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31.05.2013 03:58
as if to herself to buy clothes antworten
> Called and will be a good afternoon to the city train, crept into Lu Yu Yan's room, looking at her wearing a silk pajamas, eyes closed pretending to be asleep, but the sheets exposed outside the little hand is in constant jitter, exposing his true situation. wWw, QuANBEn, Com Yeyu Xuan heart of a dynamic, energy is transported from the body, walking no sound, gently leaned over and looked down at her beautiful face, she opened her eyes and hold your breath waiting for a peek. Over about two or three minutes can not hear the slightest sound of Lu Yu Yan slowly opened his eyes, suddenly Yeyu Xuan greeted by the familiar face, "ah," know their camouflage to see through, Lu Yu Yan screamed, they attempted to use in the hands of linen covered face. "Hey," Ye Yuxuan Xiexiao heard, directly open arms of her hands pressed to her bright red lips kiss to go. Lu Yu Yan knew fooled, determined to resist, but where he was stubborn too, not to mention he holds such a kiss, even if it is separated by a layer of clothes. But you can feel the sense of a warm body temperature. Can not help my body is melted very, symbolic earn a few will close your eyes dignity. Max is also self-comforting two hearts: "Anyway, I have to be his people, and no one here during the day should be no big problem." Ears but hear Yeyu Xuan in her ear is balderdash general praise Xian said: "hold you, nice ......" Lu Yu Yan mind immediately a soft one sweet, symbolic clenched teeth "baby enjoin" soon loose the open, Yeyu Xuan not worry, hug her, kiss She places the neck until she Yang Zhelian let him do whatever they want, this initiative to Lu Yu Yan tongue to his mouth, the two lingering kiss each other, totally forget the passage of time. Lu Yu Yan was he after some kissing and touching, looking Yeyu Xuan's eyes is Meiyanrusi to Mimang very gently closes his eyes, ready to do that day declared Xiuren / kinky. But for a long time has passed, Lu Yu Yan did not feel the slightest action in front of a man, can not help wondering opened his eyes. Yeyu Xuan looked surprised looking at myself, I had just thought of Lu Yu Yan's performance, suddenly took the slightest blush cheek. "Baby, just thinking about it? His eyes shut up?" Yeyu Xuan tease asked. "I, ....." one hundred fair hearing girl cheeks redder. Dripping like fresh plums. People kind of can not help but bite on impulse. The atmosphere around feeling awkward, so I do not know what to do with girls is good, in order to hide his embarrassment, the girl nose heavy "hum:" the sound. Pretty angry to see the landing Yuyan appearance, Yeyu Xuan no longer bear to tease her,Nike Air Jordan, gently flip the body lying next to her and said: "Today not want to do anything, let us talk, okay?" Watching Yeyu Xuan gentle expression, warm words, the hearts of the little girl disappeared without a trace immediately angry, turned to face the Yeyu Xuan gently nodded. ................... 19:00,Oakley Radar Sale, the city, a couple holding hands, his face filled with a happy smile sweet stepped off the train. "Taxi, Chinatown." Girl sweet voice, beautiful face suddenly let middle-aged drivers who froze until said second would react, quickly enthusiastic and said: "Yes, yes." down taxis, Yeyu Xuan shocked by the scene before, no wonder people are materialistic city is a paradise, which is not too much, more than two thousand meters long streets of shops, many of whom are known for large commercial city in the patch of land inch gold downtown, Chinatown will build luxury materialism to the extreme, sparkling neon nightfall, the flow of people in a hurry there is no shortage carry large bags shopper. Through a seat magnificent Bund buildings and rebuilt landmark, came a long history both ancient and very modern place. Yeyu Xuan suddenly have a strange, feminine garden feel. No wonder a lot of news reports that many migrant workers come here will have an inferiority feelings, if Yeyu Xuan did not experience the evil space Yeyu Xuan believe he will as to those farmers. But now everything is different, with the powerful strength of Yeyu Xuan, in this strange commercial cities, did not reflect the slightest feelings of inferiority, but rather the infinite self-confidence. Come on, buy some clothes, and so on down to the father, mother, or to put on a little. Yeyu Xuan slight chuckle. "Well,"; Lu Yu Yan heard his words, happy promised, but the hearts of a carrying weights of put down. The people are feeling more relaxed. Really, in here before, Lu Yu Yan really afraid Yeyu Xuan kicking the evil space used to, to the real trouble reluctant to buy clothes, dressed him this directly to see their parents. Spent time in the space of her evil, though not mind these things. But his parents are all successful businessmen, if Yeyu Xuan wearing these clothes now see them, Lu Yu Yan did not dare to imagine what will happen. But now, Yeyu Xuan actually offered to promise to buy clothes, whether or not for her, Lu Yu Yan are feeling sweet heart. Happily holding Yeyu Xuan arm, bird Iraqis against him, walked toward commercial building inside. This building has dozens of layers, but that is the city's tallest building, and just a mall floor there are dozens of stories high. The mall floor is Lu Yu Yan was to accompany his father, because this place is famous for selling menswear, style is also very nice, like her girls love shopping then of course know. Yeyu Xuan Lu Yu Yan followed directly on the 5th floor, although there are more men to sell, but also sell women, but only these five floor and sold casual wear, the other building is not selling a suit is selling shoes, of course, also sell other. Finally reached the 5th floor, a look at this floor hanging everywhere men's casual wear, dazzling, what style are, a lot of looks handsome cool clothes, looking at each brand dazzling moment mental Mature Yeyu Xuan has not had so much emphasis on its up. Contrary Lu Yu Yan look happy look, as if to herself to buy clothes in general, this touch, that look. Followed directly behind Yeyu Xuan silent, it seems that no matter what experience, women love shopping for nature can not be changed. Two positive selection of clothes and came a young lady, evidently also come to work, and 20 years old, politely asked: "Hello, may I ask what style you want to buy clothes, which we have recently popular new! very suitable for you. Lu Yu Yan smiled gently, giving the feeling of warm spring breezes, said: "Put your latest styles here, let's see. "Said the sales lady heard, immediately walked away. Indeed large shopping malls, waiters are very high efficiency, and pretty soon, and that he took a lot of sets of clothes lady came up to me," Sorry to keep you waiting, this is This year's most popular sets of men's, this is our hottest selling men's casual wear. "Lu Yu Yan picked up and looked at, I feel pretty good:" The Villa, how about you first try, no I'm helping you pick . "Good." "Then Yeyu Xuan took the clothes went to the dressing room. Soon Yeyu Xuan dressed up to go out on, which is a black T-cut, coupled with Yeyu Xuan those sharp eyes, giving a cool feeling MISS Yuyan eyes lit up, and sure enough clothes make the man, the Buddha by Gold,oakley sunglasses online, wear this one a handsome than just that one more. Lu Yu Yan suddenly changed man gazes, interests suddenly surge and said: "Xuan you back to a few sets look at it, anyway buy, you buy more time, "Ye Yuxuan think also in space fighting evil, but it is easy to dress broke, so listen to the recommendations of the Lu Yu Yan Then make Yeyu Xuan depressing things come . Yeyu Xuan each set of experiments, Lu Yu Yan said sound good so two out of the building, is already invisible Yeyu Xuan's face, completely covering the various sizes of the bag body. casually column of a taxi, Yeyu Xuan and Lu Yu Yan on riding to their destination.! ~! .. <
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