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31.05.2013 03:48
Hear Ye Yuxuan fairly antworten
> Yeyu Xuan suddenly woke up, he did not even open your eyes, etc., subconsciously right hand a ground shot, awarded by bouncing the whole person, his eyes wide open violence, for the unknown, he always maintained a unusual vigilance. WWw! QUAnBen! Com This is an excellent soldier's instinctive reaction formation. Look around, this is a remote rural areas, tens of hundreds of guys wearing a swimsuit and still lying on the ground - asleep, breeze blowing, feel so chilly, looked down, only to find out that they have, and these guys generally . Quickly open space backpack and found there is only a wooden sword and a commoner. Mujian: Attack 2-5, lasting 5/5 need to equip conditions: None. 【】 Commoner can not redeem points: Defensive 0-1, lasting 5/5 need to equip conditions: None. [Integral] can not be exchanged quickly dressed, picked up the wooden sword. Everything is so natural, so normal. "Wait, no." An Emmanuel flashing in his head over, Yeyu Xuan shocked, how, how could, how would I know space backpack? Is how I would open it? This information come from? Not wait for him to think clearly. Smooth left arm suddenly startled trembling, gently turned around, looked smart watches are still trembling, his face still showing the slightest: surprise, surprising. In the end is how is it, who can explain this all to me. Yeyu Xuan suddenly some anger, no. Or is through anger, to offset the hearts of fear is more accurate. Because at the moment everything is beyond the scope of his knowledge, it seems impossible these had happened, or that people can not, and things that actually all happened. "Devil," Yeyu Xuan secretly cry, heart finally had a vague answer. No longer cranky, looked at the hands still trembling smart watches. Slight frown, bow meditation: so fast, smart watches called up? Oh, no speed demon task too quickly arranged some, this completely to the new buffer time ah. "Calm open smart watches, a close look from the above information, fearing missing a characters:" the main task one,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized Cheap, killing 10 Orcs, Orc Warriors and two and get one thousand points for more. Main task two, the hole in the chilly wind blowing zombies to kill a zombie king and obtain its head as a keepsake handed Beechcraft King Imperial hands! These two tasks are completed first five people who will be selected to obtain a slave ring. Failure to complete a task which will be obliterated, and the rest will be used as the elect for the game, limit one week! Now the game started! "After seeing the main quest, Yeyu Xuan did not hurry to take action, looked at some surroundings, his eyes in an old stone house, and paused. Then quickly run up to the quality of his powerful army five years , did not take much effort to successfully climb the roof, quietly waiting, and even breathing are reduced to a minimum. secretly watching, still lying on the grass unawakened competitors. Soon, a look deportment imposing young man woke up, Yeyu Xuan dull eyes, gently glanced in his possession two. silently remember his appearance, continue to observe other people, just a blink of time, there is one person wakes up, so Yeyu Xuan some the difference is that this is actually a wake up,Air Jordan 13 Sale, looks fragile girl in soft after a while, the rest of those people,Coach Online Bags, they gradually awake. see here, Yeyu Xuan know that the collection of personal data, be basically completed, but has a five-year military life, he has not come down the idea at the moment, still motionless on the roof tummy, but this has changed from the collection, all information collected into a village information. Lueyisisuo, bring personal status, Yeyu Xuan was found strength, agility, stamina, mental these four attributes has become a 40 points, 40 points and 18 points, 26 points, and she was doubled. do not know the psychological effects from coming into this world until this moment, it felt like I Yeyu Xuan become strong. felt the power of the body above, even if he has always been calm, but also some faint hearts want to vent. ** After about two hours, a lively little village, and finally re-return deserted, all competitors, and finally all go * light. Yeyu Xuan slight activity of yourself a little numb limbs, hands and feet neat jumped from the roof. beat fear the dust, to the leftmost one house. observed on the roof more than two hours of Yeyu Xuan, repeatedly seen competitors around the house into dejected, some still dejected out, but his face was filled with joy and some do not know why has such huge difference, Yeyu Xuan With curiosity, but also embarked on the footsteps of their predecessors, slowly walked into the open courtyard, looked up and saw a black plaque above flamboyant words "martial arts" two characters. "martial arts? "Talking about the mouth, at the foot did not slow the pace is. Trot walk up the stairs. Watching the red doors, the spiritual force modulation limit. Prevent any possible accidents. Gently pushed the door closed , greet Yeyu Xuan eye is filled with a variety of weapons two rows of the weapons rack, slowly walked center subtle hint voice incoming Yeyu Xuan ears. without the slightest of waiting, immediately turn around, a big "arms" and the words catches his eye, but the eyes are still moving down. a white robe old man was sitting just leisurely. Yeyu Xuan walked slowly, each step is the same care, caution. slight bow, respectful asked, "Dear martial artist, what I could do for you? "Hear Ye Yuxuan fairly polite discourse, the old man slowly mouth, but even the slightest opened his eyes are not the slightest meaning low:" in front of me. Malarkey is of no use, you want to get to my work qualifications must accept my challenge, only through my trials to qualify from me access task. "" Trials are nothing, "Ye Yuxuan brief refined road." In one of my hands into strength, insist on a minute, or directly to beat me. "The old man's voice had just fallen, Yeyu Xuan will accelerate the run up, right arm that strong fist, mixed with the wind whistling fresh directly from his waist violently forward rotation out, aimed against the old chest. Been steady as a rock, looking to change the color of the white robe old man suddenly felt Zheyi of breath, suddenly opened his eyes slightly narrowed his eyes is Jingmang Dasheng, right faster than the Yeyu Xuan, facing Yeyu Xuan fist suddenly hit the punch. "collapse," fists collide, Yeyu Xuan immediately felt his hand, as if playing in the solid rock above is not, it should be enough rocks falling from a height accurate in this huge stocks impact force, the Yeyu Xuan proud of the body to the rear of uncontrolled flying out. "touch," has been hit thick cement walls that did not stop, the body straight down on the ground, a blood from mouth gushing out. feeling numbness, loss of consciousness right arm, Yeyu Xuan first began to face the world. a seemingly unremarkable, with virtually no flavor of the old man, actually can release such a powerful force. to their current strength, if efforts are not careful. want to survive in such a world, it is almost nonsense. although Yeyu Xuan afraid of death, but the temptation of the devil mouth resurrection parents, so that he can not give up, for a reunion, in order to compensate for his past guilt, I want to become strong! I want to become stronger! Yeyu Xuan kept in mind shouting. virtue of which shares beliefs, Yeyu Xuan left hand stays leaning on the wall, slowly stood up, but the old man's eyes sharp as the eagle, one saw him trembling legs. extremely uneven breathing. forehead sweat shed in pain.! ~! .. <
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