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Right foot gently kicked antworten
> I do not know what time Yeyu Xuan has come in front of her, big hands tightly holding her little hand slip without bone, eyes straight at her, without saying a word. WWw! QUAnBen! Com raised his head, looked Yeyu Xuan eyes full of profound meaning that revealed to the trust, encouragement, gentle. Lu Yu Yan heart suddenly felt a little better. Just about leaning her head into the arms of her floor, flat helped her heart. "Peng," soon hit hit caused by the energy explosion, interrupted their moment it's warm. "Yuyan to overcome their inner fears, go, go put that injured unconscious person were killed, I went to the front to see." Finish, leaving undecided Lu Yu Yan ran toward his two followers. Zhang Feng, get on the ground has been beaten, his clothes stained with blood, and then stood in front of his view of his fellow combatants, although the body is stained with blood, but that blood has become a dark red color of the color, apparent for some time, apparently not because of Zhang Feng left. On the other side the situation is different, though seemingly Li Zhuang was tightly suppressed, but the other party has clearly hurt, there is no chance to recover, nor how the physical, Yeyu Xuan believe that Li Zhuang get through the front The wave of violent attacks, the situation will soon be reversed. This is Zhang Feng want to give the final blow, and then to help their male partner's eyes suddenly stopped, police and even looked like ghosts in general, escaped his notice, a man appeared out of thin air. Not the slightest breath of Yeyu Xuan hidden, watching eyes male guard in general, looking at myself, gave him a smile from that very harmless. While secretly released probing mind, suddenly two men entered the Yeyu Xuan information to mind at the moment he already knows why Zhangfeng each one seriously injured, a great physical exertion eyes so miserable man was also hit. Two guys are being chased iron one, visible in this world, the iron level is that the mass level. Estimated according Yeyu Xuan iron level is equivalent to the army soldiers as numerous. A like cannon fodder, two regulars, three elite soldiers, but no matter how strong the soldiers killed another factor is very high, and only go to the next level, Bronze, the only way to get a real sense of self-preservation. Yeyu Xuan looked like a daze, without the slightest pause, glasses male eyes of coldness flash, hands cold Bingjian instantly exudes Zhanxiang Yeyu Xuan's neck. "Go die," he roared, as if the attack in order to give yourself courage. Yeyu Xuan looked like still immersed in his own imagination, did not defend their powerful blow. Eyes flashed a look of excitement. "Scold" Bingjian instantly across Yeyu Xuan's neck, as if across the straw in general, easy and simple. "Success, a success," eyes watched by his men across the neck Yeyu Xuan Bingjian, heart laughed, after all, in front of this great danger to their own sense of who was himself killed. May Shortly after, glasses men stayed away, in front of Yeyu Xuan is no generally fell down like a normal person, but rather out of thin air dissipated. Sensitive glasses men immediately felt wrong, stature Gang Yu rapid retreat, a dazzling golden Fasan Zhao came flying from the side, did not give the slightest attack glasses men the opportunity to escape, half cut the middle of his body. Bombers, had been injured by a half glasses men suddenly cut chop fly out, a series of hit stopped down a few trees,Oakley Fast Jacket, fell to the ground motionless. Mouth spit blood flying in the air, as if not money in general. A trick to get rid of glasses male Yeyu Xuan, after some action is not in, but his eyes looked straight HE Li Zhuang battle of that name Heitie a skinhead. Feel Yeyu Xuan eyes emitted a faint breath of danger and saw for himself the blow just stun his brother's strength. Suddenly oil burnout already bald man, a mistake, attacking side, and stature instability, to Li Zhuang seize the opportunity. But the way has been choked Li Zhuang Jin, waiting for this moment. Hands of the sword fast, the outsider it seems a little flicker, directly cut on his outstretched arm. "Puchi" That curvy, full of muscular right arm suddenly breaking the open. Blood Sabian sky, that desolation hard to bear. However, Li Zhuang like without the slightest feeling, taking advantage of his right arm fracture shouting at the moment, a long knife again Hengkan away toward his neck, and head straight flying, neck in blood on the Bay, like blood red fountain, stained the sky. Come Yeyu Xuan degree was shocked. However, Li Zhuang people are generally nothing like the soul without the slightest fluctuations. Right foot gently kicked out, what will be kicked out of his body. Quickly picked it up after the death of the relics, their loot. Frowned,Jordan UK sale, Yeyu Xuan Zhuang Li became interested in reality in the end he is doing, one does not reach an iron warrior who actually beat him, though bald man was seriously injured, but an iron after all, is a warrior, the body already has energy. You can use the energy of people actually have lost. Bald men were beheaded in the right arm and fly the moment and bloody at the moment, Li Zhuang actually not the slightest pause, still cool brandished a knife cut. Li Zhuang heart conceivable quality and combat skills. At the moment Lu Yu Yan has shook unsteadily toward Yeyu Xuan walked over. Look at him driven to distraction, Yeyu Xuan frowned shouted: "Yuyan, give me awake over." That sounds like bells and drums crash shook her mind, let her head slightly awake, but glanced Yeyu Xuan, once again under her head, a listless look. "What are you doing, this allows you to easily kill three people, but also so that if you're already dead on the battlefield, and now I have to kill the eyes of men." Yeyu Xuan frowning cold voice shouted. "I ...." Lu Yu Yan whispered a word, they could not go on, but the body has not the slightest action. Yeyu Xuan looked like confrontation with silence. Looked at the time on the watch a minute goes by, appeared to be an hour. Yeyu Xuan could bear. Cold laughed, then freezing cold voice: let everyone have the presence of mind while cold, there is a feeling of horror. "If you do not kill him, then never to not follow me, then when we do not know, after all, watched you die in front of me, not as now we separated. Oh, then said do not do my burden, to do my most strong backing, ha ha, this is your oath? "[our readers greatly, it is not good sense, classmates birthday today, has been to get Now,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, forgive me, forgive me. 】! ~! . . <
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