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31.05.2013 03:55
but still did not feel antworten
> "Boom," chains facing Yeyu Xuan zombie's head, dropping him Bigfoot. wwW! qUANbeN! coM bloody? Minced meat like flying? These conditions are not not appear. Just a dark land, there Jisi cracks. Did not stop, and the chain continues zombie walked to the front. To see if he did not look as if seen lying on the ground Yeyu Xuan general. Do not be surprised, the fact is true, the energy of the evil spirit ring surrounded in Yeyu Xuan, in fact, has been completely cut off from the outside world. This is why, just fury raging influx of energy to their body will suddenly leave. Energy self-flowing, slow and long, but no matter how slow walk, always there to see up to the end of that moment, and then,Air Jordan Superfly, will be sucked spring, although broken butterfly. Heart Shenhun dusky smelled, at a certain moment, a subtle sound strange, since suddenly came quietly among the cyclone, and as this road sounded strange sound, the body that the current wave of energy, but it is suddenly stalled! Consciousness slowly restored, Yeyu Xuan opened his eyes a little bit dazed at first looked at four weeks, immediately mind a move, feel the energy surging in vivo,Oakley Sunglasses Store, an in-depth bone marrow hi Italy, slowly since Yeyu Xuan hearts ignite. "I'm not dead, not dead? Success?" Suddenly, Yeyu Xuan's mind is like some kind of program has been inserted, a myriad of information flows constantly through his mind. Also suggest that he has evolved into a "two Iron Warriors." Save energy in the body is satisfied degrees, has been greatly improved. Mind stared feel his body and tips words, long after Yeyu Xuan finally a deep breath. Immediately issued a silent mind in the body crazy roar roar,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, successful, I finally succeeded, ha ha, ha ha, the day I do not die, "in their hearts loud roar of the occasion, Yeyu Xuan an eye on the pan is rosy, moist slowly invade Run the corner. strive hard for so long, finally won achievements. roar of hearts in the body slowly dissipated, Yeyu Xuan that agitate the mood, but also will be gradually calm. implicit hearts filled with the joy of a difficult, yet Just about to exit this practice Yeyu Xuan state, lurking in his body that silk black energy suddenly flicker for a moment, Yeyu Xuan's face was shoved a change, he clearly felt that his whole body warm, while an abnormal The **, suddenly spread from his body, and finally spread Yeyu Xuan body every tribe, which shares a strange desires, without the slightest damage on Yeyu Xuan, but forced Yeyu Xuan covered in hot, feeling he is now in this state, like eating drug was generally strong. "damn thing came out, why do you always like this. "Didi uttered Yeyu Xuan body energy Kuangmeng surging, you want to suppress the fire that kind ** down, but this time it is quite recalcitrant, the more he pressed, the more tyrannical rebound, so , a few rounds down, Ye Yuxuan the eyes, and yet are occupied by crimson down. die, do not vent it barely. Footloose Yeyu Xuan, crazy toward the mysterious three ran inside. No woman, he can only own **, converted into attack, giving vent to those monster's body. totally horny Yeyu Xuan, never mind the slightest fear, rapid and ran toward the three internal. way Each encounter zombies piercing comes chains chains, Yeyu Xuan can use their judgment greenstone easily be present, then a half cut instantly cut out, cut off its horizontal waist now Yeyu Xuan With two grade iron warrior's strength, far more than the energy level, releasing a half cut only inadequate level of energy consumption, while the strength and speed are far more than when a layer can therefore be said that the chains now kill zombies is basically a trick one, while another problem, and that is the evil spirits quit, you know, Yeyu Xuan chains did not kill a zombie, does consume nearly a layer of energy, thus easing the body Pentium ** But every time he kills a zombie through the chains of evil spirits precepts draw, there will be nearly a layer of the energy into Yeyu Xuan's body, that is, the chains alone kill zombies completely solve the problem at this time. must find a dead king, the only way I could solve my body expanded capacity, while there is another one thinking that Yeyu Xuan also would like to use at the moment is almost beyond the peak energy to war dead king, after all, seen the floor dead king Yeyu Xuan, can in no way believe, rose two iron warrior himself, can defeat him. therefore more of a power, the more of a chance to increase, so although the body has been slowly pain at the moment, but still biting Yeyu Xuan teeth, endure. Along the way, Yeyu Xuan has killed more than a dozen consecutive chains zombies do not have eyes, but still did not feel the slightest breath of zombie king With the increasingly deep invasion, this time the more I Yeyu Xuan something wrong, because in most peripheral when Yeyu Xuan virtue of their strength to reach two, you can see a distance of about ten feet around 5 .. But as the distance deepened visibility actually in slowly decreases, up to now only Yeyu Xuan the husband can see 2-3. Yeyu Xuan and vague in this mysterious space feel a breath of erratic From this stock breath in Yeyu Xuan although Monty Python did not feel the cold black ring, golden ratio Mongolia's violent, but by virtue of a sensitive feeling at the moment, Yeyu Xuan feel the strength of this atmosphere, there is at least more than 50% probability, similar to them if inference is correct, there are also hidden a retired old monster The thought of his own to push, Yeyu Xuan fiery forehead immediately shed sweat, not like before walking is so arrogant bolted. but became walking. After about twelve minutes, Yeyu Xuan suddenly saw in this end of the road there is a fork in the road, to his surprise, this also exudes from the mouth of the slightest light. forcibly repress her curious mind. still slowly approached. eaten countless losses, summarize the lessons learned, Let Yeyu Xuan finally become extremely cautious, watching his appearance at this time also know that while the problems are not rid of, but who has grown a lot. turned to the wall, into the fork, turn on the inside after around seven eight, Yeyu Xuan finally to this final destination. standing in the road, carefully looked at the surrounding environment, this community and the outside world differently. Inside is brightly lit, the light shining, shine stack of confused, giving a warm feeling. and the outside is really bad days to do cold. did not hesitate Yeyu Xuan immediately went suddenly looking at the black creature, the original inner warmth Yeyu Xuan suddenly cold down. ** powerful flames that have a short drop down .! ~! .. <
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