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31.05.2013 04:33
The peak work is just to get the Xuan antworten
Update: 2012-08-17 against the Dragon day! Dragon of heaven! Dragon flight. The Veyron crack day! DPCA stepped day! Yuetian whelp! The Raptors disc days! Evil spirit dragon swallowing day! Fierce dragon shake days! Early in the morning, still with a touch of misty day, on a piece of land near the green bamboo, a face strong peak shape strange flashing, was like a dragon, and expansion, and shock, fists a road across the beautiful arc, with a fierce Li Qi, a sincere bombardment and! He cast it is supreme mystic dragons, dragon of heaven! Overbearing! Ferocious! Wild! Press forward with indomitable will. Superior. Peak nine boxing lined out, already has a golden dragon cast this boxing time charm, but still some strange and lack of. After all, he for the fist position is not very good. This gloriously boxing contains endless abstruse and momentum, the peak is in the boxing with his proudest spiral perfect force behind Qi, each punch was made void rumbling noise, momentum amazing and shocking. "Call!" After a long time, the peak is a variable Chi Boxing, palm, Haramoto Xuanm pace a change, a step by step to step out of the moment, give a person a kind of stable if Taishan, steadfastly stand on one's ground. Hands above contains a tyrannical power, is around five psychic strands, each Zhang seems to have an open tablet stone, destroy all arrogance. The Xuan turtle stone palm! The peak work is just to get the Xuan turtle stone palm! This set of "although no dragon ascension fist so precious, but also on the mainland so rare a tipster, the power can not be underestimated. After the play finished Xuan turtle stone palm, eyes flashed a excited, the peak is double palm hand, body slightly arched, like a simmering anger a lion,Jordan UK sale, quiet moments, the body like an arrow, dash out, feet like to burst and high chopping knife general, extremely fierce fierce! "Bang Bang Bang...." a block sizes of rocks is he playing for a small pieces, momentum is more wild rush up, appears to be great interest in general, temporarily between legs like the sea, the roaring voice startled day sounded. "Ha ha ha.... really is worthy of dragons are collected by, than before I met some continental by sword, tough, too much!" Heart excited thinking, peak this just stopped down, wipe the body sweat, once again sit cross-legged, quietly thinking of the way of the mysterious. Especially the Dragon ascension boxing, is to let the peak there is a love, every time the understanding, had a vision to click into place, boxing experience is more and more deep. In the blink of an eye is the past seven days, the peak of each R ì will all mind immersed in this sets higher by newly acquired, practice gradually skilled up, even he obtained in blood maple forest unexpected miraculous pace step seven step also has some obvious progress,Oakley Active Sunglasses, but still not continuous treads, can only take the three step,jordan online sale, but also far from the kind of magical feeling, apparently there is a great lack of sentiment. "Call!" High > cross-legged meditation
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