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31.05.2013 04:04
Yeyu Xuan just started antworten
> "Xuan," look vomited blood flying under the ring Yeyu Xuan, girl standing in a forest tree, like Ganchangcunduan general, shout out. The next moment. Flying jump off trees, the frantic rush toward the barracks. Medical treatment they really give Yeyu Xuan was. Lu Yu Yan rapidly ran medical office, doctors can not help but grab the clothes Tao "how, how, how he is doing." "Do not get excited, not excited, he was fine, just some small bruises on the chest above, rest assured . "looked excited Lu Yu Yan, MD, slowly appease. Hear Yeyu Xuan no big problem, Lu Yu Yan finally ease down. Stood at the window, watching the healing of Yeyu Xuan, mind complex feelings endless. Happy, warm, but more remorse, for their hate, she knew that if Yeyu Xuan 10W Points to use in their own body, it will immediately become the three soldiers. Coupled with the potential outbreak, not to mention the injured Dai Jian, is intact, there is hope Yeyu Xuan beat, if not himself, how he would go to this point. If I had not. Congratulations, by the people standing on the stage now, people will not be wearing a congratulatory health, but should be worn when he ..... Yeyu Xuan Jian hit that shot will fly out when the whole body is really let Lu Yu Yan There is a tingling feeling. Even more than his injury pain, the kind of hard clear your heart of pain, she never wanted to be the second time. So at that moment, a decision she never thought in his mind - to leave. Lu Yu Yan a man walked into the room, quietly looking at the treatment Yeyu Xuan hand gently stroking his Lianpang, gently said: "Hurry Well, although good, you see me, there will be short sad, but I believe you will be good, you can make it out of, but if I do not go, you will be in this life because I was held up, this time just to the commander did not compete if I do not go, I do not know the next time you will not be because of me ..... Lu Yu Yan said here, the throat as if suddenly the card to something general, the following words can not say how. slowly stood up, facing Yeyu Xuan's gently kiss his forehead. a letter sent by its own smart watches to Yeyu Xuan above, then gently wave of the sleeves, do not take a leave of clouds while Yeyu Xuan now in a state of confusion, the feeling is not fine. Suddenly, coma Yeyu Xuan suddenly feeling like I was about to leave yourself something and this thing is very important, if they do not put me,Outlet Oakley M FRAME, then will regret it forever. this feeling, let Yeyu Xuan crazy struggling, eager to wake up,Poppy Collection Coach Cheap, but is given a sense of powerlessness, may at this time, secretly hidden in the body of the small black dot appeared again and this luminous dot slowly and increasingly brighter. and slowly absorbed other side of the energy, to enhance their own, and soon became a small point size of a fist, in Yeyu Xuan's body in the walk. went, Yeyu Xuan immediately feel your body consciousness in the recovery there is no way but to no avail , and his body is being slowly restored, Yeyu Xuan also accept their fate, lying quietly waiting. spiritual power, energy, followed by small black ball trajectory, the whole body gradually warming. Soon, the body of the ball running from Yeyu Xuan circle, do not pay attention in Yeyu Xuan moment, suddenly disappeared without a trace, if not extreme trust your senses,oakley sunglasses, Yeyu Xuan is that just a dream. slowly run for a body energy, to consolidate what makes they are completely restored. physician saw Yeyu Xuan, woke up suddenly rushed into. "Hey, what is this smell stinks ah. "" This will not, which will not ..... "Physicians looking at the whole body anti-triad Yeyu Xuan, disbelief, said." This will not be much of it inside him? "Physicians are always looking at physician's assistant could not speak that sentence, that is embarrassed to say, quickly followed his words inferred, while waiting for the doctor's triumphant praise." Do you think it possible? "Physicians stringent anti asked. Quickly wash with him." Finished cleaning should be disinfected, heavily disinfected. "" Yes, yes, "looking at the face of mutations physician, assistant panic replied. Looked Assistant will Yeyu Xuan's body lifted out physician before slowly said, this is, this is the legendary pulp washing cutting hair. No, this potential, we must tell my lord, just maybe, hey ..... Yeyu Xuan just started a little puzzled, but after cleaning a bit, oh feel gradually recovered, his body began to realize that taste is hard enough Wen, the body is very refreshing, open smart watches, an open Yeyu Xuan stunned this, this, this is how it was. Yeyu Xuan uses three consecutive This shows that he was surprised to the extent intelligence, agility, stamina, have already exceeded to one hundred, more frightening is the power to know the last time he was a little more than 200, calculate a two iron warrior [early] And now, strength properties already see, Yeyu Xuan only feel full of energy within the body, while also changed their title: three Iron Warriors. slept, suffered an injury, all attributes all the increase of 100, is a total of 400, who does such a good thing, if you give him another chance, he Good to sleep again. course, this is to look at a joke!!! dressed "Yes, they can earn a suit of clothes, a lot of clothes, finishing slightly Yeyu Xuan, suddenly felt his wounds still aching. But a little pain right Yeyu Xuan what has not. A door, Yeyu Xuan disappointed, waiting for him was not what he wants to see Lu Yu Yan, but a commanding soldiers. Cao Ying, although people on earth, but Yeyu Xuan or ready Romans. Hands Baoquan, gently asked: "soldier brother, I ask you to find my brother?" "Well, Cao adult calling you, come with me." Please do not bother Yeyu Xuan, cold said. Looking at each other to ignore yourself, Yeyu Xuan also bored, did not say anything, silently walked back with the soldiers. They speed is not slow, and soon went to the big camp where Cao Cao, Cao looked in camp. Yeyu Xuan TIPS stand did not go. See Yeyu Xuan appearance, his face a little bit better Guards said: "Well, you're standing here a minute, I went to announce his lord," Go, when talking about the mouth is also live on in the ring that matches the strength of the , not even my opponents, I really do not know why my lord declared to meet you. Soon bodyguard came out, his face no longer cold, but still not the slightest expression very calm and said: "Go now, my lord declared to you."! ~! . . <
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