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> Death Liu chapter two hundred and ninetieth day "presumptuous several elders" You may also know etiquette? Can also know the rules? A meeting is invited guests on the willow family shot, but want people to think I'm an honorary Liu family for many years is doomed not? "A green light blue flying out from Yeyu Xuan beside the lasing from a forest fire that crossed out. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM aromas drift, Yeyu Xuan saw beside adding stature flash, they appear in the front of their own. bright eyes staring slightly icy mountains, cold voice resounded through the sky. Miss remark seriously, and there are so many years never saw the strength of youth, now meet, on a whim, so just want to sell tentative about it . clouds Lenghe just fallen, an old figure is slowly emerging sky, this person a gray robe, looking lengli old-fashioned, that look Yeyu Xuan's eyes, his mouth some promise more poorly. Yeyu Xuan eyes staring at this appeared Huiyi old man, his eyes flashed dark, just to own him a shot there. treat their enemies, Yeyu Xuan do not know what all forgiving, and they will not even know. "Golden Peak", staring across the gray robe old man, also passing touch fluctuations Yeyu Xuan eyes, immediately my heart sneer, human temptation of gold reached its peak strength, saw Liu family is still very highly of me. were clouds so one interception, plus so many outsiders look, gray Despite the presence in the hearts of the elders clothing and more discontent can only secretly hold back, waiting for the next opportunity to clean up his look. looked ghastly face leaving gray robe elders, clouds immediately turned his head, just the color of cold, had disappeared, a little femininity asked the Yeyu Xuan: "Sheen, you just have not hurt, okay? "In a steep mountain top, a figure held hands standing, his eyes, looked at the distant sky, clouds on Yeyu Xuan and Liu, forehead, a wisp of black and white hair lightly fluttering hair down , showing a pair of eyes as cold as Ashura. "Well, Yeyu Xuan end you count them up, I'd like to know about this clouds miss the mouth of a man in the end what strength. "A light laughter, suddenly sounded, this road shadow behind a silver gown emerged out of a strange man." Liu days, it seems that the clouds with his feelings really very nice, and now really shine shrine successor before and after There Yeyu Xuan, I see you do not play slightly? "Looking at the front of men's silver gown with a black and white hair that men play all the laughs." Yeyu Xuan He was no God's blood, wants and clouds together is simply nonsense, wait a minute I will personally tell him that he This extraordinary children, and we willow family gap. As Shen who, I have my own way, you do not need to worry about. "Silver robe men have not the slightest sound calm fluctuations, as if to say a very subtle things generally." Really true? Front that you put to me to see this resolved. "Silver gown man laughed. Qingtai man eyes, murmured:" if you are unwilling to listen to my advice, then they kill 'when the elders who were left after Hetui after heavy clouds bright eyes that once again swept mountains , the last one in the distance above the paused Qingfeng, where she felt a hint of very light, but it is particularly familiar with the intention to kill the cold. "Liu days if you Ganluan come, I will certainly not let you" micro hand grip, clouds passing touch of anger Meimou color. "Come on, Sheen" slowly under repressed hearts fluctuations, clouds turned to the side of the Yeyu Xuan, but it is found that the latter's line of sight,oakley sunglasses, but also she stays locked in place previously. "Strong man." Yeyu Xuan whispered "soul with a good sense, he was able to detect a hint of danger to the atmosphere, from the hills above the filled and open, and that this atmosphere, obviously aimed at him come. "It seems you really want to take away the clouds, do not come up with some more great strength is an impossible task. "Looking out of the willow family slowly showing the slightest strength, at the moment Yeyu Xuan can be described on their understanding has deepened layer He also needs to come up more strength to overcome the Liu family to the younger generation of strong, even Ray space, known as the younger generation invincible hand Shen Monkey. and in these battles were also not appear the slightest failure. Otherwise thoughts into words. distant Qingfeng, who forehead hair was black and white man looking the Yeyu Xuan et al receding direction, face, but it is off a faint sneer. "Oh,Cheap Coach Bags, let clouds looked indeed a man, and she sort of courage. Previously projected that road comes eyes, you should know what that means, right? He even want to challenge you, yeah, "silver gown man with a smile." Challenge what is really fearless, "Liu days lifted looked up, faint:" Tomorrow is our brother and Liu Jiazai communicate with people outside of the day, in accordance with rules, I can find their own opponents, look at him so courageous sake, I would give him a chance and let him fall on my hands. As for the clouds, she would later understand my approach. "Sound slowly falling, Liu days stature also gradually become nothingness up, after a moment, completely disappear." Oh, really interesting, ah, Ye Yuxuan ah, the family among the younger generation, the strength of the first three fights with you, is that you lucky or unlucky it? Say you're lucky, since I was born has never heard of Liu family three young strong will and outsiders grips. The top ten or so at most, that you, unfortunately, the top ten has never been strong on the undefeated, let alone even stronger than they are on a chip that is almost impossible to win? But I do look forward to, which clouds the selected men, can be able to give me some surprises. Silver gown man smiling Road, immediately figure is gradually blurred, after a moment, stature completely disappeared, only that low laughter, hovering in Qingfeng lingers. In the clouds under the leadership of a pedestrian Yeyu Xuan Liu family did not go to a special reception, but in the depths of a bamboo house mountains stopped before the moment in front of a bamboo house. The environment here is really good to impress ah. "Oh, Sheen later be like to live here ah." Clouds slight chuckle. "Well, do not stand in the door, we go," said Said clouds hand pulling Yeyu Xuan hand pulling princess, and went inside. "You will come to how I really did not expect, but also the opportunity to meet you." Close the doors, Liu clouds could no longer hold the hearts of emotions, a clinging Yeyu Xuan, head squeezed into his arms, burst crying, at the moment he needed to be a shoulder to rely on, these days he is a bear is too much. At this moment he finally understood his father's bitter, as family patriarch, not only to manage the family, you also need to worry about yourself. It is therefore most ~ fast, she felt unworthy of his father. When the light of the first family to know there is healing panacea when, without hesitation agreed to his request. But in the shadow of the moment to see Yeyu Xuan, Liu clouds persist heart, sudden collapse broken. Inside the mind becomes like a blank, only one thought, to follow him, follow him. Yeyu Xuan smiled, dark eyes staring at Allure pour States of Elegance face 'and then held out his hand, gently hold the clouds hand, "whispered:" These days, you've worked hard' after these, then borne by me it, you race those pressures I will solve ...... "'feeling the hand uploaded to the temperature, clouds appeared on the cheek is faint crimson, heart slightly pleased, whether she performed in front of the tribe how strong, but After all, she is a girl, and my heart, "also has a soft place in girls, so many days, in the absence of the strong backing of his father's support, the effort to adhere to, to get this sentence, as if already met her whatever we ask, This is not high, she has a unparalleled talent and blood, but for the feelings, but it is very persistent, even stubborn, identified will not change. "Sheen, tomorrow is our home and you these alien willow exchange day, this day our alien person you can freely and our people by force of the willow family learn that the same child we Liujia Di stranger you can also choose to conduct such aboveboard chance that some guy, probably will not easily give up. "Of course, Sheen's current strength, even look younger generation willow family,oakley sunglasses, is not much you can win 'but there are three people, probably not in this Column ...... "'" is your top three internal canonized "Yeyu Xuan said softly, as if did not put this seriously." ah ......, the strength of the four are in the golden peak, and the first of also known as the most likely to be called the true God exists, what is the strength of concrete at the moment, apart from a few too much on the elders of the family, that is, my father did not know, because he has been in retreat, so he need not worry. "Clouds on the cheek is slightly solemn, said:" while the remaining two, the most likely shot for you, and that is known as death came into the world of Liu days ...... "" Death willow day, "Ye Yuxuan slowly muttered a cry, and immediately said: "Just who is he should be right? "" Ah. "Clouds nodded, heart also somewhat surprised that 'I did not expect Yeyu Xuan is also aware of the willow-day atmosphere, with the family to know that she was only able to find the treasure. Could not help but look how Yeyu Xuan glances." Liu days is too much on the elders sons, highly talented, have the true God is also extremely rich blood in his father before without incident, "the vast majority of families who are with him I hope I can together, and he also told me to marry him. but I refused. according to his character, tomorrow's conference, he is bound to invite you to fight, because he knows very well, as long as he wins tomorrow, and you just do not have any threat. Yeyu Xuan nodded, hands reach for cup among the ripples quietly thrown some promise, he was equally clear that for him, and it will be a rare opportunity, he failed, Liu family is no longer being afraid that he was optimistic, but Similarly, if Liu days fails, then that time, everything to do all of this war, in any case can not lose X! ~! .. <
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