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and the other is no longer completely antworten
> Looking at the ring of a warrior, the crowd mind or do not want to accept this reality, to know that before this, and everyone decided that the level of strength and energy in the body to determine the winner, but today,Cheap Oakley Radar, today, this deep-rooted Thought to be revolutionized. It turns out that the world is a miracle, the original of this world can rely on the skill level to make up the gap. Although Ren Jun using dishonorable means to win, although everyone understands that people battle on the battlefield, Qiu Tianhua certainly stronger than the role of Ren Jun, but anyway, he lost is lost. Meanwhile everyone's mind to life again, to ponder that he is not sometimes a little less enhanced attribute points, buy a buy skills, collect a weapon? But we want to go to, or to continue the fight, Wei sent enumerators against nine people, including including Yeyu Xuan shouted: "Now Leizhu is Ren Jun, who else to challenge, please come as soon as possible. Row shouted three times, no one actually respond because Yeyu Xuan This group has always been the strength of the weakest, two iron warrior plus Yeyu Xuan a total of only three people. now Qiu Tianhua defeat the next, Yeyu Xuan and another one did not think of what crack method, still in the ring under the hesitant,Oakley Radar clearance, not to say that a strike Iron warrior. looked still no one dared came to power, Wei statistician snapped: "I count to three, in the absence of people together,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, he announced that any Jun is the winner of this group to get a job centurion. "1,2," Wei statistician just shouted two, Yeyu Xuan has not help to go up, after all, he wants victory Ren Jun still some to grasp, how could so easily to hand over the centurion posts Yin it? "You can start it?" Yeyu Xuan glanced referee Road. "Ready to start." Ren Jungang just going to turn invisible, suddenly burst back Yeyu Xuan stature rapidly, as if to escape the OTC general, the situation suddenly let him dumbfounded, skills instantly stop the release, after all, every place once, will consume his great energy that he is still just a soldier, can not try to do it. "Bared" under the watchful eye of the Ren Jun, Ye Yuxuan body pushed to the edge of the ring, suddenly a screeching halt stopped, no fall. Also been brewing cohesion half cut roared flying out, the whole ring are shrouded half cut. Watching Yeyu Xuan release trick, everyone finally know why he dared to play, but also a play on the rapid retreat turned out that everything is in order to confuse each other, silently cohesion work out this powerful half cut, making it inevitable, a hit the end of the other side. "Boom, no doubt," That's a strong blow, click on the knock Ren Jun, directly to him off the ring. A strike to win, Di Xiaren no response, have all been Yeyu Xuan strong deterrent to live by, such a strong battle, the much needed energy, ah, own up whether to stand up? 90% of them are negative. Only under the ring just hit the Qiu Tianhua, eyes filled with feelings of enthusiasm, as if to see what prey. Initials, Finals referee announced Yeyu Xuan winning just falling Qiuqian Ren could not wait to jump up. "I want to fight with you, I hope you can come up with your real strength, let us happy in a war." Qiu Qianren filled with fanatical said. After saying that, the whole person rapidly moving him to step down is not just no chance of winning, but rather to deal with such people, proud Qiu Tianhua not the slightest interest. It just looked Yeyu Xuan strong blow, suddenly stirred up his mind to fight. Deafening cheers opened a prelude to the battle. Not look Yeyu Xuan, Qiu Tianhua palm shoot, this is not what the Iron Palm, but even the most basic attack, Iron Palm transmission via Qiu family resorted to attacks than people in general are many and strong. May have no interest in trying his Yeyu Xuan Zhang Li in the end, after all, compared to the palm method, he is now is a soft spot for weapon attacks. Beryl ruling against his palm, then play out. Energy instantly burst open, Yeyu Xuan half step did not retreat, Qiu Tianhua consecutive three steps back, though strong with the weak one, and he read out everyone. Do not know a trick that they are not Yeyu Xuan opponent, Qiu Tianhua no longer everything he knows, the well-known cheats sand palm finally took out a palm method that Tough encounter Yeyu Xuan of greenstone ruling Yeyu Xuan suddenly felt his right hand jaws of death shock crack, momentary weakness, greenstone ruling immediately sell, and gritted his teeth, energy transport into his right hand, his right hand suddenly regained consciousness, will have to pay close attention to the fall of the greenstone ruling. Next, Yeyu Xuan also become cautious, and the other is no longer completely recklessly, but by virtue of the arms length, and distance fighting with each other, that is to have long, short Gongdi. Sure enough, an inch long, an inch of strong, Yeyu Xuan really sealed the success of each other's Iron Palm. Dozen rounds later, Yeyu Xuan immediately come to understand these subtleties, mouth flashing a smile. Iron Palm is indeed the secret, but it is extremely Tough, can and fists a fight, which is all the energy transport to the palm, the attack power play to the limit. To take into account other aspects, but not solely, the power will be greatly reduced. After a while another child, Yeyu Xuan felt, this Qiu Tianhua law in the palm really skilled, but also very rich combat experience, which Qiuqian Ren and his ancestors, but completely different ah. And now moves is perfect, although the reason is because the weapons Yeyu Xuan repressed, but did not see that he has the slightest feeling of losing trend. From combat to now without any flaws, but attacks are not band playing, palm method quite clear, at a glance, and in general people do not like, it really is practiced. They collide again, the energy burst, and bounce, watching Yeyu Xuan, Qiu Tianhua very good mood, because he finally found one who can really a war, or he doin 'too boring. Good, good, good, Qiu Tianhua row in the heart cried three times. Qiu Tianhua slowly opened a posture, Stretch your right hand, everyone holding their breath, evidently after just probing attacks, Qiu Tianhua finally to come up with their true sand palm up. Energy starts slowly, Qiu Tianhua energy began to rally in his hands, Ye Yuxuan give full pending. Quietly watching each other, waiting for the other shot. Suddenly Qiu Tianhua shot, beat up popped this momentum just now completely different, just a little bit just a little use, now fully released, Yeyu Xuan did not meet up waving greenstone ruling, because it's Tough hands, giving hint of his sense of danger. [Third and more, seeking collection, seeking recommendations, we hope to support, support. Ronin Thank you! ! ! ! 】! ~! . . <
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