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> {Beg red ticket, seeking collection, seeking clicking ......} thought of this, Zhang's mind becomes active again, because he had just heard Dan Chenzi say that the whole continent lonely soul only through constant practice, and withstood the baptism of suffering , as well as grow older, these two ways of enhancing strength of soul, it is not a direct way the soul can practice. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM And he's the "Tantric Mahamudra" is direct cultivation soul, would it not be said that he was able to work with this method for rapid improvement soul strength Mody. He remembered, Dan Chenzi said before, the more powerful the soul, the stronger perception, while the stronger control and easier refining immortality out of high rank, but he now had a kind of soul cultivation method That ...... "how, thinking about it so happy?" Zhang Dan Chenzi see there in a daze, and still giggle, then ask such a. "No, no!" Zhang Cheng has an adult's soul will know this power law rarity, hearts with emotion. However, he did not tell Dan Chenzi the matter, but decided to bury it in my heart, who do, are selfish animals, so that he does not intend to share with others, eat the food alone is the final good as this. Zhang stereotypes Dan Chenzi some strange looking at myself, then change the subject and said: "Yes, master, how do you know my soul than the average person to be powerful it? Also, is not as long as the soul powerful, it can alchemy up? "" Quite simply, before I passed the initiations of the law will be poured directly pubic breathing power of your memory. However, this method, although fast, but if the other souls strong enough, it will because the load is too large halo down, and, after waking up, dazed brain will be some time before recovering. "" But the other hand, you have a little discomfort did not appear, as if nothing, like, this, I will be able to determine your soul than the average person more powerful. Moreover, we Dan Road were always looking for the soul of people with high strength, naturally, has a certain identification method, just because I had hurt so there is no use for you. "" However, we were Dan Road there is a more accurate method of measuring the strength of the soul, so over time I'll take you back to the time, measured, after which you will be able to meet the requirements of the official Jia Rudan Road cases, practicing internal strength law cases, such as repairs to achieve the building base, you can begin to learn the art of alchemy. "" As for the other requirements, that is, there must be fire properties talent, this is something you do not worry about, as I discovered over your body, you can be sure that your There are one hundred percent fire properties in vivo talent, as there is no other, which must have to wait before we returned to the martial art detection. "Dan dust son replied. "That master, when we were leaving for Dan Tao do?" Zhang Cheng asked. "Temporary does not work, I have one thing to do, we will need about a month's time, this time you're here, so I deal with things over, I come back here to take you back to the sect in this Before, you have to carry to restore his health, so I came back, I want to see a perfectly healthy, you jump to. "Dan dust son said. "That's when I can practice by the Ministry of pubic breathing function?" Zhang asked again. "Anytime you can, because your tendons and I have been broadened reinforcement, fully able to withstand the impact of infuriating, but since you have to worship me as a teacher, then this function is no longer suitable for pubic breathing for you to use, because of that power law grade is relatively low, only every level, and I am re-transmission Xuanmen you a more advanced breathing technique. "" This power law than before I pass your pubic breathing some high power up to spiritual level Mishina of the column, although not too advanced, but for you this early repair person can be considered relatively good power law, until the sect was obtained after the main door consent, I re-transmission you more advanced exercises. "Dan dust son said, and nodded his eyebrows Zhang Cheng, said:" Well, I've printed Xuanmen breathing technique into your souls, you will be able to think about carefully thought Meanwhile, there also have my detailed notes, so that, without me, you can also customize for practicing. "" Master, you just said, where the level, spirit level, what does this mean, and, you said cultivation sector and how it is, you give me speak. "Zhang asked, curious. "Well, anyway, sooner or later you will know them, taking advantage of the time, I tried to tell you." Dan dust son nodded, then said: "The so-called practice of the profession, but we have for those of us who practice the circle of life one kind of call it, like, in my eyes, ye ordinary people who live ordinary weapons range, that is secular, and I live the scope of these practitioners is to practice community, you can understand it? "" ah, This I can understand! "Zhang Cheng nodded his head, for this, he had read the novel, so know some. "As for you just ask where the level, spirit level, in fact, some of the exercises, immortality and the division between the various grades of magic, just like gold, silver and the points are the same as money in the world of cultivation exercises, immortality and magic consistent with the classification, namely: where spiritual, immortal, God, four levels, and each level is divided into one to nine,Cheap Oakley Sport, nine product phase. "" Whether it is power law, immortality or magic, their level The higher the product phase is higher, the stronger the effect or power, of course, the higher the value of nature. "Dan dust son replied. "That you comprehension for those who practice level is how divided?, And our secular Musha there any difference?" Zhang asked again. "Oh, of course there is a difference." Dan dust son smiled, then said: "comprehension of the practice class is divided into nine levels, namely: Lianqi, building the base, saver, Yuan Ying, OBE, sub- God, fit, degree robbery, Mahayana, each level is divided into front, middle and rear three stages. "" That innate strong level, the equivalent of comprehension that stage? "Zhang asked curiously. "Innate comprehension is equivalent to the strong level of qi of the innate three corresponding qi of the territory before, during and after the three, we can say that they have to be touching the edge of comprehension." Dan dust son laugh laugh, replied. "Ah, is not it, such a strong innate class strong, was only the most rudimentary comprehension ah?" Zhang Cheng froze for a moment, and soon they asked: "What is the master of your repair what stage? Should not be low right? "" Oh, I repair it, hey, temporary secrecy, but definitely more than that what innate level master powerful countless times it wants. "Dan dust son quips. "Ah, the master, what are you stingy it, it does not tell me." Zhang Cheng stick a stick mouth, somewhat dissatisfied and said. "Oh, well, so after to sects, I'll tell you, lest scare you, affect your practice." Zhang Dan dust sub patted the head fondly said. "Oh, all right." Zhang will no longer continue to ask, then asked: "I have a problem, Master, you just said that what is innate property?" "This even if you do not ask, I treat The review will also say to you. "Dan dust son paused, then said:" Like our comprehension, the practice exercises are realized before the people out from nature, and nature, composed of all the elements is gold, wood, water, fire and earth, so basically all the exercises are based on the five elements and evolved. "" and everyone's body is different, the content of a variety of different attributes, so the performance out of the five elements are naturally different, and some metallic body more energy, therefore, is manifested metallic talent manifested some soil properties, and so it is. "" However, the total of, the general properties of human talent manifested either kind or two kinds, we can say there is no other possibility, even if there is, because the principle of five elements g, such a person could survive very small, only legends to exist people like that. "" However, we the people, alchemy, whether there is a, or two natural attributes, properties must have a fire, no fire, you can not alchemy that is, we alchemy of the people, Either there is a gifted property, what kind of property must be fire. If two attributes, then there must be an attribute of the fire, while the other can not be water, because water, fire Another attribute is best is wood, because wood fire, to help the fire. "" And Muzhu vitality, has both talent attributes, alchemy, when you have a chance to give immortality to give vitality to life once produced above immortality , then this may be the value of immortality will immediately enhance the number of times or even ten times. "" So, also has two natural properties of fire and wood, can be said to be the best qualified teacher Dan, future success also will be higher and you master me, although there are two attributes, but unfortunately, in addition to the fire, the other is the earth, or else, your master may well developed. "" That Master, you see my body Will the same time there is a fire and wood two natural attributes ah? "Zhang asked curiously. "This I do not know, because my body has fire properties of talent, so you can feel the body of the fire properties of wood properties as I feel,Air Jordan Big Ups, and only back to the sect, and then detected with a specialized properties measured began to determine, but there is one thing you can be assured that your body is not water properties, otherwise, I would not take you as a disciple of. "Dan dust son said. "Master, you gave me that I have this door Xuanmen breathing technique is what attributes of the power law ah?" Zhang asked again. "Xuanmen breathing technique is practiced qigong method, without any attributes, and its function is to qi and only reached the base building to begin practicing corresponding attribute power law, and that you do not have to worry, and so on back to the martial art, I will give you arrange everything. "Dan dust son shook his head and replied. "Master, then you can get to the level of God I find twelve exercises ah, level is too low, I can not." Zhang laughed. "My little ancestors,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, your master I practice the power law is nothing but a spiritual level eight products only, but, let Dan Road were within the highest level of the power law is nothing but a fairy-level of a product, and thus, is already one of the few owners Xian Gong martial art class one, not to mention the level of God, even Mishina cents above the level exercises, are now legendary in only a power law. "Dan dust son was not good hanging sheets as to the mad. "Hey!" Zhang Cheng Hey smile, then said: "Then I would bite the bullet, that the Department of cents on the level of a product's power law better." "That the Department of exercises you can never, because it's only Dan Road cases head to be eligible to practice, but do not worry, I'll try to help you get high-power law, it is not, I will my spirit level eight products give you power law can be considered worthy of you. "Dan dust son replied. "Is not it the master, only spiritual level ah?" Zhang frowned. "Love To Do!" Dan dust sub snappily glanced into a sheet, and then said: "Well, time is almost up, I'll be starting to fight back to take you back as soon as possible cases, as this time, you be good practice, can not be lazy, or so I'm back, you have to not be nice. "" That teacher, I can not drag me worship you as a teacher for me to tell other people at home? "Zhang Cheng asked. "Ah temporarily better not, because you have not been recognized by the head, in a sense come first, you might be Dan Road, were disciples, but I'm not here, no one can prove that out, it will arouse suspicion, for you, for your family are detrimental if they insist on questioning, you will tell this thing your father, but remember, only limited by your father. "" Yes, this The Ministry of Herbs, you take that, retired and sit a look at and remember the names of the herbs listed above, appearance and function, useful for the future, well, as a teacher to go too. "said Dan dust son threw the Zhang into a book, and then the body flash, disappeared in the cubicles. "Hey, who does?" Zhang surprised a moment, he did not perceive how Dan dust son disappeared, froze in place a good long while before they react. "Why go so anxious, I would like to ask Dan Road cases and Bixia we send the stronger it ......" <
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