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31.05.2013 04:05
the head does not know the history antworten
The 368th chapter exposed whereabouts -- "roar!" It is the sound of a thunderous roaring noise,UK Nike Air Jordan, a wearing black scales huge monster also thoroughly shown figure. Such as the Lantern - like broken golden eyes injection cold light, the foot has ten meters of Wei Russian body trampling on the void, this huge monster like dragon head with a sharp horn, bloody giant mouth with thick teeth, faint can see the remnants of the flesh of the. Pedal void! This was also a sword emperor level supreme fierce beast! This huge monster that TA and roared to distance, cloud Wang beast 100 meters outside the void, quietly staring at each other, a stalemate, and there is no direct selection. "Ta Kong? This is a sword emperor level a fierce beast! See the appearance, should be the dragon family and other powerful fierce beast hybrid offspring, they will put on a fierce fight?" Looking up at the towering the void in the body, the peak eyelid wildly jump, just calm down the mood also can not help but burst boiling heat. He had never seen such fierce beast, in the mind also have no record, but by its shape, is a can guess what. If the elders didn't die, he will be surprised, because the head foot vanity, roared to a fierce beast, they are met in Yuan river without the Beastmaster, obviously is king the king summoned beast cloud from which to draw. But it does not do to that group of hemophagocytic bone wing anaconda, the direct selection of surrender, but quietly confrontation, want to compete against the general. "Cut! Boss, the head does not know the history of the big guy although strength is good, but apparently only blade emperor to strength, and the capacity of a single force thin, not the cloud Wang beast opponent. You want to see them fight, I am afraid it is impossible." Good feeling with the huge monster breath, it certainly on the way. And heard my so said, the peak in the eyes is hot gradually quieted down, showing very pity. "Roar!" Perhaps in order to prove my judgment,Coach Handbags, power of cold cloud Wang beast flowing mane wind, for this to confrontation with his open huge monster move, is thoroughly angry, seems to be its prestige provoked general! It is in vain to a loud angry roar, like a king's status was threatened, cold look in front of the whole body fierce Li thick atmosphere of the huge monster, all the wild no horse tyranny atmosphere more and more strong, thick giant mouth micro Zhang, a muffled thunder such as fuzzy human voice even with that "surrender, or death!" "Surrender,oakley sunglasses cheap, or death!" The muffled sound in the void like thunder, a rumbling sound. "This! How it can vomit human speech?" Concentrate one's attention on watch at the top of the peak is be startled at, like hell general, surprised at her good road. According to his understanding of Odin, fierce beast, unless it is a sword emperor level top fierce beast, or common through the thunder robs the fierce monster can vomit human speech, the cloud Wang beast although uncommon, but apparently not in this column, no wonder the summit.
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