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31.05.2013 04:39
sharp degree simply some daunting antworten
Update: 22--27 Kelaide is peak dizzying hit,Air Jordan Store, while resisting the peak of the counter-attack, but her robe was inch fracture, flying everywhere, humiliated, do not ban him fly, completely moved pitfalls. Especially just body touch all samples are watching to see, at the moment he was almost dead have a heart. Originally, in his view, although kill peak may take some time, but under his anger wave peak move, inevitably tragic retreat, unable to resist, but how did not expect the other side would play a high-handed kempo so appalling, especially that linger in his fists on the transparent Gang Jin, sharp degree simply some daunting, a sharp cutting things, no horse. These are the second, the peak that high-handed fierce punch, even perfect contains a spiral of strength,Oakley Sport clearance, so that Kelaide in measures as prevention, suffer heavy losses. "Ah? I'm not wrong? Kelaide elders should be a bombardment of whole body clothes fragmentation? And his body is very strong." At this moment, I do not know who is in a low voice say such a sound, suddenly got a burst of laughter. "Give me to shut up!" Kelaide angry almost y ù to hematemesis, binge drink a sound, suddenly around a silence quietly,Oakley Sunglasses Store, without any words. However, although in the fury of the dignity, they chose to remain silent, but the crowd that some excitement, Kelaide is aware of this thing is going to spread. Once, while waiting for news spread, his fame is to completely destroy. "The peak strength strong, can suppress the blade emperor strong a head, he seems that transparent Gang Jin is really bad!" A smile on her face, high PA grinned road. "Well, peak now grow faster, even I also feel be hardly worthy of belief!" Approve nodded, scene is also very excited. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Small chop suey!" Kelaide angry again say three damn hair as a lion, explosion, a towering rage straight into the forehead, bloodshot eyes, suddenly is to forget everything, mind strands of the soul force crazy emerged out, then y ù take soul attack, in one fell swoop kill each other. "Speed karaok" invisible soul force radial sh è and, although they could not see, but from the soul of the dull coercion, it is to make all the neat face s è changed, once again aware of blade emperor a terrorist. "Ah! Not good! Add carefully!" Be startled at high Ba, but facing each other that their soul is suddenly attack, even have no chance to help. "The elder, you can not fail to keep faith, my son has taken you a trick, hand again is the promise and then deny in succession!" Ao Mu at this time also anxious, hurriedly loudly, want to prevent your opponent. The onlookers see all Kelaide such expressions, but also a guess, I'm afraid he is going to play the strongest blade emperor strong across the wrath of the barrier, the soul attack, y ù to in one fell swoop kill in front of the youth. J ī ng mount blinking eyes, peak s è is a quiet, mind that unit, Ling >
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