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31.05.2013 04:12
If he is such a rocket-like self-discipline antworten
The 392nd chapter caz arrival -- peak practice in San Diego School after more than a month, by virtue of his guards to absorb spiritual power is speed, unexpectedly livinged to make psychic vortex inside them to a fencing master began to peak. If he is such a rocket-like self-discipline speed to say, don't say is the common spiritual roots of self-discipline, is the spiritual roots super peerless genius, but also amazed Koudaimudeng, very ashamed. With the practice of peak, peak is also suddenly aware of a very serious problem, although he now practicing fast, can really want to achieve strong sword king, is extremely difficult, than ordinary practitioners hard times! "Although I now physical,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, psychic equilibrium is five years not to meet the physical, spiritual practice time to absorb the amazing speed and clinking, is almost always in a state of emptiness, can want to achieve strong sword king is more suffering. The ordinary single spiritual practitioners to make the sword of king of strong, must have a deep understanding for the repair of spiritual power, success was probably the king of swords. And I, but also on the five spiritual insights are extremely deep level, it may cause the concentrated power vortex, achievement king. Though once achievement King strong, the strong stronger power than the same order cross several times, but the sword king then need to completely sentiment repair psychic abstruse, the final achievement of blade emperor strong, and I would need to complete a thorough understanding of the secret of five power to do it, then I proud of the constitutional spirit root equilibrium five, you have become my most insurmountable obstacles." Walking in the Santiago college Boulevard, peak face bitter feelings, originally because become five spirit root balanced physical pleasure, has long been the follow close on succession troubles submerged. Since the school in Santiago holy practice of fencing master began to peak, peak then once again returned to the San Diego School, want to have a practice, will secure their strength before going to. "Call! Don't want to! Than it originally completely inoperable spiritual power, is now the situation is too much, although in practice spiritual way, I may have to pay several times the hardships of ordinary people, but when I rush afraid? And I have done, is there will be return!" Deeply relieved, peak grinned, not to consider this in recent days has been lingering worries. "Well, or in the school well with a practice." Peak stroking space in the ring finger, great walk on the Boulevard, toward their dormitory to go. Peak now is still Santiago school celebrity, so he go all the way, it was a lot of people's attention,Air Jordan 9, as this scene, already be accustomed to his nature is not too much to ignore, just in his dormitory to go, not much would be to live near their. And the peak of their own all don't know, he just returned to school sites, whereabouts are people know, and quietly passed out just back to the three brothers living in the small courtyard, peak and William chatted for a moment,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, the door is in vain came not anxious not to knock on the door. I heard a knock on the door, just got back from the peak eyebrow pick, then stood up, move to >
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