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31.05.2013 04:18
almost all the king's summit in characters antworten
The 411st chapter red blood Yuan river -- time passing, one thousand more than the originally entered the blood maple forest,jordan online sale, were already half, only the remaining three or four hundred people, which also can appear hemorrhage maple forest terror, which although not many violent fierce beast entrenched, but is still a dangerous thousand times, a fury. While remaining, almost all are strong sword Wang strong, or some of the powerful clan, for the blood maple forest are more familiar with, and be prepared. Of course, the peak pervert nature is the exception, although only a fencing master in order in spirit, but with the violent, almost is not afraid of any ordinary sword king. Four holy disciples, but so far, no damage, it also can be seen four holy is how violent and metamorphosis. As the time flows slowly, almost all enter blood maple forest people is already near the red blood Yuan River behind-the blood maple, are cautious bulkhead on fighting, the event is a lot less. Now the legacy of the strong, almost all the king's summit in characters, each of which is a lot of killer, a method to avoid a miasma, but always cautious advance, red blood Yuan River behind-the toward blood Maple having a great reputation and ran. Almost for blood maple forest have been recorded in the family are all know, red blood, Blood River is a natural barrier maple forest, through the red blood Yuan river is completely to the blood maple forest deep place, and then through the spatial rift that horrible, is can reach five jade most deep place, only to occupy a space for one person in five colors and jade table, only then has the opportunity to win the ingenious creation five wins bead! According to the record, the red blood Yuan river must all together or alone, one or two people can easily complete the fall. "Karaok" blood maple forest depths, the two figure is rapidly moving forward, led the way East, particularly surprising speed, it is the peak and blue-print. They are now does not cover up own body, such as lightning fast flew up. "Eldest brother, we attack a lot these days the sword King strong, including the treasure that is very impressive! However, we would waste a lot of time, they are stepping up toward the red blood Yuan river road now, if we miss a large force,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, want to have red blood Yuan River isn't so easy." At the corners of the mouth, talking out of the way. The old man's bones sake, all kinds of dangerous peak for behind-the blood Maple know more clearly, for the red blood Yuan river is also very understanding "well!" One with a nod,Coach Purses Sale, rare on the face of a deliberate, is slowly opening "peak brothers, this red blood Yuan river is blood important checkpoint maple forest, it will be surrounded by internal blood maple forest, we want to survive, must follow all the troops, or simply the two of us, even to survive, would be terrible sonic roar Zhencheng injured, even killed might! You think, every time through the red blood Yuan River, according to the book is written, even ordinary sword King order is also great pressure, in order or even slightly injured, if this could have hundreds of people sharing pressure >
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