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otherwise it might really have on He's antworten
> At the moment three or four o'clock in the afternoon, however, the distance is still a long period of time at night, Zhangcheng Ping complex down their feelings after going to the market to look at human organs, killing kill time. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Zhang remember when he came out of cloud standing opposite the ram, the ram at the moment he was out in the cloud opposite, so he Wangyoubianzou the past. No one will be just left, I heard a loud voice heard in the distance, follow the voice went, suddenly, he found a place similar to the vegetable market. The place consists of a canopy composed of the following is a shed row next to a row of stone, stone placed above all sorts of things, and in the side of the narrow places like hawkers standing Where vehemently yelling, bustling. However Chenggang first appeared, there is a man leaned up, and then said: "Boss, do you want the wizard, the price never too cheap, a low-grade began one day!" "Break!" Zhang did not think this place is that it has a dry alive, but he did not intend to buy anything, then shook his head and said: "Temporary No, I just wanted to look around, not to buy something, after it!" "Do not buy things you can hire a guide, I worked here ten years, where everything I am very clear what you want to see just give me a name, I'll help you find, and, where so many liars, you also are not careful with the Road, it may more than one began with a ...... "" Well, well, I really do not need, thank you! "Zhang stereotypes This guy has not mean to stop, said so one went ahead stepped down after into the market being. But that really is a wizard called perseverance, see Zhang gone, still followed, however, Zhang simply ignore him, then he also consciously boring, helpless and left. Zhang looked at the guy look of disappointment, and shook his head no longer think about the other, and then just keep the four began to read. He found that here was something very complicated, not only have authority, not even herbs, exercises, magic and so readily available, not so much here is the authority of people trading market, as it is the grocery market. And after wandering around, Zhang also found that there are a lot of ordinary weapons, they are not like everyone else's crying hard, but that is arrayed around a number of strange things, while they are sitting on the side. He also asked about the curious in the past, he found these things they do not know what it is, precisely because they do not know, so that should be a good thing, so he got here, see if you can meet people who know what's what, so that you can earn a good price, while still a long exposure. However, people who buy things here are basically self-cultivation, but in fact it is no wonder, here are all the things began to trade with, and began this thing can not mundane human affordable. "Hey, boy, come and look, I've got a good thing ah!" Just wandering around when Zhang Cheng, a seemingly honest middle-aged fat man directed Zhang Zhaoqi the hands, laughing is called a brilliant ah. "I?" Zhang pointed to his nose, then looked around and found that although surrounded by a lot of people, but do not seem to notice the fat. "Yes, that's you, come, I've got good stuff, ah, you come to see, the absolute value for money!" The fat man said quickly. "Oh!" Zhang Cheng should be a cry, anyway, think it is nothing to do, so they went over. "Young man, come, come, you come here want to see something ah!" Fat shoulder patting Zhang was very friendly and asked. "I look around, no want, right, did not you say you do here, there are good things, good things in which it?" Then, Zhang Cheng curious looked at his stall, but they found the top Only a tripod furnace, the other nothing. And this tripod rusty stove top, if placed in the antique market value might even money, but on here, it was a little Han. "It's not all in this up!" Fat said, pointing to his booth. "Only this Dinglu?" Zhang said. "Yes ah, this tripod stove, but you can not underestimate it, this is the day when Dan magic items used Dinglu Dan magic items day you know?" Fat Man asked. "Ah, I heard that too, how?" Zhang asked, puzzled. "I know enough, I also do not talk nonsense, the reason why he had the practice of Dan a way to have such a high achievement, is by virtue of this Dinglu." Fat hard and said. Hearing this, Zhang will surely this man is a charlatan it. Moreover, he saw the two talking so Shunliu fat, it should not do the job the first time, we can see that he sees himself as a little insight Lengtou Qing. However, if the fat man standing in front of him to know that the true disciple of entry day, do not know what he would feel. "The amount, Oh, this is Dan magic items day, ah!" Zhang eyebrows, although she bad music, but the plane was still calm, said: "Yes, Brother, how to call Are you? "" My name items, you call me fat items can be. "fat replied. "Oh, yes Xiang brother ah, you said that Dan Ding yes, yes Who was it?" Zhang pretending infested remember the way, where the thought. "Dan is a magic key days ago not mention it to you!" Entry fat replied. "Oh,Air Jordan Flight The Power, right, yes Dan magic items day, but how do you know this thing is he? If it is him, and how it will fall into your hands? You know, entry day, but by far the most powerful one bit division of Dan. "Zhang Cheng asked. "Oh, brother in fact, you only 知其一不知其二, tell you the truth, I was a Dan-day descendants of the magic items, this thing is left to his old, and told there is mention of this magical power unit France, if you can ponder the words,Oakley Glasses Online, then we can achieve his realm and then he would leave the house disappeared. "" Unfortunately, we do not live up to these children, and there is no ability to ponder the matter secret, then plus departed ancestors, our family lost its deterrent force, then slowly eroded by other family annexation, and finally is reduced to now this had to sell this thing out subsistence stage, speaking, my sons do I am really sorry ancestors ah. "Xiang said when brow fat also revealed a hint of the color of pain. "Oh, is that so, then why so many people, you do not find someone else, but it happens to me?" Zhang Antan This guy's acting badly, if they are not entry-day disciples, otherwise it might really have on He's trap. "I see little brother bones surprise, alchemy is a good seedling,jordan online sale, and good-natured, so it would be this Dinglu entrusted to you, I hope you are able to ponder the mystery thorough, do not let it be lost, so I it worthy ancestors of. "Xiang fat replied. "That this thing will not freely give me?" Zhang Cheng tentative asked for such a one. "This, in fact, had this thing is not supposed to receive the money little brother, but I really have no way my brother, my brother also have to survive, so can not give you white, however, it will not ask you for more money, you to the point of living, probably began with one hundred will almost beneath contempt, you see how? "entry into the bait fat see Zhang, his eyes showed a glimmer lighted, but his face was not the slightest pleasure, but seem some dismay. "One hundred low-grade Lingshi ah, too ......" Zhang Cheng wants Dances in him, mind came the voice of the sky entry: "Disciples, be sure to buy this thing down." "Master , this person really is your offspring? "Zhang Xiang days prejudices so excited, could not help thought. "You did not master my life married, but where's offspring, this guy is talking nonsense it, you have believed? I just let you put this Dinglu get their hands!" Entry day replied. "Is this really a good thing?" Zhang says hear Xiang days, could not help excited again. "Yes, I can feel the power it contains, but it should be sealed, so I do not determine what is it in the end, but it certainly is a good thing." Xiang days replied. "Really ah, that feeling good, look at me!" Zhang costs and Zhelaoxiaozai intend to play, after all, he is a disciple of entry day, how is that counterfeit fool. But now it seems, it really is a good thing, which made him excited. "Little brother, if you feel your words, the price we can talk, you see, so good, I do not want you one hundred low-grade began, you gave me eighty how kind?" Xiang Zhang fat see where hair shocked, thinking that the price is high, so they put the price down a little. <
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