeat, so they gave up with Ying Peng, but around up around the holy spirit, holy spirit is also a time to not start. Zhang Cheng see here, was secretly worried, after all, that before the ban is limited in time, once the dragon waking up, then they may make the situation dangerous. So he put the Horcruxes without thinking squeezed out, and then the "Kowloon cited" play, a powerful force acting on the inner alchemy above. However, the instant access to the inner alchemy, Zhang felt anxious to seize an achievement crazy bison, simply can not be stopped. "Good opportunity!" Although Zhang's efforts did not play much effect, but also let alchemy appeared a glimmer of a standstill. This time, the mysterious spiritual eyes light up, seize the opportunity that is his sword in the past, but also a loud noise, alchemy was shot a few meters away, and somewhat dispirited. "I see you where to go!" Mysterious alchemy spiritual body came to a longitudinal side, hands clasped in front, followed by a ban from the channel to be played between her hands, suddenly an invisible big net ban stopped the entire path of the dragon inner alchemy. "Ang -" Just holy spirit will ban big net contraction of inner alchemy successfully imprison dragon when it seemed to be aware of their own crisis, then uttered Dragons, like his body to wake up, so come to rescue themselves. At the same time, Zhang achievements feel the energy as one of the pubic region bucket, a force from among nedan erupted, and the prohibition against the holy spirit up, making her unable to ban contraction. <
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