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that today I will do a antworten
> Silently left the crowd, Yeyu Xuan easily found a place to do down, watching the crowds began to patiently wait up. About less than a minute, he received three days Yeyu Xuan letter: Brother, I have something you want, but not in the body, in the warehouse, and you go to the warehouse door waiting for me, I'll get it, then you deal with . : Brother, you go where you say things I have, however incomplete, whether it should, if you want to please reply. : Handsome, listen to your tone seems very rich, oh, silver ore I did not, but I like body suet But some, oh, one hour 200 points, 500 points 3 hours, pack the night as long as 1000 points. Oh wait you reply. Silent, Yeyu Xuan see the first pieces of information, it is sneer, see the second article, it is hesitating, see the third piece of information when it is silent a while. Completely silent, actually perils trials in this space, there are small / sister such a career. Really should be a sentence, big woods, what birds are. Delete one hundred thirty-two information Yeyu Xuan little thought for a moment, the final decision is still contact, and let him take silver ore came into his own coordinates. Did not wait for two minutes a dignified man appeared in front of him. The first is a moment, then is surprised. First, Yeyu Xuan after seeing a man, we have so much response. Everything is because gold and black ring Monty Python Beamon That earth-shattering battle, but it is in front of the men survived the battle and get Excalibur Dark War can be said that the best in the world Mir weapons man. Thought of the day three of the words themselves deceived them, was slightly guilty. Loaded into a look of surprise and said: "You, you, you survived, then prove that you are successful?" Watching Yeyu Xuan's face, the man flashed a hint of disdain and ridicule in the eyes, then disappeared. Although only a moment, but still be good at observing others Yeyu Xuan to find. Mind a slight intrinsic, did not speak, waiting for each other. "Oh, never mind, you do not know ah, that girl is that although it is not" frozen world,Jordan Flight 9 Sale, "the big move, but that powerful lightning operation, killing three of us are ruined." How could this, She really how tough you? You three are not playing a rival? "Yeyu Xuan asked, puzzled face, but in the hearts sneer: You think I'm an idiot ah, do not know your Excalibur Dark War has broken magic effect, hey if you change individual will certainly be cheated, but you encounter happens me. "Yes, ah, in fact, only if the bare lightning skills,Coach OP Art Clearance, we can hit the three personal strength, recklessly about it, then there is almost a chance of winning. "But I did not expect this woman there is a trick, you can spray the pillar of fire from the ground to attack us, and let me be hurt while burning body was set in mid-air. Honestly I have never seen this trick above Mir , is probably the second skill Lingbao it so all three of us in a careless recruited and eventually I was the only chance to escape, while both of them ...... said here, the man stopped the discourse, But Yeyu Xuan also understand what he meant. listening to men's words, Yeyu Xuan keen perception of their own to find a very useful thing: I've never seen this trick towering pillar of fire To know girls that move "frozen world" Yeyu Xuan also rushed to tell the truth not seen. actually have two strokes is not a legend in the world of skills, Excalibur men because of their impact may be considered two trick is issued by the Lingbao, but Yeyu Xuan is very clear, black ring giant python evil spirits quit the body precisely in his body, that is the strong woman hands, no one Lingbao, then his skills and come from it? also want to continue to think Yeyu Xuan was Excalibur men's discourse interrupted: "Hey, brother thinking about it, and silver ore or not ah. "" Well, brothers, you have a few ah. "Ye Yuxuan promised a cry asked." A total of 15, including five or more but five only seven, but also do ah. "Excalibur face looks sad man asked." Well, how much money I want. "Yeyu Xuan saw a look of sadness Excalibur men, heart sneer, his face was showing sympathy with hearts distinct color." To 500 a bar, "men see Yeyu Xuan sword by his sadness touched, Now a big opening road. "500 one, let me think about it. "Hear Excalibur men high price, Yeyu Xuan heart silent, sarcastic thought: This unwanted stuff, want to sell five hundred? His face was put on a thinking expression." Ah, brother, sister, you are dead The good Cana! Brother even bought equipment for your money is not revenge, sorry ah. "Excalibur Men Suddenly in Yeyu Xuan side piercing cry." Well, brother do not cry, I buy it. "Seeing Excalibur man bad acting, Yeyu Xuan suddenly gush vomiting, feeling, and my heart silently thinking:" So, you want to see if I was not intentionally harm them, see if I was not in sympathy flooding The abuse of a good man, really do both of dollars, but you this intelligence, the acting ability would also like to lie, not the slightest tears in his eyes, and even the red is not red eyes even fake cry, is not filled with bad. Or, since you think I'm a good person abuse, that today I will do a good person to give you a look. "" Come deal, "Ye Yuxuan symbolic patted each other's shoulder and said." Well, enough of refreshing, I Xiaowu pay you this friend. "Excalibur men hear Yeyu Xuan promised, had vanished immediately sadness, joy, said soon the two sides completed the transaction, Yeyu Xuan comforted a few, watched from the left afterwards. Originally smiling face immediately disappeared, go and take a cold one. Hey, Xiao Wu is right, then let you happy for a while, I believe that in order to get your sword after defiant character will go zombie hole, looking zombie king. By that time, I Today will be all with interest the recapture. drops, drops. voice will Yeyu Xuan from the evil thoughts will pull fantasy reality is a silver ore information about his smart watches appear. : Hello, I've got five more than five silver ore, what you need, if you want,Outlet Oakley Scalpel, please contact me five, yes. enough. Yeyu Xuan immediately sent a message to the other side, where allowed to own left tens of seconds, when a pure and simple girl appeared in front of him. watching the girl, Yeyu Xuan gently wrinkled brow, how is an acquaintance. trademark smile face, to her waved his right hand. saw Yeyu Xuan girls, eager in with Jisi excitement, tension ran Jisi. Jiaoqiao lips parted a little nervous and said: "You, Hello, we meet again. "" Yes ah, met again, it seems that we are very fate ah, the information that you have five silver ore is not ah. "Keep a trademark smile, Yeyu Xuan said patiently." Well, "replied the girl concise. Watching this with a bit of pure, lovely girl, Yeyu Xuan in this world honed cold-blooded character even slightly relaxed. Facing Her warm channel: "sell me three, I told you to close 500 a how. "No talking, the girl gently shook his head. Looked like girls, Yeyu Xuan Jian Mei wrinkled face, the original trademark smile disappeared without a trace. With indifference and ridicule asked:" What do you think how much money a. 800, or also by 1000! ~! . . <
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