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31.05.2013 04:35
Zhao body majestic feeling antworten
> Poof! , "Poof!," Poof! "This is not a grade, it can be said that unilateral massacre, it is too easy can be more so the more uneasy Yeyu Xuan heart I do not know why, always an ominous foreboding hidden in my heart, lingering. Watching There is also a field in a bitter five Shubing supported, Yeyu Xuan heart annoyance shouted: "Quick, quick, everyone on, give me them resolved. Do not waste time. "" Call,Oakley Fast Jacket clearance, "as if a breeze drifting, Yeyu Xuan figure has appeared in a front struggling to support Shubing." Dead, "Ye Yuxuan burst drink heard, hands shoved greenstone ruling pound his head." Come Well, "It looked Yeyu Xuan Shubing with violent blow, not only the hearts of fear, but has a Jisi excited." lack of progress, "the centurion's spear flashed easily, hands knife, like the Tigers down in general, with indomitable strong momentum, greeted. "Clang! "Daoguang and rulings volley hit and saw that Shubing like God of War in general, not the slightest retreat, but step forward." Boom, "high aspirations Yeyu Xuan, I just feel an enormous force since the seemingly ordinary long knife on import your own body. stature shaking, back row only stopped a dozen paces backwards step. eyes wide open violence, mouth shout: "Who are you in the end, this skill should definitely not a veteran Some. "" Oh, Yeyu Xuan, now found? Late next year, today is your memorial. "Hoary Shubing a ripped off his hat. Looked straight Yeyu Xuan." Huang, Huang? "That, that the few remaining ....." Ye Yuxuan not yet finished. The other four eleven returned the body of the dress. Zhao, Madai, Meng Huo, HUANG Yue-ying. Before Yeyu Xuan from the shock react, three truck suddenly burst open, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan,Satchels Coach Outlet, Xu cover three of the head appeared. "Decentralized, retreat," recover from the shock of Yeyu Xuan drink soon burst, figure suddenly become somewhat blurred, without looking around thinking behind the jungle. Beyond the speed limit, like a lightning speed and even cause terrible gust. Feel the breath of a stock has been looming behind locked himself, Yeyu Xuan few uses blur, you want to get rid of this atmosphere, but before long, they are locked lived. In this way, Yeyu Xuan with each other in the jungle around for a long time, can still not be able to throw off the other side. Even he finally got to know in what place. Because when he bypassed the big tree at the moment, suddenly found a dark, overcast deep cave. Circulated inside the shocking death breath, reason tells him not to go in, go after basically narrow escape. But deep down it seems there are shares of sound, the temptation was calling Yeyu Xuan went. As he hesitated when that firmly locked their breath suddenly disappeared out of thin air. How is this going? Yeyu Xuan do not like anti-worry. Because just chasing for so long, he was able to follow their own, indicating that his mental strength is also very strong. There just did not move while he is impossible to detect mental strength beyond his scope. How this atmosphere will disappear? So ..... think so, Yeyu Xuan suddenly turned head. A handsome, dignified man slowly out from the jungle. I saw him Yeyu Xuan shook his head, sighed, are you, really is you, before you came along I have guessed that you account for the possibility of more than 80 percent but then I still have a glimmer of hope, Oh! "Oh, you must be my guess how?" Silver armor youth, hear Yeyu Xuan, then some asked, curious. "Although I am now in the overall strength of what your name is not on the Shu row, but I proud of that speed, not everyone can catch up and I ran in the bush with speed when the gall It was able to use his spiritual power firmly locked me, and not be slow in behind me, there is such strength of the people, except you Zhao, there are other people do? "Oh," listening Yeyu Xuan's analysis, Zhao could not help raising an cherish the heart of the heart. "Oh, worthy of praise over the prime minister Zhuge people, the strength of wisdom are all on the choice. As long as you kenga into our Shu, I will make every effort Zhao finding the best job for you! "" Oh, Yunxiong thanks, if we were not different camps, I believe we can become friends, brothers! . Unfortunately, unfortunately ah. "Ye Yuxuan gently sighed." If so, then we Shoudexia pinpointing it, hear Yeyu Xuan words. Zhao know you want to capitulate is impossible, in the hands Yinqiang one fell swoop road. Zhao body majestic feeling underlying strength Yeyu Xuan know if the hard war, ten die without life. And if, if they go into that, and I may have a chance of survival. "Give it a go, life and death by the life, rich in the day." Yeyu Xuan Yi Deng hard feet, jumped into the hole. The very next moment, he had originally stood was "Boom," bang fry up. Fortunately Yeyu Xuan decisive enough, or it may have been dead. Looked suddenly disappear in their own eyes Yeyu Xuan, Zhao rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Immediately perceived spiritual power, but found absolutely no trace. How could? Zhao step forward, walked Yeyu Xuan just standing position, carefully closing Faso, a 'dark underground cave appeared in his eyes. Bronze strength of Zhao, all emanating from a hole in the dark atmosphere was a bit dangerous. Frowned, thinking about it, relied on their own Hotshot, eventually jumped down. I do not know how long they stay in the air, Yeyu Xuan feels almost fell asleep in his trance when their hips finally contact with the ground, and "Boom," Ye Yuxuan fell hard on the ground. Severe pain, they immediately make Yeyu Xuan sober. Lift the head, look to the distant, Yeyu Xuan stunned, shocked stunned by this, what is this? Legendary skull sea? Looked around himself surrounded by white skeletons, some stuttering Yeyu Xuan said. "Although,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, relying on spiritual force sensor into their strength is not strong, than outside the Wei, Shu and two ordinary soldiers also weak, but wins in the number of people, ah, a sight of the edge of the skull is what the concept, such a scenario is indeed Order Yeyu Xuan gripped 【readers greatly, long time did not find what ronin, but always looked up to a lot of favorites, ronin had the cheek to everyone seeking collection, trouble you, click on at the same time, can also [Add to bookshelf next point.] Thank you!!!! ~! .. <
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