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31.05.2013 03:52
rod body greenstone incoming antworten
> Died, and finally died. wwW! qUANbeN! coM looked back on his feet evil spirits zombies, Yeyu Xuan murmured. Raised his head and looked at the front of the remaining dozen dark zombie, Yeyu Xuan appeared out of touch at the mouth cruel smile. Feet Yi Deng, rushed Diablo zombies. Beryl ruling sky waving. Their path, littered with corpses. "The last one, give me hell! Jump cut," Ye Yuxuan high jump, hands greenstone award carries 000 are of the power of heaven. "Collapse." Diablo zombie's head with just contact, directly burst. "Whew. Shout." Diablo zombie looking at the floor, Yeyu Xuan knocks gasped. An excitement echoed in his mind. Think of yourself in front of a half-day to deal with a dark zombie still struggling to cope, can only rely on behind the attack plan. Now get greenstone ruling after breaking strength has been, not to mention one, that is positive with a group Yeyu Xuan dare recklessly. Until this moment, Yeyu Xuan was fully aware of their strength in the end how strong now. Originally it had been in my heart slowly diverging confident, oh no, conceited or arrogant, more intense at the moment. This negative emotion or say healthy brain filled in Yeyu Xuan, let his inner urge to gush, now went to the Millennium zombie king, I can. Struggled a lot, eventually won reason, chose Riding, after all, there are many times, we can say more than enough. With this idea, Yeyu Xuan looked at his watch, silently calculating a good time. Walked toward deeper. Go for a while, Yeyu Xuan found the second floor and a layer of geographical design seems little different, are around three to stay one, that is, into the house on three sides by walls, where only their exports come. Familiar words well, Hotshot, carried away by the strength of Yeyu Xuan, saw an open space around three remain an evil spirit that only a zombie standing, knowing that there should be a lot of dark zombie hidden beneath the land . Waiting for the enemy to come after the climb out. Encircling. Calmly, courageous and prudent person will first turn on the edge of the circle, the most cited side row of zombies up, hit to kill, posterior for himself later, in rushed. If the previous Yeyu Xuan certainly would choose to do so, but due to the strength of today's Yeyu Xuan rapidly increasing, still have not learned to a good attitude to face all this, has to be some faint obsessed. Of course, we can not rule Yeyu Xuan hands all the time exudes dark black light ring from evil spirits ghost trace. But no matter how the behavior has now Yeyu Xuan and legendary obsessions some close up. There's no thinking, holding greenstone ruling directly toward evil spirits zombie rushed past. I want to build on their fast moving speed, immensely powerful force. Beryl is extremely sharp ruling a blow to kill the evil spirits zombies, zombies and evil spirits long dead, and the rest of those coming from the ground and climb to the dark zombie on to fear. From Yeyu Xuan methodical thinking, we can see that he has not completely deranged, loss of basic thinking skills. At the current state,Oakley M FRAME Online, it can only say that he is extremely conceited. Beryl ruling body energy toward madness output, suddenly had suddenly bleak verdict issued by Beryl green eye shine, shine up really fast clearing. Boundless energy flow in the body over the bar. Mixed with Yeyu Xuan win, zombie's head toward the evil spirits split down. Instinctive reaction, feel this powerful energy fluctuations head, right arm that wielded zombie evil spirits stout iron bars, greeted. "Block" a terrible chewy, and collision with an iron bar. Immediately "" Zheng "slamming clear sound, extremely hard iron bars appeared on the slightest crack, evil spirits zombies have been this great heavy impact bounced back out, but a move to destroy the enemy Yeyu Xuan plans failed, looking physique instability, continuous retreat of evil spirits zombies, Yeyu Xuan Gang Yu, Yi Deng legs a flutter, and rushed to fix the knife, to send him away to the west. Just then, Yeyu Xuan felt an enormous force from his feet came off the ground to make their feet coming back to the place, unable to move. looked down, a pair of black hands rotting, exudes a deep sense of smell, is tightly clutching their feet . Seeing knife up his own plan, even by a zombie deceives most garbage Diablo failed, angry Yeyu Xuan transported from the crazy energy of the body, the hands and then flash light greenstone ruling. powerful energy fluctuations that almost spread block area. "boom. "Straight against his foot hit to the open space, a layer of invisible, transparent energy, with the ruling of the rod body greenstone incoming underground. Dusty, sediment rolling. Diamond expertise into a dark his body, while the original wearer's foot stuck in the ground also restored freedom on once when, eaten a loss of Yeyu Xuan, afraid to do more to stay. volley leaps, facing evil spirits in close proximity greenstone zombie raised his ruling, the energy surging, and then flash light, a little beat up from the circle crescent appeared out of nowhere, toward the ground swept away. "boom," once again struggling wielded iron bars, I want to block Yeyu Xuan evil spirits which rage strike zombie, iron bars just with touch, crisp sound spread throughout this region, very sturdy iron bar suddenly torn apart. crescent energy light, did not slow down, still rushed down. "Kacha," Ghost zombie head to toe is neatly divided into two halves, the dead can not die while still underground latent desire to bide Diablo zombie, is the most unlucky, even heads are not exposed, and put a strong half cut directly penetrate into the ground. "As soon as the shaking explosions rang. "They never have the opportunity to come up. Gently falling from the sky, feel the body energy depletion, Yeyu Xuan without the slightest worry, because the size of the dark dolphin diamond crystals are well up from the ground, toward their body fly as long as the immediate absorption of these crystals, a little break, but it will be lively. hey, that time, the strength properties and enhanced a little, when I power up to 200, when is the time of death Millennium dead king. you have to wait for me ah,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, the dead king. Yeyu Xuan muttering said. was dazzled strength, no longer can not control their feelings Yeyu Xuan, burst out laughing. On this joyous moment,Nike Air Jordan 7, a figure slowly walked Yeyu Xuan from a distance in front of. watching the handsome pretty girls. Yeyu Xuan wild laughter halted.! ~! .. <
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